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Looking for modeling concept artist (powerup meshes)

Fast paced family friendly oldskool <s>deathmatch</s> pointblast.
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Looking for modeling concept artist (powerup meshes)

Post by Rajada »

Nerf ArenaBlast has powerups. The MegaJump, MegaSpeed, MegaPower, DoubleDamage, and ElectroShield. Each of these powerups (save for the DoubleDamage) have a mesh that looks like a cool piece of Nerf or laser tag equipment one could wear (images below).

I'm looking for someone who can provide some conceptual sketches or preliminary model sheets for some additional powerups I wish to include in the vanilla game. You should be able to consider what the other powerups look like and attempt to fit your new items within the existing "semi-functional" theme. Some of these powerups would not be used very often, and in some cases, only on special maps or mutators. Those powerups include (names not final):
  • Cloak: Makes you extremely hard to see for a time.
  • Silencer: Quiets all noises you make for a time.
  • Aqualung: Allows you to remain underwater for an extended amount of time.
  • Berserk: Increases firing rate of your weapons for a time.
  • Invulnerability: Take no damage for a time.
  • Air: Not technically a powerup, gives you a small amount of air, much like a health pack, but for extending underwater time.
  • Goggles: A general goggles mesh so I can do vision augmentation powerups like temporary nightvision or thermal or "wallhack" effects.
  • Glide Suit: Allows superior air control and slower falling for a time. Does not actually have to resemble a suit.


Front row: Health pickups (left to right) +5 (overheal), +10, +25.

Back row: Powerups (left to right) DoubleDamage, MegaPower (+100 overheal), ElectroShield (damage protection), MegaJump, MegaSpeed.
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