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Some really interesting old WoT stuff

Please add information, maps, mods, links or anything else related to "The Wheel of Time" here.
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Leo T_C_K
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Some really interesting old WoT stuff

Post by Leo T_C_K »

Actual Screenshots from beta/alpha versions above, not mockups.

This seems to be running on the 1996 engine still.

There's more cool stuff here but some of it is fake art: - here's the full site

There were also beta music files like these:
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Re: Some really interesting old WoT stuff

Post by Akyra »

I'm sending a great reader from Glen. Here you can read what screens are from the engine and what are only artistic designs.

It's unbelievable how Legend affected the early Unreal Engine and perhaps Tim. If you have the UE1 source, you can often read "added by Legend" in the code up to the U2 version. Mark Poesh had a significant influence on the source. Does anyone have a functional email for it? ...

I wonder if Mike Verda also influenced UE1 ... :)
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