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Big, nonlinear, exploratory usermaps?

The forum related to the Usermaps section, please ask questions here. This board is for mappers to discuss and exchange experiences
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Big, nonlinear, exploratory usermaps?

Post by lanep »

I'm looking for more "sandboxy" maps, since those kind were my favorites from the original game.

Standalone maps are cool, as are maps in campaigns though I'd prefer if it wasn't just one big map tucked away in an otherwise linear campaign.

(Sorry if this is the wrong board.)

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Re: Big, nonlinear, exploratory usermaps?

Post by Hellkeeper »

What do you mean, something like Bluff? A big giant map with tons of stuff to do?
OneDay has this kind of feeling, I think, it's made of a few large maps with some fun to be had. And of course, Illhaven saga's first few maps in the occupied city.
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Re: Big, nonlinear, exploratory usermaps?

Post by Kajgue »


Yeah I feel the same way honestly, good job there are some people working on a few things like that I hear. :)
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Re: Big, nonlinear, exploratory usermaps?

Post by Buster »

Larger DM type maps (not SP style so play with bots) that I like, with lots of places to explore are (just to name a few):


I also suggest you try the Illhaven Saga. It's very well done, with a good story.
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