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Mesh Browser Controls

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Mesh Browser Controls

Post by Deuxsonic »

I'm wondering what the mesh browser controls are, as UnrealEd 2.0 with Unreal Tournament is not responding to any mouse button presses or wheel movement and doesn't seem to respond to frequently used keys. Did I misconfigure one of the INIs by mistake? I just wanted to view some things up close.
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Re: Mesh Browser Controls

Post by Hellkeeper »

The mesh browser is supposed to work with RMB + drag = rotate camera around mesh, LMB +drag = Zoom in and away from the mesh.
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Re: Mesh Browser Controls

Post by mcfarrel »

The Mesh Browser is just a preview window with limited controll capability as previously mentioned by Hellkeeper.

The point was to preview 3D (mesh) model and check the animations.

About the animation, I have encountered problem, where the animation were not workingcorrectly in the mesh browser, but has been working correctly ingame. (Skeletal animations using same generic animations for several skeletal meshes - import exec script linked - distributed along several unreal packages)

Second problematic part is the Mesh browser does show the MeshName property, but the object is placed using its ClassName. So most likely coder will be fidling with mesh browser to link missing properties and dependencies than mapper previewing an objects and its animation behaviour prior to placement in the map.
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