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XIII - 2003 - Unknown UE 2 version

Here you can add and find information and help for other Unreal Engine titles. Currently for UE1 and UE2 based software.
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XIII - 2003 - Unknown UE 2 version

Post by Uzublecker »


I don't know a lot of forums (last one I used was in 2016) By the way there is this 2003 fps shooter called XIII that I would like to mod. Principally textures (and removing these cartoon effects) I've did some new textures but I wonder if there is a way UE2 can support normal textures, you know. These magenta weird textures. I'll upload the next images (new textures, a model with new textures and the normal one) In this project I change the game art direction to a realistic one (at least)

Image Real Carrington model (textures)
Image Kalash retexture
Image Real FPS retexture
Image Real FPS normal shader

It would be very appreciate if someone could help me. UE2 in massive media like youtube is in the shadow of any UE4 results. That doesn't help. That's why I came here

Thanks in advance
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Re: XIII - 2003 - Unknown UE 2 version

Post by Hellkeeper »

Unreal Engine 2 doesn't support normal mapping in XIII.

A few UE2 versions do support it, but they are generally heavily modified versions licences to studios that did extensive modifications, as in Deus Ex 2: Invisible War or Thief 3 (If I'm not mistaken in the later case). I believe UE 2.X on Xbox supported it, as in Unreal Championship 2, but don't quote me on that.

If you want to change XIII's art style to be more realistic, your best bet is to change the textures from heavily stylized pseudo-cell shading to photo-realistic ones.
I don't know how the cartoon effects work in XII but they are probably a mix of particle effects with cartoon-like sprites and a few coded specific actions (such as the small thumbnails that appear when you headshot an enemy). They are probably easy to disable by adding a few lines of code to overrule the system that manages them.
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Re: XIII - 2003 - Unknown UE 2 version

Post by AdamDivers »

Thanks a lot! I was searching this information very long.
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