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BSP Tool

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yrex .
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BSP Tool

Post by yrex . »

The BSP Tool allows to see some internals of how BSP works. It also allows to fix certain less serious types of BSP holes.

It can:
- remove insta-kill BSP holes (a.k.a. void)
- fix most of "brown polygons", i.e. the invisible polygons with wrong zones, usually in semisolids
- fix small parts of geometry disappearing when near edges of screen or partially obscured
- fix big sections of map disappearing

It can't:
- fix collision problems
- fix zone leaks

I didn't test this too much, because I couldn't find enough BSP-holey maps, but on the small sample tested it seemed to work.

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Leo T_C_K
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Re: BSP Tool

Post by Leo T_C_K »

you already made this a month ago or something though didn't you? Did you update it since? It was helpful for jackhonda to fix some of the upsx maps better.

i remember playing around with it, removing all void is funny though especially when ghosting...

i suppose you haven't gotten around to posting a thread about it then though
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