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Unreal's process and the opengl drivers

To find and remove the bugs we needed every bug known in current 226. You can still review them here.
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Unreal's process and the opengl drivers

Post by hell »

At the mo im using due to issues with

when i quit unreal it doesnt completely quit

the process is still running. leaving approx 16mb still in memory

just thought i let you know

i have a small prob written by "Death Pax" which make it easier to kill the process without going into the task mananger

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Re: Unreal's process and the opengl drivers

Post by Smirftsch »

First report of something like that. Can't reproduce it here either, didnt happen on my test systems. So please check anyone for that problem (guess most people are not checking it).
Sometimes you have to lose a fight to win the war.
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Re: Unreal's process and the opengl drivers

Post by TCP_Wolf »

Something like this happened to me sometimes several years ago on Win95/98 machines with low RAM. Unreal would then take 5 minutes to quit or even longer. Never occured on any modern system to me.
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Re: Unreal's process and the opengl drivers

Post by Shivaxi »

how long does it take to quit?

or do u have to do it manually?
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Re: Unreal's process and the opengl drivers

Post by deathpax »

i honestly did not figure out the problem with his unreal, i merely wrote a work around.. an unreal launcher... that launches unreal when run and when it is shut down, kills unreal.. a quick fix to ease his troubles >.
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