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I need to find out

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Leo T_C_K
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I need to find out

Post by Leo T_C_K »

Okay the topic is for a change something completely unusual for me. That I normally don't discuss. Its James Bond.

I suppose its because of all the posters for the new film but it makes me think.

The problem is, I remember being a kid watching James Bond back in 1995 on TV. It was one of those Bond marathons but it was probably the first time I was exposed to James Bond via the boyfriend of my mother (to this day still the longest lasting boyfriend she ever had). He was a very charismatic guy for sure.

Now I realize that sentence doesn't make it clear who the charistmatic guy was (whether James Bond lol or the bf of my mom). Hmm, like usual I tend to have sentences with double-meaning in them.

The issue I am having conflicted feelings about is that I clearly remember Bond being almost cut in half by a circular saw. And that he escaped it by jamming the thing somehow or that's what I thought (it might have looked like it only though).

Now I thought this took place in the film When I watched the film many years later there was no such scene.

When I saw as a kid later Goldfinger, I thought the scene of the laser being a cheap rehash of the buzz saw one...

I was surprised to learn in my adulthood that the buzz saw scene was in the novel ... daptations

and that there was this Omnibus program that saw that scene adapted. Is it possible that the czech tv aired this omnibus thing once and never again? Hell apart from a still shot the actual scene seems to have gone missing now. Its not avaiable anywhere afaik.

But the still shot still doesn't match exactly what I saw.

Now may I remind you I never read or even knew existinece of the JB novels as a kid? I thought it was simply films.

So its not that my mind switched it around. Now could it be that it was not Bond but something else inspired by it? What movies feature such circular saw scene? I had it fixated it was Bond but maybe I was wrong.

Or maybe it was a parallel reality...wouldn't surprise me given the experiences I had in that place, but that's story for another time, or never....because last time I tried to talk about these things I have been detained, whether it was coincidence or not.

So...anyone can solve this great mystery??
Who do I have to call? Ghostbusters?
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