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[DeusEx UScript] Replace\Override weapon without recompiling deusex.u

The section related to UnrealScript and modding. This board is for coders to discuss and exchange experiences or ask questions.
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[DeusEx UScript] Replace\Override weapon without recompiling deusex.u

Post by badmojo91 »

Hey all,
Im trying to figure out how, if possible, to replace a weapon class in deusex with another one in a seperate package that gets loaded last... For example, I want to replace the minicrossbow with a slightly modified version of the minicrossbow class, something like this:

Code: Select all

class WeaponMiniCrossbow2 replaces WeaponMiniCrossbow;
And have that compiled in say MojosMod.u instead of recompiling Deusex.u

Or perhaps even some code to replace every instance of the minicrossbow that gets spawned with my one, is that possible?

Thanks in advance for any help on this :D
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Re: [DeusEx UScript] Replace\Override weapon without recompiling deusex.u

Post by []KAOS[]Casey »

a Mutator can do this. UT99 has a couple that replace weapons with other weapons.
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Leo T_C_K
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Re: [DeusEx UScript] Replace\Override weapon without recompiling deusex.u

Post by Leo T_C_K »

Except the default UT ones are not made in mind with singleplayer and don't carry over all the necessary variables and you might want to adjust that for deus ex as well.

But look at many other mutators for comparison that were released. Most of them just use modified/adjusted checkreplacement/replacewith code.

I suppose someone who never played Unreal or UT will be confused. Anyways mutators were a thing for UT in the first place, as in during early UT developement they were thought up and the class of mutator implemented in Unreal. I forgot historically which version came with it first. It happened around the same time or after it, as UT was firmly decided to going to be released as separate game instead of addon/unreal gold like deal.

I am not sure if 224 first had mutator class or even 223 had it. I would need to check but no access to it now.

The very early iteration of UT (botpack 220, one of the dev. code versions) had instead of mutators just more and more game settings like low grav enabled etc to match more with the options some other games started to offer. Its interesting though what would have been if UT was really released just on 221 as almost happened once (and there was a review of it). I mean it would be literally like the Doom versus Doom 2 thing. Doom 2 being the commercial more "multiplayer" focused game. I bet Jay Wilbur's to blame here partially as he was a major influence on both lol.

But yea at the time of release, Doom 2 did feature some enhancements to the engine that got applied to Doom as well through patches. Many people forget that but same happened around 220 for Unreal. It was a massive change with the unreali/unrealshare separation and the new sounds and all that, the updated aesthetic and new features (some of which got broken in 224 plus) including engine changes and nifty features like the switchable warpzones meant to be utilized in the Command gametype.

The only mystery about UT for me is where did all the city stuff originate from? Was that a personal project of Shane or how did it happen? As with shanechurch (something from 1997 originally), the city stuff was a fairly late edition although not as late as that, but the pre-222 UTs had no city stuff from the looks of it of all previews/reviews concerned.

EDIT: Sorry that I got carried away discussing history of UT lol.
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