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Unofficial PubSrc and precompiled Binaries for X-Com: Enforcer

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Unofficial PubSrc and precompiled Binaries for X-Com: Enforcer

Post by han »

These are Headers/Libs for X-Com Enforcer 1.0, to enabled C++ programming for this Game.

They headers are based on OpenUT, ut432pubsrc, UnrealGoldPubSrc DeusExSDK and ut436-opengldrv-src-090602.
The Libs were created with dumpbin/lib.

Core Headers/Libs for Core.dll
Engine Headers/Libs for Engine.dll
Window Headers/Libs for Window.dll
WinDrv Headers/Libs for WinDrv.dll
ParticleSystems Headers/Libs for ParticleSystems.dll
Enforcer Headers/Libs for Enforcer.dll
DirectX7 Headers/Libs needed for D3DDrv
D3DDrv D3DDrv out of ut432pubsrc with minor changes
OpenGLDrv OpenGLDrv out of ut436-opengldrv-src-090602 with minor changes
SamplePackage Sample for packages out of ut432pubsrc
SampleNativePackage Sample for native packages out of ut432pubsrc
Launch Launcher based on UnrealGoldPubSrc with minor changes
UCC UCC out of ut432pubsrc with minor changes

10/2016 by Sebastian Kaufel

Unofficial PubSrc:

Precompiled Binaries:
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Re: Unofficial PubSrc and precompiled Binaries for X-Com: Enforcer

Post by Leo T_C_K »

It's great you're supporting all these games that would otherwise fall into obscurity, I just hope someone picks up on it.
I'm in grave IRL trouble, please donate:

Nevermind, stop donating, I don't give a crap anymore bye, not using an account of someone who just wants to give me "shit"
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