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Looking for creative texture artists

Fast paced family friendly oldskool <s>deathmatch</s> pointblast.
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Looking for creative texture artists

Post by Rajada »

The first match you play in Nerf ArenaBlast is the Twisters vs the Gators. Both the Twisters and Gators are amateur teams facing off for the chance to join the professional league. But as it goes, the Twisters win and you never see the Gators again (excepting in online multiplayer).

Another story. Nerf ArenaBlast had a rushed release, and as such, features had to be cut to make the deadline. One thing that was never started was the maps by the third-party mappers. As such, very few extra multiplayer maps were made. It is my intention to help alleviate this by adding some additional bonus maps that are keeping within the themes of the original game.

However, I've had an idea rattling around for a while now, and I'm wondering if anyone here might want to help out. Essentially, I'd like to make a texture pack for the Gators team. As if they had gotten their own professional league arena. I'm looking for people who could supply some sample textures attempting to create a unique style for the team. Even the team logo would be up for debate, as I'll be needing one to eventually fully implement the capture the flag gametype. I'm quite the 2D digital artist myself, but even I am having difficulty getting some inspiration for these textures.

So, in order to have a little reference, here's some pictures of the Amateur arena, and some of the stylized logos from other teams. Keep in mind NAB has a less realistic, cartoon-ish style. My thoughts on the matter are, that if I was to create a Gator arena, I would have it have an outdoor, swampy feel with an Amateur-like arena built on it. Stylistically speaking, scales may be a cool motif to put on wall textures. Since the Amateur Arena uses a lot of red, blue, and yellow, it might be nice to see secondary colors (green, orange, purple) in the Gator arena.

All that said, I'm interested to see if anyone would like to try this. Use your imagination, and let's see if we can make something cool together.

Amateur Arena:


Gator's Uniforms:



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