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USndChk - Identify unknown sound/music file

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USndChk - Identify unknown sound/music file

Post by eGo »

Found an old console app that I wrote for myself in 2007.

It checks the file format of an exported sound or music file. For example, the UE1 of U/UT99 has no specific file exporter for music. You don't know the source file format. Export your UMX and check the exported file with USndChk for an valid file extension. It isn't a converter...only an identifier tool. It only renames the file extension if found a valid sound file signature.

Supported file formats:
*.wav | WAVs
*.ogg | OGG Vorbis
*.mp3 | MP3s
*.stm | Scream Tracker 2
*.s3m | Scream Tracker 3
*.669 | Composer 669, Unis 669
*.it  | Impulse Tracker
*.xm  | Fast Tracker 2
*.mtm | Multi Module Edit
*.ptm | PolyTracker
*.dmf | X-Tracker
*.med | OctaMED
*.far | Farandole Composer
*.okta| Oktalyzer
*.ult | UltraTracker
*.plm | DisorderTracker 2

Thats all  ;)


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Re: USndChk - Identify unknown sound/music file

Post by Dr.Flay™ »

Irfanview does a similar thing with images.
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Re: USndChk - Identify unknown sound/music file

Post by []KAOS[]Casey »

nice. thanks for this. better than extracting and simply guessing at the extension without opening the file.
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