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[LINUX] - installation guide

for Unreal & UnrealTournament
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[LINUX] - installation guide

Post by vide0hanz »

Installation Guide

Hey everyone, I quickly threw together a repo on github which contains most of the missing libraries in order to get Unreal 277i working on Linux natively. This should hold us linux users over until 277j goes public beta. I have updated the archive to include a version of LibSDL which should automatically detect your preferred monitor (if using a muilti monitor setup), as well as easy windowed/fullscreen switching -- it doesn't resize the game correctly, but it at least lets you task switch without any weirdness.

I've also included a helper script to launch the game, as well as a working .ini file in case the game does not generate one on a new installation.

Again, I just threw this together really quickly and I have plans to update the guide with some other handy tricks, but for now I figured I'd post this as I see it get asked a lot how to get this old game working :)
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Re: [LINUX] - installation guide

Post by Smirftsch »

Thanks a lot!
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Re: [LINUX] - installation guide

Post by tlk »

genuinely dumbfounded why this has been stickied
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