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I Map Name ZIP (*.zip means too) Size Bots Quality package Comment
nn 2Shadow n/a no n/a Unreal Special Edition Bonus Mappack Showcase map for reverb effects - not for real play.
nn 3Shadow n/a no n/a Unreal Special Edition Bonus Mappack Showcase map for reverb effects - not for real play.
nn DeathMatch1 3-8 no 65 Unreal Special Edition Bonus Mappack Showcase map for reverb effects - but does have its qualitties at play
nn DeathMatch2 ? no 30 Unreal Special Edition Bonus Mappack Showcase map for reverb effects - not really good for playing IMO... no ammo... weirdo teleporters... invisible bridge...
DkBU1 3-5 yes 50 Beyond Unreal "Maze (getteW)" - Woohaa, you can't win this against bots with all the mirrors that dont' affect bot accuracy!!
DkBU2 2-4 bad 10 Beyond Unreal "Dark Hive-Nest (gette)" - impossible against bots, almost no weapons when you need em
i DKNightOp - 2-6 yes 60 Unreal Unfair vs bots - but fun!
y DKTunnels 2-5 ? 80 And again... the simplest things might be the best...
n DM Boxed In 3-7 bad 13 Spaces in filename... duh... bots get stuck/maneuver badly, overall not too good...
n Dm Neo Oblivion 2-5 yes 77 (level summary class missing, won't work with 225f) This map certainly is something new... basically you maneuver on an open spaceship, "open" means, its a ship but without walls, so you can fall down anywhere, oh, and you are not in space after all :) Bad things: 225f has problems (or it requires a NAPALI class, one of the two solves it) so the map possibly wont even start! Bot play is particularly boring because everything is open the bots will just fire without maneuvering any intelligent way... The Filename contains "spaces", which is always stupid!
n DM_ASMD_Arena 3-5 no 3 Too dark, too boring, too bad...
n DM_Assyrian 3-8 no 20 Nice try. Maybe with a lot more details, bot support and many more weapons, this could be just nice! But I know what the problem is at the beginning of map making ;) My first map looked just the same - uhm... WARNING: SPAWNS BOTS TWICE
i DM_breakdown (newer) *.zip 5-13 no 76 Raspy[MoA] & CookieMonster[MoA]
DM_crdm1 2-4 yes 87 Blood Simple Map Pack "Jailhouse Frag" - a bit unfair against bots (darkness)
in DM_enders 2-? bad 5 "Ender's Game" - zero G match - well, the floating gibs are still the best in the map... what's the Quadshot doing in here? The weapon isn't working anyway... (AFE749274B7817B4254F86AD2DF3EAB3.uxx)
DM_fishinabarrel *.unr lol lol n/a Well that one's a good joke for a change :D
i dm_Gauntlet 3-7 no! 86 Doom II conversion map 3 "The Gauntlet" (by =BAD=Rude=> ) (dm_Gauntlet.unr:DF44D2BD4CA24A0F825FA8B7F87FCBC3.uxx) - this version could use a few more guns
iy DM_Gauntlet_v2 *.zip 4-8 no! 92 Doom II conversion map 3 "The Gauntlet" (by =BAD=Rude=> ) - this one really takes the bitch 8 players :))
DM_HouseAssault_Day (INF) 2-6 yes 34
DM_HouseAssault_Night (INF) 2-6 yes 34
DM_JediTrainingTempleBeta 4-8 yes 70 Nothing too special, but a worthy Jedi training place... yes "saber.u" :)
iy DM_MM_Kirche *.zip (direct) 4-8 yes 89 (DM_MM_Kirche.unr:4AC0FAE511D351E88000B88D5FD156C8.uxx) - a church (interior), not too fancy but plays well
i DM_NDPManor *.zip 4-8 yes 80 hmm.... except for a 2nd ASMD up the upper store I couldn't find any major differences, though a trap is told to be removed, but not the one at the secret ASMD room.
i DM_NDPManor_beta3 4-8 yes 80 by "Greylight" - Computer room: button? Get health on shelves? Powerup between Wall/shelves? Translator: Messages? Cellar: Light bulb hanging in the air:) BootyCall's gravestone on cemetary? The Skaarj Berserker wasnt originally done by you...was it? - Great map, but some places play HAARD, this is more a personal homage to NDP anyway...
DM_SERP_Prisonwar (SERPENTINE!) lots yea 70 A real nasty Serpentine map... and biiiiiiig
in dm_storehouse (direct) 2-6 hmm 25 (map: 73DC5D2111D3695324CD31A626FBD75A.uxx) - bot paths in part
DM_ThePittII 2-3 yes 62 Blood Simple Map Pack "The Pit II"
i DM_Tombstones *.zip 4-10 hmm 77 I think I like the BetaV2 of this map better... although this may be a bit more balanced
n DM_TrainingGround 4-8 bad 7 Co30 Clan Map. Boring!
i DM007 4-? no 40 By DUDEoDESTRUCTION}LW{ -- too bad not his best :/ (Map: DAACE8E211D66B57E0008B9918EB9429.uxx) -> file just moved back to cache... not archived, music missing
Dm175West2 4-10 yea 68 By Angloid - very CPU consumptive map, bot support not everywhere, not bad looking though
n DM1914Ypres 12-? no! 35 LAARGE overland map! Ammo/Player ratio is shit!
in DM2001_V2 12avg bad! 64 RealCTF capability: NO! Requires patience and skill
y Dm10Seconds 4-5 yes 76 Small, fast, deadly!!
Dm1MoreMap 3-5 yes 85 Very nice fast action map!
n DM1Stair To Heaven ? no 1 Nice idea... but... no thanx!
i Dm2Extreme 4-7 yes 76 WARNING - SPAWNS ALL BOTS TWICE!!!
n Dm3BedRoomDetachedHouse 2-5 yes 40 Good idea, but... it's more fun to watch the bots than play yourself.
n dm3towers 3-5 avg 46 Music is from "Supercars II" the intermission (Amiga)... sniper towers, but you can't snipe so well...
n dm4beta 2-4 avg 55 incomplete design - new music!! - quite fun
dm4corners 4 camp 50 Strategic open battle (campers!!!)
DM4OCT 3-5 bad 50 Open Battle
n Dm5Ages 5-9 yes 66 RealCTF capabilites: YES - flags in 2 opposing "ages". Open Battle (and nice idea!)
DM88 3-5 yes 90 Blood Simple Map Pack ONE OF THE BEST SMALL FAST - INSANELY FUN!
DM88_Ancient dm88_ancient 3-5 yes 90 same as above - in ancient look
DM8Ball_Hell dm8ballhell 3-6 yes 55
Dm8BallGambit 4 no 6 Open 8Ball Battle with earthquake - not too funny...
DM8Fools 5-8 bad 20 Search and Destroy level - strong ammo/size mismatch!
DM8srwild 3-7 yes 60 Very nice map, but botmatch unfair because too dark!
DM8-BallHero 2-5 yes 72 Very nice and fast rocket friggin' fraggin'...
n DMAbandoned 3-6 yes 30 Some nice ideas, but...
DMAbandonedMillV2 2-6 yes! 91 A very cool level! Specially good for 1-on-1 (not with bots!).
DMAcademy 4-16 yes 20 Well... not with bots please... not enough weapons anyway!
DMACANAL 2-5 yes 25 No health, nice idea - too difficult vs bots
DMAcidChamber *.zip 4-10 no 80
DMAcidCore 3-5 yes 87 RealCTF capability: yes, but only for small games 2vs2 or so. "The Acid Core Arena" - very nice/fast, little health!
DMAcid-Arena 2-6 yes 80 Very nice fast map
DMAction 4-9 some 54 RealCTF capability: no! Dark in many spots where it shouldn't, good hide and seek map for human players, unfair against bots.
DMADD2-Coughin 2-4 yes 86 Very fast/nice Tournament map. Fastfrag! Near impossible to win against good bots.
DMAOD2 5-9 yes 91 Adrenaline Overdose (Version 2 for Unreal V225+ fixed) - this is the NON-XGN version
y DMAdrenalineOverDose 4-8 yes 91 XGN Unreal Map Pack The XGN-version... is a little more difficult to view against bots...
DMAggat 4-6 yes 43 Strategic map with little health and only Eightballs, requires more brains than skills!
iy DmAggressive_Tendencies 6-12 yes 100 RealCTF capability: not really, just a direct walk :( This map is just insanely good!
in DmAgonizer 8-16 yes 75 RealCTF capability: YES!! One flag at the sniper, the other one in the dark area! -- Big, but too open...
y DMAgroof DMAGROOF.ZIP 2-6 yes 80 Phantasitc hide and seek map, small fast - use your ears!!!
DMAgroofdlx DMAGROOF.ZIP 2-6 yes 81 Same as above, but disable Echoing Sound Effects and A3D....
n DMAladale 3-6 yes 35 Too boring, though the fountain of healing is a nice idea...
n Dmalaze DMALAZE.ZIP 6-? no 4 Also a nice idea, but...
dmaletory 4-7 yes 85 RealCTF capability: only 2vs2 or 3vs3 at best... Another small fast map, but not so open - hide and seek capabilities...
in DMALFABASE *.zip (direct) (UPAK) ? ? 69 (DMALFABASE.unr:D83999C411D552A60000DEA7DD1289E8.uxx) - This is a DM map? It looks more like part of a small single player map...
i DmAlphaLab *.zip 6-12 yes 85 By Krull. This map looks just like UT2k4 and would be absolutely BRILLIANT if it wasn't for that problem it appears to have with UGold at times.
n DMAmapell 3-5 avg 30 So many nice ideas, wasted in bad design...
DMAmcadavance DMANC.ZIP 4-9 yes 70 Nice map, just a bit too open with bots...
n dmamsterdam05 *.zip lots no! 50 Big map, lots of (unneeded) extras. Bots used as dancers. Not recommended for online play at all!
n DMAnathema 3-6 yes 77 Curse style map. Not quite as good, but...
n DmAncient1 4-8 yes 43 RealCTF capability: NO - teleporter connects both flags :( More nice ideas wasted in bad design... you could make so much more out of it.
n DMAncientArena 8-24 yes 70 RealCTF capability: YES - red flag a bit difficult to find, but both are in a stairway corner... A really large map, with an open center. Best played in teams! Bots are unfair at great distance.
iy dmAncientopia (direct) 2-6 yes 93 (dmAncientopia.unr:167D700111D62A09F1F2E8970778B1EC.uxx Psi-dm1.umx:BC97240611D625AD4544E89700005453.uxx)
n DMAncientMONK 6-12 no! 12 Hmm... sigh...
DMAncotta 3-6 yes 83 Oh yes! A very neat map!
dmanka DMANKA.ZIP 3-7 yes 78 RealCTF capability: yea umm average... Yep, Rauchberger - you CAN do it!
iy DmAnTiVeNtRoX 4-10 yes 95 ? unknown ? RealCTF capability: not really. Nice level, lots of eyecandy, nothing for weak machines.
i dmanubis 2-6 yes 88
DMApocalypse 6-13 yes 74 RealCTF capability: YES, one flag under water at one edge, the other at the "bathroom". -- Hide and seek... or plain shooting, depending on players
i DmArcaneTemple 2-6 yes 82 "Arcane Temple" UT conversion by Daddog/Pitbull - one Rifle was missing in the conversion
i DMArctic_Castle 12-36 bad 70 Not just large, REALLY LARGE!!! Bot support given, but they camp too much.
n DmArcticColliseum 3-7 yes 45 Too open, not enough weapons... some nice features...
DMArena DMARENA.ZIP 3-8 yes 75 Nice, rather open...
Dmarena 2-6 yes 87 Very cool Arena map! Fast and fragful!
DMArena1400v2 3-8 yes 78 RealCTF capability: no! Very good arena map, but much too dark, and unfair vs bots
n DmArena69 3-7 no! 0 Sorry, this map is just boring.
n DMArena_of_Death 3-6 no gag This map is fun to watch, but not for playing!!
DmAristopolisV2 4-8 yes? 47 "Agonizer"? - well, looks nice, but... nope.
in DmAriza - 4-5 yes 80 Unreal
n DMArizaExtreme 6-12 bad 32 Hmm... something we don't really need.
n DMArizaStrike 3-8 avg 44 Nice idea, but not really worth all the trouble...
n DmArizona 2-20 no 1 This ain't funny - REALLY NOT!
DMArklon DMARKLON.ZIP 2-6 yes 84 Fragfeast, small, fast - dangerous!
n DmArmyBase ??? ??? ?? uses "Railgun" mod - could never be tested, kept crashing
y DmArundel 3-7 yes 82 By Angloid - a VERY NICE looking small castle, bot support could use some improvements here and there but is good enough for a map of that design :)
DmAruraStation 4-10 yes 89 THE ARURA WASTE STATION - very good map.
DmAscender 2-6 yes 72 Uses "Prong" Resources, well this arena WILL kill you! Very difficult against bots!
y DMAsmadena 2-4 yes 80 Sidney "Clawfist" Rauchberger.... The PERFECT 1:1 map - lest fast fragfeast - ASMD only!!
i dmAsmdArena2 *.zip 2-4 no! 80 A map which lives up to its name... PsyTrix[MoA]
y DMASMDRoom 2-4 yes! 90 Small SUPER Frag feast - only FLAKs instead of ASMD! The Skaarj can be killed!! There's a teleporter in the wall in the lower room, walk between shield/armor to face it.
iy DMAsudem (direct) 3-7 no! 88 "-Medusa-" (DMAsudem.unr:4BF67F7B44A7E3B68852A1826259C793.uxx)
n DMAsylum DMASYLUM.ZIP 3-6 yes 94 COOL COOL COOL COOL - that's all I have to say...
n DMata?? (DmOjiramappack) few no 0 All maps from this mappack are "test" maps which are highly unfinished. While displaying good ideas, none of them is really done and playable. Many have a preset high-skill tough bot too.
i DmATG *.zip 5-10 no! 78 "Ancient Training Ground" - by Flounder[MoA] + PsiTrix[MoA]
iy DmAthena - 2-7 yes 80 NaPali "Athena"
DMAthena DMATHENA.ZIP 5-8 yes 80 Some minor bugs... but good level!
DMAtrain DMATRAIN.ZIP 4-7 yes 70 Difficult to maneuver, you better be stealthy! Thus, the relatively "bad" rating, but first idea of this kind...
DmAttica DMATTICA.ZIP 3-6 yes 52 Close to being good...
DMAutoPlayArena 2-6 yes 70 TOO DARK! Damn it! Very nice fragfeast, unfair vs bots! Healing area in upper level (at the eightball).
n DmAwesome 2-4 yes 75 Too dark... relatively open/arena/vertical vengeance type... average.
n DMAwesome2 2-4 yes 76 Too dark... relatively open/arena/vertical vengeance type... average.
y DmAwol DMAWOL.ZIP 2-6 yes 91 an incredible map, but some more weapons could be around...
n Dmaxis bloodsimple 3-6 no! 76 Blood Simple Map Pack Nice vertical vengeance type arena, humans only, though bots are not too bad at all when they find a weapon...
y DmAztec-Arena 4-8 yes 99 A biiiig arena, but with many closed spots for cover...
DmBabel22 2-5 yes 78 There could be more weapons. Difficult vs bots!! Nice vertical vengeance... --- WARNING: MAKES PROBLEMS WITH UNREAL 225F
DmBacklach 6-12 yes 70 "BackLach"
n DMBadCity *.zip 0 no 0 by =BAD=Kick=> unplayable with D3D
iy DMBADCurse *.zip 2-6 hmm 91 Better gameplay than original Curse (DMBADCurse.unr:D0D7F399409E9F573C0FF397896BE870.uxx) - bots do not use the new areas!? - only bad thing is the remaining camp spot at the lift
iy DMBADCurse (final) *.zip 2-6 hmm 91 Better gameplay than original Curse (DMBADCurse.unr:D0D7F399409E9F573C0FF397896BE870.uxx) - bots do not use the new areas!? - only bad thing is the remaining camp spot at the lift
DMBadFith *.zip 2-5 yes 60 DMFith remake by =BAD=Rude=> ++ adds Rifle and different look
Dmbadfith1 *.zip 2-5 yes 60 same as above?!
n dmbadkarma ?? no 0 Might be incomplete or rereleased (orginal filename was "temp") - not in my archive...
DmBadMorbias *.zip 2-6 yea 75 Morbias remake by =BAD=Rude=> - well better than Morbias, some more room and options, third floor on top with SuperHealth
DmBadTrainingGround *.zip 7-12 no! 70 "come in get shot" - very wide and open mostly, still hiding is possible...
i Dmbadtundrav2 *.zip 2-4 bad 79 Tundra remake by =BAD=Rude=> - bots won't use the extra parts :/
DMBagzok DMBAGZOK.ZIP 2-5 uuu 76 Hehe... a camping place, tight tunnels, very deadly, dangerous. Bots camp but are still a challange (put them on skill 6 -> Base skill 3 + skill adjust each +3 *gg*)
iy DmBalatomas 2-6 yes! 100 PERFECT!! Insane fragfeast map!!!! Uses "Prong" resources...
DmBallArena 2!! yea 80 This is a PURE 1:1 map, 3 players are already too much honestly... but is probably fun...
DmBanned DMBANNED.ZIP 4-8 yes 70 Nice open/closed playing, bots take advantage of open battles and precision weapons... ouch
n dmbarn DMBARN.ZIP 2-6 yes 69 Well, for the first OFFICIAL map of that guy...
DmBase DMBASE.ZIP 2-4 no 22 Not enough technical design...
DMbastonBT 1-10 yes 70 "Big Baston"
in DMBathRoom nah nah nah This map is complete shit. I never thought something like this would be produced... OR EVEN PLAYED -- oh my god, "Little_Ho" (formerly }TCP{Mamabear, admin of "The Borg Collective" seems to like it... :( -- map code: 7373406E11D20D0B45446EAC00005453.uxx
in DmBathroomSE nah nah nah Same fucking shit as the above.
in DMBathRoom-pro2 nah nah nah Bullshit as usual
in DmBathRoom-ProRemix *.unr nah nah nah Another complete bullshit remake...
y DmBattleBase dmbattlebase 2-4 yes 80 Often, the simplest things are the best :-)
n DmBattleFortb 2-5 bad 45 Bad balance of weapons / size / open-ness, though nice design - only needs improvements
n DMBATTLEMAGE 2-16 yes 50 Not enough weapons, very difficult, very large!
DMBattlePit 3-6 yes 82 Oh yes, nice hide and seek... not so complex... just nice
DmBattlePool_v1b 2-6 yes 74 Very open, perfect sight, "classic" showdown... better play that with humans than bots!
DmBattleRockV3 3-7 yes 87 Oh yea! Don't know what's "rock" gotta do with it... well, maybe it "rocks"??!
DmBattleRoom dmbattleroom 4-16 no!! 60 ZERO-GRAVITY MAP - TEAM GAMES / DEATHMATCH WITH HUMANS ONLY!!
i DMBayc 2-4 yes 58 Much could be done with this map...
Dmbdroom ? Another toy inspired level... - PACKAGE "TRAILER" was missing, never tried it... FILE DELETED!
iy DmBellToll 3-7 yes 100 "For Whom The Bell Tolls" (by 3Drealms) -- INSANE!!!!!!! Make sure you only use the bug fixed version, in the old one, the flak cannon disappeared when you open the bookcase behind which the flak is.
n DmBigBath 2-5 bad 49 Well ok, but the bots really piss off!
n DMBigBird 2-4 no 10 "BBFT" - Nice idea.... but... hmm...
n DMBigdonut 2-5 yes 81 Never thought a map as simple as that could be so much fun!!
DMBigGun ??? yes ?? doesn't work...
DMBigRig DMBIGRIG.ZIP 3-6 yes 76 Nothing I wanted to play, because maneuvering is goddamn difficult, almost no health, and a lot of wrong places to go... Here's a tip: head for the helicopter and camp there!
DMBioHazardAreana 2-5 yes 79 Fun... just fun
n DMBizzaro BIZZARO.ZIP ??? bad 20 Portals over portals, nice, but almost no weapons... bot support limited by engine...
iy DmBlackheart 3-8 yes 100 WOWOWOWOWOWOW YEA!
n DmBlast ?? ?? ?? Uses MODS: DexSG, Nick, pipebomb, railgun - impossible to get this crap to run - only available for reference
i DmBlastArena 2-4 yes 75 NCNAPALI CLAN MAP. A small frag arena, anyone knows how to get the SUPERHEALTH and AMP the normal way? Superhealth can be accessed by rocketjumping from the box near it with one rocket, but.... hmm...
DMBlastem 4-10 yes 80 Very open, yet well designed. But better play that with humans than bots!
DmBLiss DMBLISS.ZIP 2-6 no! 70 Another fragfeast, fun, even with those "unsupported" camping bots....
DMBloodArena 2-6 no! 66 This map could be 100% perfect, if bot-support was given!!
DmBloodCity *.zip 7-14 no! 20 Silly sniper map
DmBloodrock 2-4 yes 86 Very fast fragfeast - almost unwinnable against bots
n DmBloodSkyCastle 4-9 yes 70 For someone's first map: EXCELLENT!! Bot support needs improvement, once they land in the water they can't get out again. They ignore some teleporters, too. Is that intentional that they like to camp in the big room with the mirroring stone floor?
DMBloodSport *.zip 3-8 no 55 by BudLite - fair battle map, nothing great, but there are a lot worse
dmblueberry 8+ yes 70 Well.... a bit... stiff...
dmbluelight 6-16 yes 66 "The blue light elevator generator" - Unfair VS bots. Too dark in some spots, overall very difficult
DmBlueMoon 5-12 yes 90 An insane map, but insanely difficult vs bots, too!!
iy DMBlunderFit (HP/LP) 2-6 yes 99 Unfair vs bots, but cool arena!!
n DmBodies 2-5 yes 88 "Bodies" - like the original Blood map. There is an invisble barrier somewhere near the Eightball, dunno whether that is a bug...
n DMBonesaw 2-4 bad 40 So THAT happens when you see too many bad films, play faaaaar too much Doom... and the bots get stuck all the time at various places...
n DMBoxcanyon 2-3 no 40 Blood Simple Map Pack Looks nice, easy to overlook.
i DMBreakdown (OLD) 5-13 no 76 Raspy[MoA] & CookieMonster[MoA]
n DMBreakfast 2-5 yes 20 A Table will all the stuff around for breakfast... I wish people would stop having such fucking ideas about redesigning the already existing stuff in new size. I don't find that funny, but maybe there are some fans out there for this kind of art. Oh, and if a bot falls off the table, it won't find the way back up...
y dmBridgeArena10 2-4 no! 90 EXCELLENT 1:1 or 2:2 map!! Only the missing bot support hurts...
n DMbridges ?? bad ?? Uses mods - doesn't work
y dmBridgeTooFar 6-12 yes 89 "A bridge too far" - Don't get mixed up by the name - not "One Bridge Too Far"
in DmBring-It-4 *.zip (direct) 5-9 hmm 40 DmBring-It-4.unr:B469990847156A90EBBE50A62ABE4BA6.uxx war.u:C7CE3DA011D348E1B0202B980000C109.uxx bringit.u:6241C5CB4291EA087FEDA2BEB2B2E228.uxx -- prolly "bushbeater"'s best map... but still you have to know all secrets and the custom stuff etc... it's weird and doh...
n DMBronx lots bad 3 Another map which sucks!
y DMBronx 4-12 yes 90 That's the way - ideal team map...
n DMBronxdelux ?? no! 0 ("Big Gun" given as Title!??) - WUHAHAHA. author says "best looking dm ever" - ahem... this level is shit man! Do you think it looks good just because of your tons of new textures? That only makes it worse because all people have to download large files, idiot.
y DMBrutality 2-4 yes 85 a very nice 1:1 quake 3 style map
y DmBruteForce 3-6 yes 85 "Brute Force"
y DmBSGrinder 3-8 bad 80 "Big Space Grinder" - this makes an excellent team map (one team below, one above)
DMBTspin 2-12 bad 35 The idea is definitely new, but there are by far not enough weapons/ammo, and the bot support is poooooor... It might be an interesting team map, if the team members cooperate effectively.
n DmBU1.unr 2-5 yes 60 Beyond Unreal "Arena (getteW)"
n DmBU2.unr 2-5 yes 60 Beyond Unreal "Mekong (getteW)"
in dmbu2.unr (direct) 2-5 yes 0 well... an "updated?" version of above... (5D22F77848139E5709C1C2AD423B6876.uxx) - SOME MOTHERFUCKER INCLUDED A LAAARGE AMOUNT OF INVISIBILITIES IN IT AND SAVED THE MAP AGAIN, oh my god, and this shit is really running on an internetserver.... poor everyone....
iy DmBU3.unr 2-5 yes! 88 Beyond Unreal "Blue Central (BCen) (getteW)" - - enough of DMMorbias?? Yes?? Then this IS(!!!) the right map to go to...
n DmBU4.unr 2-5 yes 79 Beyond Unreal "Muertos (getteW)"
n DmBU5.unr 2-4 bad 10 Beyond Unreal "Hoon (getteW)" - nice idea, but...
n DmBU6.unr 2-3 yes 30 Beyond Unreal "Euclid (gette)" - THIS IS A TOURNAMENT MAP!
n DmBU7.unr 3-8 yes 56 Beyond Unreal "Chizropolis (getteW)"
n DmBU8.unr 2-4 yes 76 Beyond Unreal "Medication (getteW)" - another "DMMorbias" type...
in DmBU9.unr 2-4 yes 15 Beyond Unreal "QueenCast (getteW)" - "LAARGE"??? Don't make me laugh!!
n DmBU10.unr 2-4 yes 1 Beyond Unreal "Tubacropolis (Droz)"
n DmBU11.unr 2-4 yes 1 Beyond Unreal "Hive-Nest (getteW)" - one of the DARK maps with some light... which doesn't make it better...
n DmBU12.unr 2-3 yes 8 Beyond Unreal "Abstract Art (getteW)"
n DmBU13.unr 2-4 yes 42 Beyond Unreal "Immigration (Droz)"
n DmBudokai 4-9 bad 5 Big, almost no weapons... bots only stay on ground...
n DMBuildings (SERP!) 2-5 no! 7 A very primitive serpenstine map
DmBult 4-8 avg 65 Very cramped place, flak and asmd rule... nice design
n DMbumperPool 2-4 no 2 Hmm... the automag script is the more interesting part here... (summon bpool.myautomag for a real killer wepon...)
n DMBunker 2-5 yes 30 Very nice idea, map is defective, though!
DMBunker 6-14 yes 70 You only need the right players...
DMBunkerV2 6-16 yes 75 Just one word: LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGE - and quite good compared to other maps of that size, still, ammo could become a bit scarce...
n DMBurg 4-6 no! 25 Andreas Brauner's incomplete attempt of a small castle...
n DmBUS.unr 2 bad 0 Beyond Unreal (its a secret!) getteW - this map is just bad!
y DMButton 4-8 yes 84 Co30 clan map - fun map, reminds me on letting with some more buttons.
DMBypassStation 2-6 no! 70 BOT SUPPORT IS BUGGY and leads to crashes.
DMCaerDarrow 5-12 bad 82 "Caer Darrow"
n DMCakehole 2 bad n/a "This is a test" appears in the map. And that it is. It looks promising, but it requires some corrections and enhancements... thus, no rating on this map
DMCamelotR3 dmcamelotr3 12+ no 80 Design and Looking is very good. However, many large levels seem to have one problem in common: not enough ammo, no bot/bad bot support...
in DMcamperheaven 8+ ? 0 This is "DarkCity". Why rename a mapfile? Worse: why even make a second version of an already BAD map?
y DMCamperKiller 2-5 avg 89 Not against BOTS!! This map has walls out of glass, so all you do is always visible. Great fun against human players, yet simple! Great idea!
iy DMCandle 2-4 yes 92 Nice one...
i DmCanyon-Condo *.zip 3-7 no 85
in DmCanyonFacility 2-7 bad 35 Another map with a nice idea, played in the net, but I don't like it...
i DMCargo 2-5 bad 60 freshmeat A Cargo Ship on the sea - very nice looking, but lots of navigational problems.
in DmCargoShip 3-6 yes 82 Bots win? Well, guess that depends on their skill??? Uhm... anyone knows how to get the extra items in the main storage?
y DmCarnage (NAPALI MAP) 4-10 yes 100 Insanely cool outdoor map, like most of NaPali Outdoor stuff...
y DmCarnageArena2a 2-4 no! 90 Immediate frag frag frag frag frag frag... you will never stop shooting!
n DmCarnageArena2b 2-4 no! 88 'No light effect version' of above... Really looks ugly compared to above.
n DMCasplat DMCasplat.unr ? ? 5 MINC Clan Map... erm JURZ?? I am sorry but this map sucks... hopefully this was just a preview of the final version.
n DmCastle GITAPACK.ZIP 2-3 yes 25 GITAPACK very small castle map. There is a very ugly bug which makes the game CRASH if you enter the lower teleporter from the wrong side!
DMCastleFang 4-10 no! 80 Co30 clan map "Castle Fangensteen" - a big map, which looks partly very developed and partly very incomplete, but maybe that is intentional.
n DMCastleRock 2-4 no 2 It's a start...
i DMCavern DMCAVERN.ZIP 3-6 yea 70
i DMCelticDakar *.zip 4-9 no 73 same as normal Dakar, however JumpBoots in the belt area with which you can get on top in the center, this enables you to rifle-camp in heaven
i DMCelticfunhouse *.zip 2-6 no! 0 just some GFX remake...pff
in DMCelticWarriorBase1 *.zip ? no! 10
iy dmcentersouls *.zip 4-8 no 74 by Raspy{BoK}
i Dmchillville4 *.zip 2-6 yes 85 Nice map by Angloid... very tricky to navigate though
i DmChooch'sLair DmChooch' (direct) 4-? no 70 (3503560511D4D5F2C000D19A755459F0.uxx) - this map looks good, but if it really plays good!? And it's way complicated... rather a single player map design, but not for Multiplayer...
DMCircloid 2-4 camp 76 Sidney "Clawfist" Rauchberger... DMMorbias with shield, armor and superhealth in the upper middle all at one place. Sure more fun than the normal Morbias, but there are better maps.
n DMCliffWarsV1b 2-6 no 20 "Cliff Wars" - Nice idea for team play, read the textfile...
in DMCloser *.zip (direct) 2-4 bad 15 Another map, no one really needs to have... (DMCloser.unr:6524396D11D1FEBA2000B4ABF0FA1078.uxx)
y DMCloseQuarters 4-8 avg 90 WOW - simple and good. RealCTF capability: yes!! even without beam, thanks to the jump boots :-)
i DMCoagular 3-6 yes 52
n DMCobblestone *.zip 5-10 yes 75 Almost no health, little ammo... town itself nice, but without interiors...
in DMCobblestoneLowGrav 5-11 yes 78 B9E94AE84DA06B274EBF939AA7F372D7.uxx - nice town, but without any interiors it's only half the fun...
y DMCOLDFRONT 2-4 avg 85 3 levels, high central room. Lob grenades for some disturbances :) Fun fragfeast, only botplay sucks, because they get stuck at one of the Flaks, where they must jump to get it (and they just dont jump).
i DMColdrak 4-8 yes 64 freshmeat Sidney "Clawfist" Rauchberger hits again... but that's not one of his best...
iy DmColdRuins 2-6 yes 97 NCNAPALI CLAN MAP. Bots sometimes get stuck or camp, but they will even get the superhealth. This map is one of the best.
n DmCompulsiveDeck16 *.zip 3-8 :-/ 0 Looks like Panther's deck more or less...
iy DmConcussion *.zip (direct) 4-8 yes 93 ADCACAE411D369FC5000EE9FCD068104.uxx
n DMCoolguy'sDM1 4-12 yes 70 The author was/is a quaker... Teamplay is extremely difficult, because you cant see team colors
DMCoosark 4-8 yes 81 Rauchberger hits again...
iy DMCore (direct) 2-4 no 89 (912480A311D3AFE08000888C254A27C8.uxx) - "Core Attraction" just like the one below, but it seems people don't like the space in the filename - use this one :)
n DMCore Attraction 2-4 evil 89 Blood Simple Map Pack Very good near ZERO-G fight level, but unwinnable against bots! - hmm there seem to be a lot of versions of that one, different file names each time... pff
i DmCore21 2-6 yes 79 NCNAPALI CLAN MAP.
in dmCosmicSmackArena 4-10 yes 97 Very open, unfair against bots!! But a great!!!!!! map
i dmcrdm2 (direct) 2-4 bad 86 (D0FC9CD64847CE372A15C2B9CA0A9104.uxx) - "Jailhouse Frag", the "light" version where you can actually see something.
i DmCreek 3-6 yes 81 Looks a bit like UT...
iy DmCriticalSituation 2-8 yes! 98 MINC used map. EXCELLENT COOL MEGA SUPER... blah.... :-)
DMCrusher 2-5 no! 74 Hmm... I dunno...
y DMCrystalbrook 2-5 yes 99 Very nice small map :)) a bit more ammo would make it well suited for 6 or 7 players, but it's really great as it is :-)
iy DmCurse - 2-5 yes 90 Unreal
i DMcurse2 (direct) 4-6 bad 25 (B30006E011D32CE60000199E12848CB4.uxx) - if no one knows how to get into the secret areas, it almost doesnt matter if you play curse or curse2! But I think this level has been spoiled.
n DmCurse][v1 DmCurse][ 2-6 no! 28 Unreal Tournament Course brought back to normal Unreal... but... there's lots to be improved, and ammo could be added :)
iy DMCurseIII *.zip (direct) 3-8 bad 91 "DMCurse - The Return "(DMCurseIII.unr: 2E34FA6C11D48424400043B14BBB5705.uxx) - certainly adds a bit o' spice to good ol' Curse, looks worse though. Bots do not use the new parts of the map (trick jump or boots needed both of which bots dont use :/)
n DMCylinder(Chaos) 2 no! 40 Same as below, but with flickering lights.
n DMCylinder 2 no! 40 Small dual map. No health, useless shell ammo.
iy DMD-Lite (direct) 2-4 yes 89 MINC used map (555981A111D20C7210003DBBD8C4284B.uxx)
iy DmDaKar (direct) 4-9 no 72 (A11B99D311D1F9C1A6A47DB91E330C97.uxx) - "Birth Of Lin'Da'Kar" - the map isnt very fancy, indeed you usually lack all sorts of stuff, but it allows for some nice play... Shoot a specific area of the picture where the flak is to open a secret (shoot best at LEFT hand - that is the RIGHT hand seen from your point of view)!
in DMDarkCity 10 no! 10 This map is very big, but plays extremely badly for standard Unreal. Weapon placement is extremely questionable. It plays A LITTLE better as serpentine map, but I think it sucks biiiiig time!!
in dmDarkMage - 0 - 0 Prowler remade an already bad map and made it even worse in dark style :-( This one REALLY REALLY REALLY sucks... file deleted.
y dmdarkishzone 3-6 yes 80 "The Darkish Zone" - Quake 1, dm6 or so...
in DMdaroomv1 (direct) 4-9 no! 19 (Files -- DMdaroomv1.unr: 1CCCE72C491C690ABDAA3284B6C2C16E.uxx -- xDaRomm2.utx: 6F82433645B00F18E9B907871293885B.uxx -- XDmdaroomtext3.utx : 4506498111D5EF5B45442F8700005453.uxx -- xdaroom.utx : 38DE85E111D598A98A94388B36A3C1B1.uxx -- xDmdaroom.umx: 725EE58211D531895000688EE5A1F2BA.uxx) - cool music (only looped once) but the level... aaargh
i DMDarwin 2-6 yes 82 Cool map but bad zones/portals :(
i DmDawgStyle *.zip 6-12 yes 70 Daddog
y DMDawn 2-8 yes 100 A really great map! The trap at the lava room may be tricked out, try crawling/walking when someone hits the trigger ;)
iy DmDaybreak - 2-6 yes 87 NaPali Very fast and thrilling map, dangerous against bots...
i DmDeathCastle 2-6 bad 97 NCNAPALI CLAN MAP. Oh yes, and apart from the missing bot support it's a rather fine one :-)
in DmDeathFan - 2-4 yes 45 Unreal FAAST
DMDeathZone 4-? bad 75 NBSpecials map. "Alternative" war.
in dmdecap *.zip (INFILTRATION!!) 3-7 no 20 (dmdecap.unr:0472D1A84B0901224C6F59B34CEDF7F5.uxx snowday.utx:AC56E67F41AE59438BC1878C91EA9865.uxx) - by Why-kill-me Brad
y DmDeck7 2-5 no! 81 NCNAPALI CLAN MAP - RealCTF capable: no - too small...
DmDeck14 2-5 yes 10 hmm... RealCTF capable: no!!!
iy DmDeck16 - 4-6 yes 85 Unreal RealCTF capable: YES 2vs2! Flag positions: sniper over slime, lower flak over slime.
in DmDeck16X 4-6 yes 0 Co30 clan played map - identical with DmDeck16, but with music, tss...
iy DMDeck17 5-11 yes 80 "=== Deck 17 ===" - as the title suggests, a modified Deck16 map... secrets: armor behind eightball, look UP at the flak slime if you have boots, above the 2 lifts is the entrance to another armor, also, from the shield belt in the slime - swim the OPPOSING direction of where the jump boots lie... oh and yes, at the Flak where the slime is, swim down into the OPPOSING corner of the slime pool to reach another camp-area. RealCTF capable: yes 3vs3 4vs4 5vs5 - Flag positions: 1) upper corner where the invis is 2) in the "hole" at the exterior teleporter (extra challange!!!!)
DmDeck17-EX *.zip 5-11 bad 65 by Klaive-KWAK- more secrets, very dark :(
in DMDeck17SST *.zip 5-11 no 60 DMDeck17SST.unr:1E6470B24DE8F31647F8CBB606813D6A.uxx - a BlueLords modified map not really worth keeping
DMDeck1999 4-10 yes 20
in DmDeck32 (direct) 4-9 well 30 (475A387511D2D2742000C78C7E8F5318.uxx) - actually, the level is not so big as it might seem, only some portals which lead from the ground directly to the top make the level look huge, but there is only one big central room, so don't get dizzy :) -- botplay sucks, they don't jump to the good stuff although it would be easy on some locations and they make some serious navigation mistakes.
i DMDeck9x *.zip 4-10 bah 80 By UltraSonic (DB26661B4BA939993D3652B55C734787.uxx) - bots don't use the new parts...
iy DmdeCyberBridge 4-12 yes 88 FRAGFACILITY Very open yet fair map. Still, bots have an advantage over the wide open areas! Some nice traps, too... RealCTF capable: yes 3vs3 4vs4 - actually a difficult RealCTF competition, both flags rather well defendable, positions 1) in the caves 2) at the waterfal (amp)
iy DmDecyberChurch 4-10 yes 94 WOW
n DMdeCyberdome bloodsimple 2-4 hmm 75 Blood Simple Map Pack more DmMorbias replacement
y DMdeCyberEscher 5-13 yes 95 "The House Of Escher" - nice portal worx... can you maneuver this crap?
n DMdeCyberStore 3-8 yes 52 Very difficult to maneuver if you want to get the good stuff, bots are morons quite often.
n DmdeCyberXmas ?? avg 20 Nonononononono... more a joke than a map...
in dmdeathwalk (direct)(UPAK) ?? no 0 (3FA6E35D411C78F656F5E3BD77D5B657.uxx) - pff!!
n DMdeDCity *.zip 2-6 no 60(90) by Sinji(DOG) - This map doesn't play well in normal Unreal, might be more suited for Serpentine or Infiltration - though boots are needed. It does get 30 extra percents for the individual idea though. The place of a totally bombed city (small) and low gravity. Bots can impossibly be made to navigate it, and Rifle dominates the map. Also, armor powerups are all at one place. Still, a scary map to behold and one that leaves an impression simply by LOOKING at it.
DMDeepBlue 5-10 yes 30 Unfair vs bots, spwans all bots twice!! TOO DARK!! Weapon placement questionable. Health????
DMDeimos 2-6 yes 75 Quark Pack
iy DmDemise2003 *.zip (direct) 2-4 89 (DmDemise2003.unr:BF491AD94D589244810462ABA07F011E.uxx)
n DMDesArena ? no! 0 One word: SHIT -- file deleted
iy DMDespair 3-6 yes 86
DMDestiny ? bad * "Destiny in Space" - This level is not recommended for playing, as it is too buggy and bad for it, however the basic idea is really nice and it looks good. Someone just has to make it playable and a 90 percent rating is minimum :)
y DmDestory 4-10 no! 88 It's really "Destory", not "Destroy" :)
DmDestory][ uuu bot paths!? Crash... :(
iy DmdEth_henge *.zip 2-6 no 78 (DmdEth_henge.unr: 990B5CF111D6DE35D000ACB1DE187E09.uxx, dEth.utx:2446FB8611D6DE2BD000ACB1DE187E09.uxx)
iy DMdEthBH (direct) 4-8 bad 89 (DMdEthBH.unr:3FA75EC742CCBFAEB4D8B39CFA9E6D6B.uxx Ziggy.utx:AA0A0AF2472DF57C6EFF40AE1732B2C8.uxx Pics.utx:3E2FFDA94087EAEF777DB38E68AB7804.uxx) - "dEth Becomes Her" - a really nice castle, only too bad bots get stuck or camp.
n DmdEthPyramid (UPAK) 4+ yea 7 Hmm... bah :(
i dmdethpyramid (225f) (direct) 3-6 yea 78 Bots get stuck in water sometimes... overall not too bad map, but not really a breakthrough good map :/
y DmDevils-Lair 3-8 yes 90 "Stone Lair" - Simple design, but very nice gameplay!
DMDiamond 2-6 yea 81
n DMDiemortalsKeep (BETA) ? ? ? Not at all working... FILE DELETED
in dmdieonyourknees (direct) 2-3 no! 10 (46480E2111D2B190C0008A9A4AEA3126.uxx) - cheap map
n Dmdisco 3-6 bad! 25 Hehe, what would this level be without an own music file (Twisto.umx)... But not even the music is good :(
dmdkeep 4-10 yes 78 "Dark Keep" - hmm.. dark indeed... nice big map, but of course, the bots aim as well as in perfect light... RealCTF capability: no
in DMDock16 2-6 yes 0 Doc Map Pack Deck16 in Woodstyle by DaJammor.
n DMDOOM2.UNR 2-4 no 1 map01 from Doom 2 - only watch it once...
y dmDoomed2Frag(V2) *.zip 4-10 ? 92 by PsiTrix[MoA] - an EXCELLENT symmetrical map - no bot support in Version One though... I had Krull add bot paths to it.
DmDoomEternal1 2-5 yes 79
iy DmDoomEternal2 2-8 yes 90
dmDonut 2-4 yes 61 "jAGGED DONUT CANYON" - for a map with a ridiculous theme, quite nice
i DMdowntown 5-14 yes 89 Difficult against bots!!! RealCTF capable: NO!
i DmDrakus *.zip 2-6 yes 82 A very nice little map, unfortunately slightly unbalanced with all the good weaponry on the upper levels and leaving only the crap on the lower ones. (WAMapBug supported though, making it a 95% map)
i DMDream DMDREAM.ZIP / 2-6 no!! 82
i DMDreamland *.zip (direct) 3-6 yes! 65 (DMDreamland.unr:7A534EE911D4F69FA000B4AB9F7CE3CC.uxx) - by Zed xXx (deceased) - overland map, no big gfx dunno doesn't appear to be ANY special but not worst map either
i DMDremlakk 3-6 yea 90 Sidney "Clawfist" Rauchberger hits again - only the flickering in the middle is nerve-killing, else good map.
y DMDropZone 2-7 yes 93
y DmDropzoneV2 2-7 yes 97 FRAGFACILITY/freshmeat An insanely nice map... RealCTF capability: YES! Flags 1) below the lift with the superhealth 2) at the outside place
in DmDruidTemple 3-6 bad 50 There are way better maps...
DMDudesArena 5+ no 78 by DUDEoDESTRUCTION}LW{
iy DMDudesPlayground (direct) 4-12 no 80 (B0A267CA11D5FDE1E0005A8218EB9429.uxx) - a nasty map, but a unique design, if it was less supporting for snipers and cheaters, this map would have an even better rating, but all in all a fun map :) Thank you DUDEoDESTRUCTION}LW{
DMDudesWorld2 8+ no 40 DUDEoDESTRUCTION}LW{ - hmm this looks like he didn't know what to make - or did I miss the point?
DmDunkirk *.zip 2-4 yes 80 by }TCP{Angloid - anyone in for a bit-o-worldwar? This is but a start... could be enhanced to make a nice assault/standoff teamgame map. Currently its size would make that rather rediculous though.
y DMdusk_II 4-9 yes 95 A very good map, that's all there is to say :)
n DmEA2ndfloorB1 4-6? no 10 Laaaarge level, but it's more recommended for a look, less for playing. Not only because of the poly count, but the whole level is flat. Still, it's worth a look for it's excellent realistic design on the other hand, and if you ever wanted to see a modern working place... :) --- but as said, no serious fragging please...
iy DmEarthtemple 3-6 yes 95 NCNAPALI CLAN MAP - excellent work! RealCTF capable: YES 2vs2 3vs3 - Flags 1) over belt/flak 2) at lift/green portal
y DmEco 3-7 yes 92 Very well designed map, and excellent bot support.
DmEclipse 2-6 yes 86 UTMapPack (Innoxx) Pitbull/Daddog
iy DmEdenCaves 5+ yes! 95 Co30 Clan Map - Brilliant Work!! The first map of that clan which is REALLY good! Big too :)
iy DmEdge01 3-7 yes 85 "Revered Mansion :("
DmEightball_Express 2-6 yes 83 ... by Mark Oz Austin - train on 2 tracks...
iy dmeightballsalvation (direct) 2-5 yes 70 (Map: B966D28211D33212B98A1ABA55A38597.uxx) - a simple yet better Morbias replacement
iy DmElements 2-7 yes 83 This is someone's first map? WOW! Because it's good! Only bots have navigational problems in the water and will get stuck near the belt, and the camp spot at the superhealth is also probably only because of a missing nav point to let the bots jump back on the bridge... but all in all a great map!
iy DmElsinore - 4-5 yes 90 Unreal
in DmEndersCo30_V3 2-? no 35 You are inside a low gravity globe... didn't we have that already?
i DmEnterTheMatrix *.zip 6-16 yea 85 A quite ingenious map with regards to ideas, design is very good too. There is one pre-set bot that will cause script errors because it has no gun until released.
i dmEntrancement2 *.zip 5-10 yes 86 "Entrancement" - by PsiTrix[MoA] - ...and the sun goes down (music)
n DmEquinoxe 0 no 0 :( Such a WONDERFUL idea wasted by such lousy a talent...
in DMESADCity-H (direct) ? ? 0 (DMESADCity-H.unr:B739E4A011D2C5DB4544F08800005453.uxx DMESADCityTex.utx:551F1D0711D2C1A639B4F0880B9BD257.uxx ESADCitySounds.uax:34E7E0A011D2B2134544F08800005453.uxx) - this map is bullshit with all the hidden teleporter traps
n DMescherland 2-6 no! --> Be sure to read the readme file ;) -- an incredible idea! But the Quadshot is misplaced (it shouldnt be there at all) - there is absolutely NO(!!) ammo, and overall, this map is worth more looking than playing! Rating: Gaming-> 5% Design/Idea-> 80% (sorry, don't play it...)
DMEtc *.zip lots bad --> UnLeaded combined Elsinore, Curse and another map I forgot the name of. Seems bots stay only in Elsinore though, also the combination might have been done a little nicer. I'm not sure any spawnpoints outside Elsinore are functional at all.
iy DmExamination 2-8 yes 97 NcNaPali Clan map.
iy dmexperiment 2-6 yes 85 "The Forgotten Experiment" - bots can shoot trough the glass wall...
DMEventHorizon 2-7 no! --> Co30 Clan map. Based on the movie... I don't think it plays too well, but it's worth a look. For fans :)
i dmevox *.zip (direct) (dmevox.unr:9E1CDCBB42DD22A7CAB4D9B0CF58C05F.uxx)
in dmewok 2-6 bad 5 Star wars "Ewok" tree village, nice idea, bad execution... (E4AE471211D2B7C62DEB5EBB4D80EF57.uxx)
iy dmexor (direct) 4-10 yes! 85 (98C06F2511D330ADDAF15FB63C724428.uxx) - it's not the superduper hammer map, but definitely worth playing, and botplay is beyond normal, you better be on guard!
iy DMExor-Extreme DMExor-Extreme (direct) 4-10 yes 88 (DBC43B394183C4B768846FB1A923E043.uxx) - a few cool additions to exor, but I don't think the bots make use of em...
iy DmExotica 3-7 yes 98 NCNAPALI CLAN MAP. One of the greatest looking maps. - To get the belt, you need to throw in a flare, there is only 1 flare on the map and that is behind a secret wall in the upper level at one round edge :)
iy DMExoticaV2 *.zip 3-7 ? 99 NCNAPALI CLAN MAP. Polies corrected... new secret wall near one column...
n DmFactory606 3-6 no 35
n DMFang2 10?? no --> Co30 Clan Map. "Fang's Nightmare" - gnn... this map is weird and definitely NOT ok for play! But the music is cool :)
iy DMFawtok 2-6 yes 88 Doc Map Pack Bots get stuck here and there - but very nice map
i DMFCB (INF) 4-8 90 83757A6411D44868CC80D48D0100C14F.uxx "Freeport City Bank" (Sin entry level) a bit cut... INFILTRATION ONLY
iy DMFeekasso 3-7 yes 86 "F e e k a s s o" - by Sidney Rauchberger
DMFeelTheFire 2-4 no! 88 First Shield belt pickup releases a message...
DmFetid 2-4 no 40 UTMapPack (Innoxx) Pitbull/Daddog
in DMFetid(225) DMFetid(225).zip (dir) 2-4 no 40 37C1F860462AB48E75788592B605C02B.uxx -- "Fetid Sewers", another boring UT conversion (Inoxx pack)
DMFightClub *.zip 2-6 yes 40 J - map of the movie. Not my taste, but there are lots worse.
iy DMFireCastle 4-9 no! 90 MINC CLAN MAP. (A87A972E4846F9176A201AAEE2D84F86.uxx)
in DmFith - 2-4 yes 70 Unreal FAAST, Reactor
i DMFlakAbbey *.zip 6-10 yes 70
i dmflashback 4-8 BAD 58 FRAGFACILITY Very BAD botmatch
DMFlashdance 3-7 yes 86 "Monumental" by Flashdance - very difficult against bots!
DMflesh DMFLESH.ZIP 2-6 no! 89 "Ashes to Ashes, Flesh to Flesh"
i DMFloat *.zip (direct) 2-4 nah 80 (DMFloat.unr:FB27AE4911D6D48CC0006AA1755459F0.uxx BudLite.utx:64FC4DC511D6D47FC0006AA1755459F0.uxx) - nice 2vs2 or fast fraggin dm map - in Memory of Bonekeeper aka Bushbeater
in DMFlux 3-6 yes 44
i DmFLYZONE 5-10 bad 83 This map is definitely worth trying out. Large Rooms with low gravity and lots of jump pads. The bot support is probably only so bad because they are not accustomed to the lower gravity and the jumppads seem to handle bots differently than normal players.
y DMFongy 2-5 yes 95 Sidney "Clawfist" Rauchberger...
i DMForge 6-12 yes 87 Good mix...
n DMForgotten 4-8 yes 88 Wow!! Bots can even swim!
n DMfortress *.zip 2-5 no! 25
y dmfour DMFOUR.ZIP 2-4 bad 70 "The 80's place" - Conversion of one of the BEST original Quake 1 DeathMatch maps (probably DM4??!) - however in rediculous style :( the secret at the lava is also missing, and the portals suck (dispositioning) and I cant remember a direct teleporter to the Quaddamage (AMP)
DMFoxArena 2-6 yea 67
DmFractal *.zip 2-3 yes 72 UT conversion of a 1vs1 map
n DmFragden ? = 0 !!! --> !!! Co30 Clan Map. KNOCK OUT CRITERIA MATCH: Uses "untitled.utx" texture. That's a real technical SIN, please never use this map! Stay cool, the map is total shit anyway so you don't miss anything! FILE DELETED
DMFragPipeXL 2-7 bad 82 Based on a popular Q2 map called "The Frag Pipe" (q2dm3)
iy dmfragtemple (direct) 2-4 yes 88 (EF59B13311D1FD874544A2B500005453.uxx)
i DMFragtown 2-5 yes 37 "Mean Streats" - hmmm... Room for PLENTY of improvements...
iy DmFragville 4-8 yes 95 Bigger map, but difficult in some places... RealCTF capability: yes (Flags in two opposite corners of town)
in DMFranconia (direct) 3-7 yes 36 (01EEF92611D4DDD84544F79300005453.uxx) - takes far too long to get guns or AMMO... lamers rule
n DMFrantic(Big) 4-8 no 13 Seems to cause crashes, boring map the way it is...
i DmFrostBite *.zip 2-5 yes 75
in dmFSCrypt 2-6 bad 0 (C233ADC211D1FCB2A0006D810C3A9F24.uxx) "Crypt of Ch'Abara" .... good title, bad map
i DmFury DMFURY.ZIP 4-8 yes 78
n DmFutureCitySE428 0 ? 0 This map has a few good looks but alltogether is UTTER SHIT!
n DmGanjaLand 2-4 no 40 Hmm well if you like drugs then this map is for you :/
y DmGehenna 2-4 yes 91 Wohoo... don't fall into the void :) Botmatch sucks a bit as they tend to be rambling endlessly around one and the same spot.
y DMGhostMatch 2-5 yes 90 XGN Unreal Map Pack Plenty of invis powerups, use your ears, unwinnable against bots, because they can always see you outright.
y DmGloover 2-6 avg 90 freshmeat
n DMGothic ??? ??? ?? What is this?!? A joke? If yes, it's a very bad one! *** FILE DELETED ***
y DMGotliebsRetreat 8-18 yes 99 ForggenSee (Sea) in Bavaria, circa 1541. Only bot support missing... a VERY realistic map!!
i DMGramercy 5-11 bad 70 (also DM_Gramercy)
n DmGraveyardHouseNetworkED 2-6 no 35 This map could actually be funny, if it was worked really out and didn't have those annoying bugs (like cant jump out of grave...)
n DmGraveYardWindmillNetworkED dmgraveyardwindmill,zip 2-6 no 35 more or less same as above...
n DmGreenRiverHoldC *.zip 2-6 yea 50 Daddog / Pitbull
DMGrooveMachine 2-8 yes 82 FRAGFACILITY
dm-HallofHeroes_v102 4-10 no! 80(90) Co30 clan map (by RedEye) - a really impressive piece of artwork! Only missing bot supports hurts its score (BADLY!)!
DmHalo / GITAPACK.ZIP 2-3 yes 87 Blood Simple Map Pack / GITAPACK "Halo's Hideout"
i DMhaste DMHASTE.ZIP 3-7 bad 88 Hehe from a doom player for Unreal :)
DmHaunted 2-5 avg 76 "Haunted Mansion" - very nice map, bot support is a bit buggy, as they dont seem to understand some "one way doors". Do not try to get the invis, it will likely be your death...
i DmHazard - 2-6 yes 77 NaPali
n DmHeal2 2-4 yes 18 Ok for 1:1, bad for anything else...
in DmHealPod - 4-6 yes 80 Unreal
i DmHeaven *.zip 2-5 yes 88
n DmHectic 2-4 no! 25 Blood Simple Map Pack the name speaks for itself... RUN fast, keep evading
DmHerculaneum 3-7 avg 35 I guess I didnt quite understand everything in the map, lots of things remain a mystery to me (how to get into the SniperTower? Whats so special about THAT rifle? Dynamic map???)
iy DMHellsHandbag 2-8 no 88 (DMHellsHandbag.unr:811C9B5C46D438B16FA73AB7F14EC30B.uxx hannibal.utx:2F9EB71D42721BED0E2E90A681182ACF.uxx LW-HQ.utx:09FA987B44AC85337AC43ABF6B0F5F3D.uxx) by Prowler}LW{ and DUDEoDESTRUCTION}LW{
y DMHellshrap 2-6 yes 82 One of Sidney "Clawfist" Rauchberger's earlier maps ?!
n DmHellRaisers 2-5 no! 5 Looks hellish - umm - that's what it's designed to be, but plays like total shit. And in the end, the map is near worthless, sorry :(
iy DmHighTech 2-6 yes 100 NCNAPALI CLAN MAP.
iy DmHighTech2 4-8 yes 100 "DmHighTech][" - NCNAPALI CLAN MAP. A bit more cramped than version 1, but insanely good, and larger!
DmHilder *.zip 2-6 no 85 Another "Ruin" remake by RuDe (DM-Hildir ??)
DMHillBase220215 4-11 yes 75 The map itself is really nice, no wonder there is a Classic Infiltration conversion out there. But by faaar not enough items for the size!
in dmhippie *.zip 2-6 no 30 (dmhippie.unr:BF5BB1A411D432351D91E5864BB4E02B.uxx flowerp.utx:7A2204AA11D427E92E82E5864D6D70A7.uxx hippie.uax:296B550211D42F0C60F6E5864D0F55DB.uxx)
n DMHOG 7-18 nah 56 MINC CLAN MAP. The first thing you should do to understand the layout of this really biiiig map, is: take a look as "ghost"! Also, this map requires quite some power machine in some places...
in DmHollywood *.zip 3-7 yes 50 Average only map. (DmHollywood.unr:4238684411D33BC7A28ADE9ED0EC2682.uxx war.utx:1655D30F11D333EF0D9FDE9E3FFDD20A.uxx)
i dmHorrorscope (direct) 2-6 no 45 (0D52230111D4A36810002CA9B5C33BB5.uxx)
i DMHouseAssault_Night DMHouseAssault_Night(INF).zip (dir.)2-5 yes 34 (D4535B2411D353F28000B88D5FD156C8.uxx) *** INFILTRATION MAP ***
in dmhqlw (direct) 5-? no -> }LW{ headquarters (buggy, linked to "Editor.u", unresolveable) (files: dmhqlw.unr:45B715974620E80D271EA99A0A19A30B.uxx newShit.utx:B2FA54D8425E2BD1171F34B0581C58E5.uxx LW.utx:FB3D18E14E24ED242E1E1B8F3BDD4A8B.uxx SmkRoom:961EB94F47FE21A77D9EE5AC3F864FFC.uxx ForegoneII.umx:F7D3235F4342DA2A0727BBA1D72D56CB.uxx) -> Special dedication map, not recommended for play, this version not at all due to strange bug.
iy DmHydroPhobia 4-9 yes 82 A very good level. Bots sometimes screw up at the belt and the lifts... Oh, GET THE JUMP BOOTS!!
i dmhyperblast 2-6 yes 85 UTMapPack (Innoxx) Pitbull/Daddog UT conversion (Spacefight on open ship, final battle map against Xan in UT) Bot support is pretty basic, since Unreal classic bots suck in low gravity environments. Also, more difficult than UT since Unreal classic player pawns offer less playercontrol, but you can perform some more jumps too :) (dmhyperblast.unr:0F9158FF40E32BBEF5B1DE92F0A5261D.uxx)
y DMImpact DMIMPACT.ZIP 2-5 bad 87 Space station - kind of - botplay sucks at some places!
DmImperialCruiser lots yes 30 Daddog / Pitpull, an Imperial cruiser
y DmIncin 2-4 yes 91 Wahoo - BOOM!
iy dminfinity (direct) 3-7 no 85 By LordOverkill (for all the real friends - Silk)
i DMInjector 2-6 yes 85 space map, too open against bots (unfair)
n DMInjector dminjectorb.tip 2-6 yes 85 looks just the same to me as above... so what...
n DMInjector-U4E 2-4 yes 50 very difficult to control
iy DMInsidious 2-6 yes NcNaPali Clan map
n DmIP-Q-Division 4-8 hmm 35 Clan IP Q-division. Something could be done out of this map...
iy DmIronEdge 2-6 yes 92 (7BAE7E2211D330C57FF9EAB53FFCFF03.uxx) - "Iron Edge" - another relatively simple and small map, but GOOOOOD!
DmIronEdgeRemix *.zip 2-6 yes 93 Minor improvements to the normal IronEdge - remixed by UnLeaded
y DMIrrok DMIRROK.ZIP 2-4 ? 77 ... and another one by Sidney "Clawfist" Rauchberger - "small 8ball action", hehe this map reminds me on a dual map... but this one is more friendly yet features less items... "Bots" don't seem to be supported, yet it's so small the items will drive them to walk and run, and then they'll do battle all the time... so... you can do botmatch :)
i DMIsoToxin (direct) 3-8 no! 82 43076FB2487BB0ED8BD03A9C425D959B.uxx - RealCTF capability: NO!
iy DmIUFArena (direct) 2-4 yes 79 NCNAPALI CLAN MAP. (old: AD01A24311D56BD15000A8A908176DBA.uxx NEW:A5DB7C4111D5A6355000A9A908176DBA.uxx) "Dm-IUF-Arena" --- oh boys, why dont you make filename and mapname identical? Would be nice really! -- This map is very unfriendly! In order to get some good items, you must be excellent at rocket jumping and must have a completely lag-free low ping connection! To get the belt without falling into the slime, you can try to "forward dodge" from the outermost edge (use "walk"). The jumppad only pushes you upwards correctly when you jump on the upper half of it. ** BOTSUPPORT IS NEW :)
iy DmIUFcombat 4-10 yes 85 NCNAPALI CLAN MAP - RealCTF capability: yes, just a bit hectic and brutal, but should do gooooood
i DmJackal.unr 2-8 yes 70 Well... there are plenty of better maps...
i DmJapan 2-6 avg 88 Definitely FUN!!!!! Because you can fly around a bit!!
n Dmjd01 4-8? yes 20 This map could EASILY receive a 90+ rating if there was just MUCH more ammo (there is almost none).
DMJediArena ? bad 50 A specialist's map - but nice Jedi thoughts - saber.u plus a new laser sight script which shows you EXACTLY where your gun points :/
in DMJuliette_[day] 2-5 yes 63 "DMJuliette (day)" - Not the real runner...
in DMJuliette_[night] 2-5 yes 64 "DMJuliette (night)" - Exactly the same map as above, only at night (who thought it...)
n DmK-19 2-4 yes 45 a small submarine docking bay - by Daddog aka Pitbull - a little bit like CTF-Novermber (UT)
iy DmKataris 2-6 yes 89 IUF used map. Bots have problems with the jumppads and the water area.
iy DMKBCARD.UNR (direct) DMKBCARDS.ZIP 2-6 yes 80 MINC CLAN MAP (map: FDDB9D6511D20F594544348900005453.uxx -- Cards.utx: 7658BFE211D20E864544348900005453.uxx) - this level is fun, but too small. Botplay is unfair.
n DmKel-Shar 5-9 no! 10 Relatively boring map, taken over from Klingon Honor Guard
n DMkillP *.zip 40? ? 10 Large, but not big...
DMKingofmyCastle (NAPALI) 3-6 no 75 Level uses lots of fog effects, you need a faaast machine. Other thing is, the flames are all misplaced (above the position where the fires should be)
n DMKingscourt 3-8 bad 25 "The Last King" (SP -> DM conversion part 1) - sorry, the level looks good, but plays ugly, some grafic mistakes, though. AND ALMOST NO WEAPONS
n DMKingsfolly 3-8 bad 25 "The Last King" (SP -> DM conversion part 2) - same as above
iy DMKonosusR2 dmkononsusr2 10-20 yes 100 Konosus: The Secret of Minos - LAARGE, bot support, traps, secret... and fancy to look at. RealCTF capability: NO!
DMKrakatau 2-8 bad 70 Unique in design, you can float around the main battleground (roundabout is all water). But botplay sucks and gameplay could be smoother...
y DmKran 2-4 yes 84 Nothing to do with "Kran" the ship from single player... :) Nice duel map or for 4 players... (Version 1.1)
iy DmKrandura 3-9 yes 83 dm 6pack 2 v 1.1 RealCTF capability: YES 3vs3 - Flags are 1) lower corner 2) upper playerstart - just run around
i DmKrazy 2-6 yes 77 looks just like the one below :/
DMKrazyCNRX 2-6 yes 77 Co30 Clan Map. Bots like to camp around the superhealth/asmd (hmm...) but the map plays relatively well.
DmKwake DMKWAKE.ZIP 2-6 yes 78
iy DMLabyrinth 4-11 yes 85 Doc Map Pack This map may appear boring at first, but it's not too bad at all. There are some Stone Titans around too. Use the boots to reach outer compound camping spots. Only the invis is unfair there... should make an excellent MonsterMash map...
y DmLapetusV1 *.zip 3-8 yes 96 by }TCP{Angloid - excellent map, Angloid is starting to impress me!
n DMlastpyramid 2-10 n/a 5
DMLavapit *.zip 2 no! 85 Straight forward 1-1 action, no hiding, no seeking, nonstop fight in a small arena! "Ruin" remake by RuDe
iy DmLavaRiver 2-6 yes 95 1-1 map or 4-8. Although there isn't anything really special in it, the rating is deserved!!
in DmLavatory 3-8 yes! 70 MINC CLAN MAP. A better "miniaturization" level, but I can't get warm with those. Excellent bot support, howver, only one "glug glug" bug and one "get stuck" bug... (secondary internet version: 6BBACBB211D2140D4544898F00005453.uxx)
y DmLethoria 4-6 yes 98 FRAGFACILITY
iy DmLethoria1 4-6 yes 98 Same as above... just other version...
i DMLiandri 3-8 yes 85 UT Conversion "Liandri Central Core" - to be honest, never like the UT map, so I personally don't like the conversion either. But it IS a good conversion, although the music is missing :/
iy DMLibrary *.zip (direct) 5-10 yes 78 DMLibrary:1A89793111D23A748AD061A042F05164.uxx Goldeneye.utx:1A89790711D23A748AD061A042F05164.uxx -- this map looks boring but plays nice
y DMLohmannsLair 4-10 yes 97 FRAGFACILITY
i DMLongestyard (direct) 2-6 no 75 "q3a - the longest yard" (7E73A2FF11D41C616AB1FEAC31736A98.uxx)
y DMLongestYardR2 2-6 bad 93 Co30 Clan Map. Conversion way: q3a -> Unreal Tournament -> Unreal... LOL! This is, however, pretty much the best conversion I've seen so far. The superhealth can be obtained by stepping forward from the Rifle towards the superhealth, just walk into the void. Oh, and whats is all that Alien-II grafiks doing in here?
y DMLoosak DMLOOSAK.ZIP 2! yes 88 Sidney "Clawfist" Rauchberger.... - 1 on 1 map and NO MORE!!!!!!!
DmLostBeacon /_new 2-4 yea 85 A very nice space map. Dark skins are an unfair advantage here, though :/
n DMLunarStation *.zip 4-8 no 20 A big, weird and rather uninteresting map :(
DMMarion 4-9 no 85 DUDEoDESTRUCTION}LW{ - plays nice, just a few more sound and video details and this map could easily get a 90+ rating
iy DMMarion_v2 4-10 no 88
i DMMars 4-11 no!! 80 (05C5FB4111D36B901488DF8648F71DE7.uxx) "War Hills"
DMMarsCrater 6-12 bad 85 If properly played, this one could be an insanely interesting map.
DMMcDonalds 2-6 bad 30
y DMMeenoclyps 2-5 yea 85 Guess what, more of Sidney "Clawfist" Rauchberger... Don't jump on the elevators for your own sake (map bug?)
n DMmegacity 4-10 bad 40 Brilliant design ideas, but not enough weapons, and some items seem out of reach...
y dmmeldrak 4-8 yes 99 Rauchberger hits again!! Superb!!
in DMMerry-Go-Round *.zip 2-4 bad 60 914BF2E711D3643EE700E7990000C147.uxx - battle on a ratating platform, very nice idea, but bots screw up and there should have been made more out of it.
n dmmetropolis 3-8 bad 10 I like the idea, but people always forget that when they create large map, they have to put in just the more detail work the larger the thing gets!!! This map would do fine as a small map for 4 players, but at that scale, it doesnt have the design nor the amount of ammo to support really large numbers of players... Well, not every big city can be a "dmzeitkind"... Oh, and the bots get stuck at the portal!
y DmMerntroxs 4-9 yes 88 dm 6pack 2 v 1.1 "The Merntrox"
DMMGS DMMGS.ZIP 4-6 yea 76 "Metal Gear Solid" (sort of :)
iy DMmidwinter / GITAPACK.ZIP 3-7 yes 95 GITAPACK Icy... cool!
y DmMineFacility 2-7 yes 89
y DmMineFacility(NaPali) 2-7 yes 90 The NaPali Version of this map is slightly more fun ;)
n DMMipeyeEgypt.unr 2-6 yes 70 hmm... Doesn't have too much to do with egypt!?
i dmMoA_Arena *.zip 4-8 no! 75 "Flak-Arena" by PsiTrix[MoA]
in DMMoA_Special 0 n/a 0 Raspy[MoA] just retextured Observatory and put a few items here and there... :/
i DmMoAnArena *.zip 3-7 no 73 Flounder[MoA]
y DMMobiusTowerV2a 3-7 avg 80 Well well, a nice level overall, but bot play sucks, they get stuck in various places (rifle, portals, some jump-places...) and tend to kill themselves by releasing that crush trap on themselves.
in DmMonopoly225m dmmonopoly225 doh pff 0 Another totally useless map...
n DMMoonlightBase *.zip 2-5 bad 10
y DMMooterak 2-5 yes 90 More of Sidney "Clawfist" Rauchberger :-)
y Dmmontron 3-7 yes 90 dm 6pack 2 v 1.1 "The Montron"
i DmMonumental 3-7 yes 86 "Monumental" by Flashdance - map is identical to DmFlashdance
in DmMorbias - 2-6 yes 10 Unreal Rockets only, cheap level
DmMorbiasStinger_v4 - (FILE DELETED) 2-6 ? 0 Exactly as bad as it sounds, morbias with stingers... and new graphics... tss...
y DMMorbidCuriosity 2-8 no 90 A dmmorbias style map over 3 levels, but MUUUCH better than morbias! Note, there is no bot support, but try adding 5 bots and play... it's fun anyway and the bots will kick you ass! The trap could be a bit bigger, but all in all this is just cool, and enough ammo for more players than usual on a map of that size...
n DMMoribund 2-3 yes 85 Good 1:1 map, taken over from UT/Q3A. Rduced shieldbelt and armor... hmm again several versions exist
DmMotoCross *.zip 2-5 no 40 Well funny idea Trustmechris :)
DMMotte 8-12 avg 80 Quark Pack
DMMountDoom *.zip 3-8 yes 82 Nice map by Taz and Angloid.
i DMMutantArena3 2-4 no! 68 Nothing too fancy... but the design is quite nicely "round" :) Botsupport missing hurts a bit... Do not press the button at the monk statues, it kills you (bah, stupid trap).
n DmMUTINY ? no 25 A map with some splendid effects and a nice theme. But, you can die for no reason at many places (bugs) - just lean on the wrong wall, most lifts, doors or other objects... no thanks, that way it pretty much sucks.
iy DmMysticHalls 2-7 yes 90 NCNAPALI CLAN MAP. Could be transferred into a (SMALL!) CTF map easily :) The superhealth only heals up to 100 hp here!
DMNakesh DMNAKESH.ZIP 2-4 no! 83 Good 1vs1 map. Only guns, no ammo, no health. Just a lava pool with goodies like shield and one SuperHealth... GET YOUR ENEMIE'S GUNS AND THROW AWAY YOURS WHEN LOW AMMO!!!
iy DmNaliWizard 3-8 yes 90 RealCTF capability: YES, one flag in a lower corner, the other in an upper corner :) Fast pace CTF! 3vs3 likely best. NCNAPALI CLAN MAP.
n DmNebukadnetza ? ? 0 Nap crashes, file deleted.
i DMNebula 7-15 no 82 All this map needs is more graphical detail and it will make a fine map indeed. But I wonder if a "smaller" version of it might fare better still...
n DMNewObservatory 4-12 ... 0! This is nonsense, OZ, added a complete roundabout to the whole of the level, containing infinite health, ammo (rifle), and it's invisible. The entrance is outside the window near the bio rifle. Sure it is your level, but that is absolute... hmmz
in DmNewYork 3-6 yes 40 (Uses LOTS of UTX/UAX files replacing default ones! Dangerous, may work with other UTX/AUX files, if existing files are LARGER - !?) - This level looks better than it actually is... there's a ZONE bug at the playground with the basketball basket...
i dmnightop2 (infiltration) (direct) 3-7 yes 79 (dmnightop2.unr:6CA726154F063FDC868389A644E22A9E.uxx) - for an Infiltration map: good one :)
y DmNoddy 4-9? yes! 90 RealCTF capability: NO! One teleporter connects both flags rather directly :((( - Usually I hate this kind of level, where the player is miniaturized into a world taken from reality (like e.g. navigating a bathroom or kitchen). This level, however, does not concentrate on that aspect, although it recreates it! And that is unique so far! Also, it plays very well, which is also not usual for this kind of map :) Bots navigate nicely through the water and to the secret!
in DMNosolution (direct) 5-8 ? 0 (DMNosolution.unr:E903B954428749B9D14BCFB48DF9D454.uxx lunchbox1.utx:) This map utter crap.
n dmNostalgia 4-8?? bad 10 Co30 Clan Map. Nothing really worth playing :(
n dmNostalgiaRX 4-8?? bad 10 Co30 Clan Map. Instead of the stupid sound effects, they have now some rock music in it. Hmm, that's just as bad and map stays as shit as it was before!
n dmnyctophobia *.zip 3-7 bad - An experimental map from Taz, remaking Jubei's DmDemise2003.
iy DmObiw02 *.zip 2-4 no 75 Nice little map, no armor, no asmd...
y DmObiW03 2-5 no 20 A classic quake map (the cool one) badly taken over! Bad weapon/item placement...
iy DMobservatory 3-8 yes 85 A bit dark and quite unfair vs bots... RealCTF capability: YES!! 4vs4 3vs3 Flags 1) up the 8ball near belt 2) near Bio-Rifle
n DMOgod 3-8 no 25
iy DmOneHour *.zip (direct) 2-6 no 78 Very good for a map which was done in one hour :)
n DmOpposingWorlds *.zip 4-10 ? 0 Useless conversion of UT's "Facing Worlds" CTF map by UnLeaded. UT sounds in Unreal... disgusting... file deleted.
iy DMOppressive_S *.zip (direct) 5-11 92 Co30 Clan Map. "The Oppressive Palace"
DMOurHouse 4-12 no 85 revised "DMDudesPlayground" by DUDEoDESTRUCTION}LW{ -- plays better than the original :-)
DMOutpost1 5-12 yea 78 A very big and good map, but difficult to learn and bot support is "basic" (stuck at places, not all pathed)
DMOutpost29 ? ? ? pff "Panorama" package missing...
i DmPaar 4-8 no! 43 Doc Map Pack "Gathering on Paar" - a clearly Stargate inspired map, but the "Stargates" don't seem to be functional. Other than that straightforeward (team) DM map. Would make a basic CTF map too...
DmPah+ *.zip 2-6 no! 88 A very good ut2k4 map by David Münnich converted to Unreal by Dik. Missing bot support is a large minus though.
in DMPanthersDeck16 2-6 yea 75 Doc Map Pack Another useless Deck-clone, but at least this one has some "phantasy". Bots move as if original deck so naturally they get stuck at plants etc...
y DMParanoid 2-7 yes 95 A Half-Life map in Unreal ;)
y DMParanoid2 2-7 yes 100 HALF-LIFE IN PERFECT with those mines, grenades and controllable turrets!!!
DMPheonix 3-6 yes 70 FAST_FRAG
y DMPhobos 2-5 yes 92 Quark Pack
DMPhotophobia 4-10 bad 89 A very good map, but difficult to play! You can shoot out the lights.
n DMPiracy DMPIRACY.ZIP 3-? bad 35 The working cannons are certainly fun, but what about the map basics?? MORE AMMO MORE WEAPONS MAN!!!! And forget the bots!
in dmplanetz dmplanetz (direct) 2-8 no!! 1 (map: 03A93B314ECAEEE37784AD80B501F1AE.uxx -- planetz.utx:630DC41944C63C1DF892ECB018D95783.uxx)
i dmplayball! *.zip 2-4 no 20 "PlayBall!" - Football field....
DMPlayground *.zip 4-10 bad 10 "Deviants' Playground" original release - boring.
n DmPool&Mirrors 3-? no! 25 [GOD] CLAN MAP (Smirftsch). Well Smirftsch, I think you should have taken your ideas and wrapped them a bit more interestingly, because the design... ahem... nah...
DMPortalMadnessR2 4-8 yrd! 83 Co30 Clan Map (Unreal Tournament conversion) - Hoho wow this one's nice :) Secret wall at the "docking area" to your right.
DMPortalXGN 2-4 yes 80 XGN Unreal Map Pack another good Morbias replacement, but very high poly count requires a very fast machine!
DmPotent *.zip 3-8 yes 85 by Angloid - comes in different versions, last known one is 5
n DMPower 2-4 yes 65 Blood Simple Map Pack "DM Power" - more vertical vengeance...
iy DMPowerhouse (direct) 2-5 yes 93 (668D8B2511D39C08C3BB6EB77213BC98.uxx) - small, fast, good! Just learn the secrets :)
n DmPowerHouse 2-5 yes 63 XGN Unreal Map Pack ... not really good enough...
i dmprimal-2 dmprimal-2.zpi (direct) 6-12 no! 77 "Primal Temple" by Prowler}LW{ (dmprimal-2.unr:2B14B7994B6657CD3C3E5AB94F4AD770.uxx uses:Nether.umx from UT)
n DmProng 2-8 yes 90 FAST_FRAG Less gravitiy, VERY COOL map!! a bit unique to maneuvre - RealCTF capability: NO!!
in DmProng 2-8 yes 90 Same as above, use this for internet play if the other doesn't work (version conflict), this one has been directly downloaded from a working server and I hope the files in there are more up to date. Changed files are: DMProng.unr, JumpPad.u, Prong.uax
in DMProw'sKeep DMProw' 4-8 no! 40 Prowler}LW{ -- Editor version bug (Files: DMProw'sKeep.unr: C145FF6544E1FCF4903F03AAC0726B7D.uxx ProwlerIsTheMan.utx: C3125C82481BBB43D194C8ACF627C1FD.uxx SkywardII.umx: E52A81A34C62173B444A6394348D5A98.uxx) - hmm... partly good, partly... pff
DMPunishment 2-5 yea 75 very nice idea, everyone gets one weapon at start... but ONLY this one. Then you are teleported to the main battlefield where there is only ammo, but no weapons...
in dmpyramid 2-4 no 68 UTMapPack (Innoxx) Pitbull/Daddog 26DBEA4D43AFCED6579FEEB3B1C72A62.uxx another uninteresting UT conversion... - sucks totally with bots
n dmq3atest2 2-6 bad 50 another "longer/longest yard" clone. Play in turbo mode else bad - hmm can't say thats true :) But the SASMD is just a stronger normal ASMD, and the Amplifier support has the usual "pick up order" bug :/
y DMQuotelis 4-9 yes 90 Sidney "Clawfist" Rauchberger hits the road again... Just another good map in the usual "Clawfist" quality, that sounds trivial, but I don't want to repeat over and over again that "Clawfist" makes good maps en masse...
i DmRadikus - 4-8 yes 80 Unreal RealCTF capability: YES small fast matches... Flags 1) at the portal TO the 8ball on the little platform (which leads DIRECTLY below Flag 2) just at a corner in level 1 - easy to find
in DMRadikuss *.zip 4-8 umm 79 Radikuss.unr:997851E8437B40CBE6CEB090AE252AB3.uxx - BlueLords modified map - bot paths have NOT been adjusted accordingly!
dmradikus99 (SERP/DM) 2-6 avg 70 IUF proposed map - designed mainly for Serpentine... but... hmm... Bots get stuck, too :-(
n DMRageMachine 2-5 yes 60 Good looking, but portals are confusing... The belt is on one of the lava pools, the lava doesnt hurt there :)
in DmRag'na 4-11 bad 85 RealCTF capability: NOO!
in DmRainbowSix 4-6 BAD 70 Version 1.1 - This map is based on a popular map named "CityStreetLarge" from the Eagle Watch expansion pack for Rainbow Six. The geometry and architecture is made as close as I possibly could to the original "CityStreetLarge" map. Although for legal reasons, I didn't copy exact details of the map like textures, sounds, geometry, etc. I have added lots of new rooms, pathways, elevators, to give it that Unreal feel that we all know and love. Yet giving the realism of environment that Rainbow Six offers. Have fun =)
DMRam05 2-5 no! 50 Al'Shar Temple - a wonderful atmosphere, but so badly developed design only. Very basic looking, much could be done here :/
n DmRattsForts DmRattsForts 0 no 0 Original name "Dm Ratt's Forts.unr" :(( 226 gold map. Looks like a naked Shane's Castle... no guns (almost), no items, nothing to maneuver for... blah shit waste of time....
DMRavers 8-16 no 85 LW Dude... "Ravers Heaven"
y DMRavine DMRAVINE.ZIP 4-8 yes 93 A brilliant map. Thats all I have to say. RealCTF capability: NO
in DMRegret 3-7 bad 30 Doc Map Pack Though bots even swim nicely at times, they camp and get stuck too often still...
n DmReturnToInsanity *.zip 2-5 yes 20 Not my taste at all, bot support is bad too, but then again, this type of map design with shifting floors can not really be made with bots in mind...
y DMrdc2 2-3 yes 90 Mechanical Pain - simple, simply good!!
iy DMReal-Battle-Field (dire) 4-12 no! 89 RealCTF-Capability: yes, one flag on ground near on of the fires, other flag underground near the rocket. Teamwork is required!! Upper levels should be seen as strategical positions for area cover (sniping) or flag defense - (15FE2E384DEFC2EE678DF8ADC6BB9C75.uxx) - quite dark and supportive for sniper cheaters :( but good map :)
DmRed ? ? ? Package "cool" missing.. pff
DmRefuge 2-6 yes 85 FRAGFACILITY
DMRelativityU4E 2-4 yes 15 Very nice idea, but very CPU costly and difficult to maneuver...
y DMRelentless 2-5 yes 88 Very good small map :)
dmrelic6 *.zip 3-7 bad 75 by Angloid... bots get stuck at places - Egypt/Stargate style
DMRemoteOutpost 2-5 bad 80 Big hall, big mess, simple and efficient slaughter.
DMRex (UNREAL 4 EVER !!) not tested...
DMRibbomaniac 2-4 yes 78 More of Sidney "Clawfist" Rauchberger
DMRifleland (NaPali) 2-4 no! 60 Some gfx errors, not enough weapons for big battles/too small.
DMRifleRange *.zip 4-10 yea 85 I'm not particularly fond of Rifle-only maps, however, this is a STANDOFF map really with team spawn points (2 teams). Comes in different versions, last one known is 6. (by Angloid)
DmRifles_and_Rockets 2-4 bad 22 I expected far more :(
i DMRiot (direct) 3-7 yes 75 (CE7AEF8911D22B10DEE0A5B80000C10C.uxx) - nothing special...
i DMriot-arena *.zip (direct) 2-4 hmm 70 (DMriot-arena.unr:9273598311D6C44CD000ACB1DE187E09.uxx sd2.utx:529201A211D6C44BD000ACB1DE187E09.uxx salley12.utx:FAFAF29011D6C431D000ACB1DE187E09.uxx) - small well playing map, but hmm... weirdo brain...
DmRockCastle *.zip ? ? 25 :( needs lots of improvement
DmRocketArena 2-4 yes 75 The name hits the description - a smaller DmMorbias... with 2 small health
i DMRocketArena2 2-6 bad 75 (DMRocketArena2.unr:78FB836611D327FB4640C58B0000C150.uxx)
i dmrocketchaos *.zip (direct) 2-5 yea 85 (dmrocketchaos.unr:088A652211D31A80F9DB59B20B6901C9.uxx) - anything is better than dmmorbias
n DMRockNRoll 2-? no! 10 Another nice(!!) idea screwing up in bad and incomplete design... sigh... Botsupprt is given, but it is so bad I must say "no" to it.
i dmrolus / GITAPACK.ZIP 3-7 yes 90 FAST_FRAG / GITAPACK "R o l u s" - Sidney Rauchberger strikes again...
i dmrolus 3-7 yes 90 FRAGFACILITY same as above...
in Dmrooftop2 ??? (791D384111D645BA50005680173D60BA.uxx) - strange error (None.Mylevel missing?!?)
dmRoondaleekDubRX 3-7 yes 78 Original Unreal Tournament map by Sidney "Clawfist" Rauchberger. A good Morbias-Replacement. Strangely fun... maybe was just in the moooooooood :)
n DMRoondaleekGirl *.zip 2-6 ? 0 Map already exists without the stupid music. File deleted!
n DMRoulette 2-5 yes 50 Some rediculous mystic shit, no thanks!
iy DmRoute66 2-6 yes 95 FAST_FRAG More DMMorbias Replacement - but how do you get the sniper rifle?
i DmRoute66v2 *.zip 2-6 yes 97 Retextured to modern look, added a trap on the belt place. Usually I hate re-engineerings of maps like this but it looks freaking great really... typical for Krull yet this one is different than his usual "style" :)
DMRuin *.zip 3-7 no 72 Ruin for Unreal - by RuDe
iy DMRusted DMRUSTED.ZIP 2-6 yes 85
i DmRyan 2-7 no! 48 FAST_FRAG Abandoned village type - ruins... you can BLAST the bridge with TNT
dmsaberarena2-beta *.zip 3-6 no! 75 by Buster - nice map indeed, should be hellish fights - strong downside is missing bot support, because bots COULD rock that place
in DmSacred 3-8 yes 89 "A Sacred Place" - NCNAPALI clan map. Nothing fancy technically, but nice looking. Bots get stuck from time to time...
iy DmSacredV2 3-8 yes 90 "A Sacred Place" - NCNAPALI clan map. Meant as a bugfix replacement to above one. Please delete old version.
iy DMSanctum 4-8 yes 85 Nice map...
DmSatansplayground 2-5 yea 50 Hmm ammo missing, but thanks there's a 02 version of this map which is much better :)
iy DMSatansPlayground02 2-5 yes 80 (Map: 2A9BAA2B47C971321B1797B269ABAC53.uxx)
n DMSerp_Stadt n/a ? 0 File deleted, either deliver all files or none...
DmSewer DMSEWER.ZIP 2-5 no 84 Very interesting design, unique.
n DmShadowDome 2-5 ? 15 Ships with "male3adapt" skin (int+utx). Requires "level summary class" nonsense (so not working with standard 225f). How can you get into those other parts of the map??? Bah *** FILE DEleTED ***
iy DMShanesNaliCastle DMSNC.ZIP 6-10 yes 93 v0.9 prerelease.... hmm, so there is an update somewhere?? Descr: A map everyone has seen but never played. It's a rebuild of the unreal intro as DM map. || Not a fancy, but very good map, especially for team play.
in dmShoppingMall 4-8 no? 30 This J guy has a lot of good ideas... but can't work them out :(
in DmSinCity *.zip 5-10 no! 0 A completely boring map, what a waste of space... (DmSinCity.unr:ACEF548011D2E07F4000A88356192605.uxx City.utx:4CA6238E11D38AAAC00080B50A1E604F.uxx A9.u:FF9798A011D2DFB74000A88356192605.uxx)
i DmSinfonia 2-6 yes 82 "Sinfonia" - a map worth playing... definitely
DMSinfonia2 *.zip 2-6 yes 85 "Part II" - by }TCP{Angloid - kept the spirit of Sinfonia, a worthy 2nd map!
i DMSister (direct) (DMSister.unr:) - didn't get file
i DmSkaarjArenaV3 AmSkaarjArenaV3 8-16 yes 80 "The Skaarj Combat Training Arena" - large open room with several levels. LARGE!
iy DmSkaarjStorage 4-9 yes 88 dm 6pack 2 v 1.1 "The Skaarj Storage Station"
i DMSkoolap 2-3 bad 90 Sidney "Clawfist" Rauchberger... :)
i DMSkoorak 2-6 yea 83 Sidney "Clawfist" Rauchberger...
i DMSkurvyDogLite (direct) 4-12 no 91 (9741A3DF4FFC0FDD96C642BEB0D0F8BF.uxx) - just more grafikal details and its a 100% map. 3 ships, a "shark" trap... wowy :)
n DmSkyCircuit ? ? 0 ianfx1.u causes crashes!
i DmSkySniping_V6 4-10 bad 87 Hehehe, jump in the sky and wax enemies. If you fall off, you get teleported back on top. So bots actually CAN play on the map, but they suck... I noticed here that the 5kb Jumpad.u is faulty with bots and the 12kb is fixed.
i DMSlagnar 2-5 no! 87 Nice small map
DmSlaughter *.zip 4-9 no! 75 "Slaughterhouse" by =BAD=Rude=> and =BAD=Kick=> nice map but there is an EVIL framerate drop when you look towards the center... (zoning problem?)
i DMSmall_Bytes (direct) ? ? ? (DMSmall_Bytes.unr:5A46772011D5151D80005D9565FB45AD.uxx Computer.utx:BBDA048A11D35BD7ACF4448B3F6FF524.uxx)
n DMSnipe 2-4 no! 0 This is "DM-Beotch" - only with some different bytes! NO IDEA WHY, BEOTCH IS ALREADY SHIT, WHY RELEASE SHIT ONCE MORE???
in DMSniperCity (direct) ? ? 0 Map designed for Infiltration / Serpentine, plays complete crap in normal DM, but it's crap at any rate :( (DMSniperCity.unr:163E1A0711D37CE580000EA373B7D5C8.uxx)
in dmsnipercommand *.zip (direct) ? no 0 (dmsnipercommand.unr:0E7CB2144DB2438621791B83AFF77016.uxx) - this map is complete sniper-nonsense.
in DMSniperDome 4-9 yes 76 Difficult to maneuver, nice style but maybe too difficult against bots...
DmSolmund32 /* 2-6 no 73 UnLeaded Conversion Map Pack 1 Cramped nice map...
n DMSpaceandBeyond 2-5 bug 35 Certainly a good idea with a cracked spaceship which can in part be visited at the outer hull too, but bot support is very buggy and weapon/ammo placement frustrating.
DMSpaceHangar 2-6 bad 45 Quark Pack Bots navigate like shit, but shoot like hell, totally unfair!
i dmspaceknoxx (dir) 2-4 bad 77 UTMapPack (Innoxx) Pitbull/Daddog dmspaceknoxx.unr:CEBE90384ABC8FC6D1E91BA923C1AF68.uxx newearth.utx:4718EFA541F79D02D761FAA827DEA147.uxx -- another UT conversion, and not the best I may add... (Inoxx map pack)
DMSpaceNeedle *.zip 5-11 no 65 =BAD=Kick=>
dmspacestadium 2-4 yes 85 A really good map for showdowns, 2 bugs: 1) you don't necessarily die when falling off the platform 2) bots almost always get stuck at the teleporter
DMSpaceWreck 2-5 bad 75
i DmSpaceXskybase 2-6 yes 90(77) The map itself would get a rating of 90, but it uses an item mod, and the map as well as the mod have too many bugs! The speedboots effect will be permanent if you die while having and using them (and actually you run so fast with them you'll just fall off all the time). Those Grenades just don't work. And when you fall out the map, someone else gets the frag for that. Poor :( So if you ever let this map be played online, please get rid of those speedboots at least.
in DMSpantobiWayBack 8+? hmm 60 Big? Yes. Guns, Ammo? Scarce!! Bots? Hmm...
n DMSpantobiWayBack219 8+? hmm 60 same as above for "mac"... hmm...
i DMSpeedMine 2-5 yes 80 A nice fast paced frag feast again. Bot support is a bit crude, as the somimes block lifts, and when one gets down to the belt in the pool, it will take a long time until the bot gets back up (if at all).
i DmSpiderock (direct) 2-4 no! 48 (F907B9C611D361991000E6A6F1099C5A.uxx) - well, nice try so to say. This map can get frustrating and disorientating very quickly, although the idea is not all that bad - try it yourself.
i DmStarBase 2-7 no! 85 NCNAPALI CLAN MAP.
iy DmStarBase2 2-7 yea 95 NCNAPALI CLAN MAP. Bots can't make use of those "dodgepads". Getting the superhealth is quite tricky, but you can dodge to it :)
iy DMStarlite (direct) 4-9 no 90 (3FCF94B445E37192AF925EA7F73EDBEA.uxx) - "StarLite Starbright" - YEEEHAAWW! A nice bigger map, very open, so the missing bot support doesn't disturb. On the ground and mid level, you will mainly find ASMDs. The first Rifle is a bit hidden accessible from the ground. Items on the outer ledge can be reached via ASMD Jump/Jumpboots or dropdown from above. Watch for belts on the various rocks. The Upper Level which is floating above contains more good weapons and stuff, but you will need a lift from below to jump up so high - oh, and if you MISS, only a crater will remain :)
n DMstarship03 ?? no 0 This level is complete shit! - WARNING, SPAWNS TWO BOTS ON ITS OWN WHO CAMP IMMEDIATELY!
DmStoic DMSTOIC.ZIP 3-7 no! 86 Very nice map, just missing bot support
iy DmStomp - 2-5 yes 89 NaPali "Stomp"
n DMStonehenge 2-4 no! 40 Very simple shoot em up...
y DmStonePedestal /* 2-5 bad 88 UnLeded Conversion Map Pack 1 difficult map! but cool!
n DMStreetFighter 2-5 yes 30
n dmSubBase202 5-15 yes 40 The good news first: The author was very intelligent in the package naming, because the map itself is "dmsubbase", but "220" is the build version and included in the name. This way, version conflicts will NEVER occur with different builds! Bad news, this is originally an infiltration (classic) level. Converted to Unreal DM, even with only non-alien weapons (except the dp), it doesn't make so much fun, I think... After all, it's big :)
i Dmsurface (direct) 2-6 no 65 (Dmsurface.unr:4ABE08C111D3393E80000EA373B7D5C8.uxx Snow.??:83F7840511D2405517BB15862BEA2A97.uxx) - "Surface Serpentine" - as you can see from the name, this seems to be originally a map designed for Serpentine, yet it is a masterpiece by technical design, because it plays well as standard Unreal map and even Infiltration... just the overall map design alone is not sooooo fancy...
y DmSunPyramid 2-7 yes 85 All you need for a good fight. You can get into some places easily, where I dont think the map makers wanted people to go, and bot navigation could have worked out SLIGHTLY more...
iy DmSunSpeak - 2-6 yes 97 NaPali Very difficult to maneuver - bots have clear advantage, optically genius
in Dmsurgery (n/a) 4-8 yes 0 "Editor.u" version mismatch on normal servers. Bah! (Map: 60D9824111D345DE50005FBACC390204.uxx Surgery.utx: D40CC8E111D345D350005FBACC390204.uxx) - looks like some corrupted INF map...
i dmsyntraxus *.zip(direct) 4-7 no! 77 (dmsyntraxus.unr:BDB6666211D5CFDC4544E99700005453.uxx Iks.umx:955BBAC111D5CFD84544E99700005453.uxx) "Syntraxus Facility" - little ammo, aim well! by PsiTrix[MoA]
DMTagar DMTAGAR.ZIP 2-6 yes 60 hmm...
i DmTarydiumMine 4-10 yes 95 NCNAPALI CLAN MAP. Again a masterpiece, the single player "Tarydium Mine" style take over and made to a nultiplier slaughterfeast :)
?? dmte2b *.zip (untested)
i DmTeam_Deck16v1 (direct) 6-14 no! 70 (0E0DB62311D5933FC000C08E66BDF3DF.uxx) - When I first saw "deck17" I already didnt like at first... meanwhile I find it ok, especially for team games, but THIS Team-DM Level... I guess I need some more time to like it...
DMTechnophlux 3-7 yes 79 Get lost, don't play bot match :P
iy DMTeetok (direct) 3-6 yes 98 "T e e t o k" - Sidney "Clawfist" Rauchberger hits again (DC754B5E11D3138C100027A6943CB061.uxx)
iy DmTeclan *.zip (direct) 4-10 yes 70 "Teclan Weapon Factory" - the DM-pendant to the Infiltration map with the same name :) (DmTeclan.unr:69A0E1E511D35C1B4F0049BC98F10849.uxx chshoot.umx:A3A650C211D35C194F0049BC98F10849.uxx) - rating 90% but the music sucks -> 70%
y DmTempofOman 4-9 yes 93 dm 6pack 2 v 1.1 "The Temple Oman"
iy DmTerminal_Intent 4-10 bad 92
iy DmTerra - 2-6 yes 89 NaPali
n dmterrorist4 ? ? 30 Nah...
n DMtest?? few no 0 DmOjiramappack All maps from this mappack are "test" maps which are highly unfinished. While displaying good ideas, none of them is really done and playable. Many have a preset high-skill tough bot too.
in DmTHC (direct) 2-4 no! 70 (DmTHC.unr:1E38C0E111D4EBB95000FEBCE944C3BA.uxx thc.utx:DC4FE80411D4E87C5000FEBCE944C3BA.uxx)
n ? no --> Just LOOK at this level, but I wouldnt like playing it...
y DMTheDome 2-4 no! 85 A strangely good map.
n DMTheElement *.zip Same as "DmElements"... someone renamed it again...
DMTheFog *.zip 6-14 no! 78 by Raspy[MOA] and Cookiemonster[MOA]
n DMTheJackal *.zip Same as "DMJackal"... someone renamed it again...
DMTheSphere 2-1000 erm 60 Based on substracted cube, but this one is much better :)
DmThreeMapsITE 8+ yes 85 Deck16+Curse+Morbias all together are much more enjoying than the 3 maps alone... Francois 'OrionCo30' Lacombe made this map at the request or Wes Weiser aka Dante's worst nightmare from the masters of anihilation (Moa) clan The In The End song by Linkin Park was added at the request of Karen Sebastian, aka Vixen, aka ^EF^Diamond
DMTitaniaV224a 4-8 bad 75 The map itself isnt so good, but the DeathMatchTitan that ships along (a little mod :) is really fun
n DmTokyo lots ? 0 A "typical" JMartin map with regards to wasteful displays of ugly textures... - FILE DELETED - from the readme: Dm Tokyo (c)2005 by J. Martin - Based on some photographs of the Ginza district in Tokyo. Contains some songs and references from the movie "Lost in Translation".
i DMTombstonesBeta2 4-12 yes 90 by "Greylight" - hmm shotgun shells? Great no movers... but you might still get some FPS probs...
n DMToooom DMTOOOOM.ZIP 3-7 bad 80 Very good looking, but that's mostly it. Bots move like shit and the weapon positions are.... questionable. Watch out for the small triggers and all the secrets.
in DMTouchdown *.zip (direct) 4-6 bad 20 As boring as FOOTBALL... (DMTouchdown.unr:756CD66211D24F0A00007E9D03C829E8.uxx)
i DmTournament 2-6 bad 90 NCNAPALI CLAN MAP. "Deadly Place" - Bots get stuck at seemingly unproblematic spots.
n DMTownSquare 2-5 yes 80 "Town Square Massacre"
i DMTOXIC 2-4 yes 85 Looks simple, but it's fun
i DmTOXIC (direct) 2-4 yes 78 "The Toxic Twins" - This map has absolutely NOTHING to do with the one above, just is named absolutely the same! BAAAAAAH!!! Thats naming shit! Files: Map:E7E6B4CF49429FF00DE632A3F4AF1A00.uxx, MUSIC_TOX.umx:686F566B48F7B5F4475B0A942E2AE8CA.uxx, tox.u:4572B83443C8C75969EBE6BCF295F327.uxx) - a very interesting map, but not the best to do battle on!
n dmtrap 2-4 yes 25 Blood Simple Map Pack "DM-Trap V2.3"
n DmTrapDoor 2-4 yes 0 UnLeaded Conversion Map Pack 1 Good map, but has 2 critical bugs: 1) death zone in a wall 2) invisible wall where should be none
i DMTraps 2-4 avg 85 "Traps" - it lives to its name, traps everywhere. The map doesn't look nice at all, but it's design is unique. Bots tend to go to the crusher room and camp at the superhealth, then get out for some time running around for nothing, then getting back to camping. Overall forget the bots!
i DMTrapZ (direct) 2-3 no 60 MINC CLAN MAP. (Map:C18B1DFF4C8FEDCC3FF802BD57D4CD33.uxx Music(StunnMoFThunder):FF34D1914CC93E2171626FB36830F66B.uxx) - fun but not big enough, and very bad with bad cons, NEW VERSION: 18435C6246EF77D108117A8E2BB4A1D1.uxx
DMTreeofLife 3-7 yes 80 Not totally fancy, especially with those breakable vases with the lights... but... nice :)
n dmtrenches 2-4 bad 5 Blood Simple Map Pack grr...
DmTron dmtron 2-? no 5 Nice for demonstration purposes... but nothing more...
iy DMTube1 (direct) 5-12 avg 89 MINC CLAN MAP. "DMTUBE" (Map: FD36A9884DD3C4239CEB03A761CD3CC4.uxx) -- (AMBIENTtwist.umx: 2D604AE1494093521C81138308B1DC0D.uxx) - techno trance music COOOOOOL. Bots cant navigate everyhwhere, also, they often fall to death. GOOD BIGGER MAP.
in DmTundra - 3-5 yes 79 Unreal little health
DMTwisted 2-6 bad 51 Nothing special... but not too bad.
in DmTwister 2-5 avg 62 NCNAPALI CLAN MAP.
i DmTwister2 2-5 bad 89 NCNAPALI CLAN MAP. This needs practice. All those rotating blades :) I wonder where the dudes get those ideas from!
n DMudn2 2-4 no 5 Blood Simple Map Pack grr
y DMudn5 3-7 avg 85 freshmeat "The Battlefield"
n dmUnderFrag-SG *.zip 4-8 no 25 by PsiTrix[MoA] - the map is okay actually, but the music totally disqualifies it. (normal rating 75%) - I wish idiots would stop copying maps only to put music in, music which doesn't even fit in Unreal at all. FILE DELETED!
i DMUndertheMoonlight 5-10 yes 91
DmUndesired 2-6 yes 88
y DMUnreality-SE 4-8 yes 89 FRAGFACILITY Be very careful about some of the water zones, because bots inside can see through water, even if it's intransparent... Cool team/multiplayer map!
dmunreal 3-7 no! 65 Hmm... Very dark in some spots, I was always expecting a trap and nothing came :) Where is the Stinger? There's plenty of Stinger ammo... and so little flak ammo... then again, loads of superhealth. There are nasty glitches on some ways which may require you to JUMP over, even if the way looks absolutely level, intentional? bugs? And no bot support, duh...
n DmUPlow *.zip 3-5 no! 10 Stupid map with likely more than just ONE serious flaw (8ball gets destroyed after revealed once)
n DmUPlowLS (NAPALI) 2-4 yes 41
iy DMUrbanarenaSE 4-8 yes 93 Oh yes... a nice one...
i dmurbanchaos (direct) 3-6 yes 80 (dmurbanchaos.unr:F3A74FA311D634BD4544E89700005453.uxx psiTexPak1.utx:5BDBC06E11D62F91E8BEE8971B303A51.uxx Peeches.umx:F3A74FA211D634BD4544E89700005453.uxx Psi_Deco1.u:5BDBC06511D62F91E8BEE8971B303A51.uxx) - by PsiTrix[MoA]
iy DmUSSEnterprise 2-6 yes 92 The name says what it is. It's maybe not the best-playable map, but the rating is surely deserved, even no-Trekkies should see that!!
n DmUUTcombat2004fv *.zip 4-10 yes 85 NCNAPALI CLAN MAP - identical to IUFCombat - clan textures replaced - honorary map build for the United Unreal Tournament and their participants
DMVartiotorni 2-4 no! 75
in dmVaun DMVAUN.ZIP 2-5 yes 47 Hmm...
iy DMVeltor 2-6 yes 95 FRAGFACILITY "V e l t o r" - Sidney Rauchberger hits again... There seem to exist several versions, although they are not different, why dont just all use the same?? (Version 1: 5B67928511D3357040003FB63CF85405.uxx (557kb, played in inet) Version 2: 705F354311D32E5D100027A6943CB061.uxx (492kb, possibly older))
in dmveltor2 *.zip (direct) 2-6 yes 90 Same as Veltor, but with mirror floor on top level - for what?
n DMveltorRemix 2-4 bad 30 Description : Clawfists blinding DMVeltor re-done in a Quake3Test style. 2-4 players -- sorry dude, the original is MUCH better :(
dmvenue *.zip (direct) 2-5 yes 85 One Of Krull's unreleased ones...
i DMVertical+ *.zip 3-6 ? 77 Nice map, but has a few bugs and could be a little better.
i dmvertical_space *.zip 2-5 no 80 UltraSonic's last Unreal One map...
iy DMVertiginous 2-5 yes 87 A flying rock... dont fall down. Not enough ammo/weapons, and people always respawn near other people, so fairplay is a MUST!
DMVI01 DMVI01.ZIP 3-7 no! 73 "Forbidden Mines" - Nice map, first time I like the really(!) new music (Cj-brain.umx) brought with map!
in DmVigil98 4-9 yes 84 Map plays too slow - high poly count in some areas
n DMVixsHideaway2 dmVixsHideaway2.unr 2-5 no! 2 Co30 Clan map :(
DMVolcanis 2-4 yes 77 Blood Simple Map Pack ... just dont fall down. NOTE: Portal does NOT support Skaarj players
y DmWarDenv1 *.zip 2-6 yes 90 by }TCP{Angloid - very nice map! That's all there is to say.
iy DMWashboard 3-7 yes 91 This level has everything needed to be good! There is a secret at the "lava- OZ - Sign" :) -- Minor Bug: you sometimes respawn in the lava and don't die from it - RealCTF capability: YES! 2vs2 3vs3 fast action, Flags are 1) sniper/superhealth 2) lift at armor/asmd
i dmwasted DMWASTED.ZIP 2-7 yes 83 (16296AC011D29D602000E981CC872D18.uxx)
DMWaterfall-II dmwaterfall-ii 2-4 no 75 That's a waterfall-redo I saw from Leecipher once...
i DMWaterworld 4-10 no 75
i DMWeapon3 *.zip 4-8 no! 78 Good map, decently balanced. Too bad no bot support. The beam in the belt room kills ya...
n DMWest 2-5 no! 10
DMWhisper 2-5 bad 89 "Whisper"
y DMWickedMansion 8-16 yes 100 "Wicked Mansion" - play it!!
in DMWindy 4-7 no! 69 The author is german and a bad English speaker - even worse than me ;) - WARNING: THERE ARE MORE BUGS THAN MENTIONED IN THE TXT FILE! First, the bot support makes Unreal crash, next, the sky looks a bit odd I think. Also, the forcefield item is a mean trap, dont reach for it! - RealCTF capability: no
i DmWinterCastle 2-8 avg 65 NCNAPALI CLAN MAP.
DmWolf DMWOLF.ZIP 4-11 yes 5 Boring
iy DMWZ1 2-6 yes 92 (26AB262211D20C854544D19900005453.uxx) "Warzone 1: Ruins" - a really good small map.
i DmX-Ways DMX-WAYS.ZIP 4-10 no 70 (479A304711D2CE92B3A19D9219784FE4.uxx) - this level could be so great, it is probably one of the BEST ideas I have ever seen, but there are by faaar too many bugs in it! Expect nasty lift behaviour...
DmXtremeTeeth *.zip 4-10 no! 80 The map which has become known in Infiltration standoff. Has team-spawnpoints. Bots can't maneuver on it despite the fact there are navigationpoints... forgot to rebuild?
i dmyummy 2-4 yes 70 "Spicicles 3"
i DMZahltag dmzahltag 6-14 yes 97 Oh-ho... same author as of dmzeitkind :) And actually it looks quite like it
i DMZahltag-BuDStyle n/a (not archieved) 6-14 yes 97 (DMZahltag-BuDStyle.unr:C7674D6511D658B1C00043BF01EC50A8.uxx) - a few minor modifications - one good (a new sniping tower), one bad (an exit to the lava trap)...
n DMZahltagStripClub 3-5 nah n/a DMZahltag - after hours strip club. 9/18/02 by J. - well a nice idea indeed, having a DMZ in a bar, if you wanna fight go outside... but not for DM server use
iy DMZeitkind 9-18 yes 98 A town... well... a BIG town... Millions of sniperedges. Get to the rooftops for ultimate sniping. But beware the airstrike... - Zeitkind... huh?, what the hell means "Zeitkind"? Well, zeitkind is a german word from the sci-fi series "Perry Rhodan". It means "child of time" in english. He is the guy, that allways smash me in my maps with his dammned eightball. ||| INSANE MAP!!!!!!!! RealCTF capability: bad, flags are 1) total corner between buildings 1,2 2) on the hightest building at the lift -- Problem is once you know the shortest way between the two points it will get boring!
y DMZeitkind_PRO 9-18 yes 99 same as above, even better, navigational problem with the bots in water not solved. Well who cares....
y DMZeitkindNPali (NAPALI) 9-18 yes 99
i DMZendium 3-8 no 75 Central part too unfair (all powerups at one place)
DMZhentilKeep 2-4 no! 40 AD&D map!! YES YES YES! Unfortunately, not big enough, and ammo could be a bit more plentiful, also, the real Zhentil Keep was probably a lot darker...
i DmZoom1 *.zip (direct) 2-5 no! 20 By ZedXXX (deceased) - "Dm-Zoom" Rifle map, grab a floating chair and pop off heads. Boring. (DmZoom1.unr:7C582FD811D4D8C8A000B4AB9F7CE3CC.uxx)
i DMZTEST.unr *.zip 3-7 no! 69
i DM{DvT}Playground][B DM{DvT}Playground][ (direct) 6-14 bad 75 (CDF5BF13440F0087317DFCBEEBAA8581.uxx) - "Deviant's Playground" - this is quite a good version compared to what I have seen before... Bot support is buggy but hell this map is stupid for bots :/
DM--=== Esper V2 ===-- DM--=== Esper V2 4-8 yes 95 "The Esper Complex" >>EsperV2<< ** REBUILD
i Dm-{DvT}Playground.unr Dm-{DvT} (direct) 5-10 bad 30 (8D8A38A111D328357CC01C970108C14F.uxx) Dunno what's that got to do with "playground"... Bots get stuck everywhere....brb, not enough ammo/weapons for really big games.
in DM-[RVV]-BATTLE-ZONE DM-[RVV] (direct) 2-4 no 0 (9EDD834211D53F6D00002CA851CE0DC5.uxx) another shit map which is strangely played on the internet - but... if you play it long enough it might just be fun... same effect with rotten cheese!? :P
DM-3DFight 4-7 avg 80 Very interesting NEW CHALLENGE (real 3D combat - shoot up and down... bots are deadly!)
Dm-8bawlz *.zip 2-5 no 79 A fun Morbias replacement :) jumps and health :D
Dm-Abandund 4-10 yes 88 Abandoned castle - very nice - with health seeds ;) grow your garden - bots fail nav in water
iy Dm-Agony-Unreal (direct) 4-10 no! 95 Unreal Tournament conversion of "The Pit Of Agony" (Map:305F091347A38FEDD4C56388047879BE.uxx ormo.utx:5031E7F84DC2FE0FCB7581912FA1D8BD.uxx)
DM-Alesis DMALESIS.ZIP 3-7 yes 87 Storage type level. I've seen better maps from that author, but his are all good in some way.
Dm-AlphaPost 2-4 yes 69 Quite an interesting small map... though bots are a bit difficult...
in DM-Amber (INF, UPAK) ? no! 20 Brad Rawson's first attempt at making maps... Of course, an infiltration map made on 226 will !NEVER! run on any server...
in DM-Ariza-2000 4-8 yes 65 A "coolified" Ariza version, bots use some new features (teleporter) but neglet some old (camping at elevator)... Teleporters suck in internet play sometimes, especially bad for high pingers!
DM-AstroBaseOne 5-10 yes 82 Careful maneuvering :-)... This level has all, traps, lifts, nice design, open and closed up areas, well balanced. For such an 'early' map, this one is rather excellent...
DM-Atrium 2-8 yes! 77 Too dark, but else excellent fast fragger - even with a nice camp spot...
Dm-Azure DMAZURE.ZIP 2-5 yes 60 Not enough weapons/ammo!! This could be such a f*cking slaughter map... There is a hidden teleporter in the upper level. Shoot the portraits... let's say, the walls!
in DM-Beotch 2-4 no! 0 Could be a UT map. BOT SUPPORT GIVEN, BUT GAME CRASHES WITH BOTS!!! Only listed here because it's played in the net. But I find this map is crap! Also "DMBeotch" (927FD88111D39DE56000E3BDB0965108.uxx)
DM-BK2 DMBK2.ZIP(DMBKv2) 8-16 yes 74 Simple and complex at once ;)
DM-Bortego 2-6 yes 85 Not so fancy, but still nice!
iy Dm-Bridge 2-6 yes 97 FRAGFACILITY DM map in a hellish castle theme. "One Bridge Too Far" (?? - maptitle misleading, because more maps are named similarly!?!?)
DM-Bucuba 2-4 yes 80 Clash Map Pack Very good 1:1 map - like all of the CLASH pack
iy DM-Burak 2-5 yes 100 Well, that author made quite a step to perfection from his beginnings with "DMBarn"...
y Dm-Canalization 2-5 yes 85
iy DM-Clusterfuck 2-5 yes 98 FAST_FRAG "The Clusterfuck" - A VERY DIFFICULT TO MANEUVER MAP - VERY FUN, VERY DEMANDING!!!
Dm-Co30BaseRXv2 4-9 bad 75 Co30 clan map.
i dm-codex (direct) 3-8 yes 90 UT conversion by UKBikenut(KWAK). dm-codex: 5A4D187B4A8DE6071177AE8912BF43A0.uxx Codex.utx: 1D468D534FE8BB6CB1BDD6B2F0E142FA.uxx
DM-Colombiance2 3-6 yes 40 Well Bike, this map doesn't do too well for normal Unreal DM :(
DM-Colombiance2-S DM-Colombiance2-S (SERPENTINE) 6-10 yes 85 So... UKBikeNut going as map designer... well not bad, though health is a bit difficult to find.
Dm-Conveyor 3-7 yes 88 UT Conversion by UnLeaded - will be in "UT map pack"
DM-Core11][- *.zip 2-4 no 68
n DM-CorridorOfChameleons ? ? ? "Corridor Of Chameleons" - Nali Temple - too complicated riddles... this is a singleplayer map, "willhaven" - but marvellous to look at
y Dm-Crono 4-9 yes 93 dm 6pack 2 v 1.1
n DM-Curse2000 2-5 bad 28 Nah, you have not ported this level properly dude...
i Dm-Cybrosis 4-6 yes 80 Fusion Map Pack
Dm-Dawn 2-5 yes 69 A nice level altogether, but it has two nasty bugs: The first one is, that bots keep misjumping into the lava when they try to get the belt and 8ball, only every 5th attempt or so is successful. The 2nd is even more disturbing, because there is a SuperHealth behind the bookcase. According to how the bots move towards it, the trigger should be the bookcase itself, but nothing happens - the bookcase wont budge! Thus, the SuperHealth is not reachable and bots will get stuck at the bookcase.
y Dm-DeathCries 3-7 yes! 100 Insanely cool map! Bots navigate excellently, find all secrets and jump up to things. It will take you some time to learn the level, but then you will like it!
in DM-Decadence 3-7 bad 25 hmm... just like my sleeping pills.... "DMDecadence"...
iy DM-Deck001 2-5 yes 100 A very cool and "ancient" remake of Dmdeck16
n dm-deckshadow2000final-3 2-? no! 0 Totally lame! Didn't even work with 225f, required some "level summary class..." whatever :( *** FILE DELETED ***
i Dm-deCybershaft *.zip (direct) 3-7 yes 87 deCyber's "Mineshaft"
DM-Distantlands *.zip 5-11 no 56 By Kick and Slash
y DM-Concatenation 2-4 yes 99! Author: Phil Cole a.k.a. -=¤willhaven¤=- hmm :) map 1 of 9 --- YAAAAAHAHAAHAHAAAAA COOOL, just a bit dark...
DM-DOD 5-13 no! 72 Disciples Of Destruction Clan Map - "DOD-Training", partly intelligent, partly crap, yet it should be challenging and a real fight!
n DM-DOD-DEATH n/a n/a n/a Disciples Of Destruction Clan Map - This seems to be some sort of "Hall Of Fame" Map, no weapons, ammo or any equipment is lying around - save for a pair of jumpboots. And lyrics on the walls and a rather family like pyramid meeting place make this map a very "home-feeling" like matter, but not a fighting place :)
dm-Dynamo 3-8 yes 97 A very complicated map, but damn good!
i dm-elli-can 4-9 bad 84 Elsinore with some extra parts....
DM-EOI 2-4 yes 26 "Edge Of Insanity" - well, a very fast fragfeast, but I am not fond of this map, much too cheap... maybe I am ignorant, because I know some guys who like it very much but sorry, I just think it's cheap!
y DM-EsperV2 4-8 yes 95 FAST_FRAG "The Esper Complex"
y DM-EsperV2 / 4-8 yes 95 FRAGFACILITY / GITAPACK identical to above, just in both map packs...
i DM-Exclusion 2-4 yes 87
DM-Facility 3-7 bad 88 freshmeat "The Facility" - be careful at the ventilator - the sky kills you!
n Dm-FearsHollow 5-16(8) yes 30 Sooo big, and almost no weapons/ammo, shame on you!
n Dm-FearsHollowSE 5-16(8) yes 30 I dont know what the difference to above is (apart from a few more bytes), but it looks just as shit as the first map...
Dm-FOE 4-8 yes 80 Nice old castle inside...
i dm-hell_lwv2 (direct) 2-6 no! 94 (Files dm-hell_lwv2.unr:B3C04E8811D5DEB15000FC895D204EBA.uxx Prowler_LW.utx:645F618E11D5DE9A5000FC895D204EBA.uxx Hell_LW.utx:645F618A11D5DE9A5000FC895D204EBA.uxx)
i DM-HiddenCastle *.zip 2-5 yes 76 A lot more could have been made out of this map I think :/
i DM-Honesty *.zip 5-12 yes 83 (AA8DD32411D65470D000F793FC87CAB7.uxx)
DM-Kilast 2!! yes 40 Clash Map Pack well 1:1 map - like all of the CLASH pack
i DM-IRA-Serpentine 8-10 ? 20 Serpentine map - maybe not too bad, but it requires 226
n DM-IslandSpace 3-7 no! 80 Floating platforms, very dark, difficult to see, so you're dead meat against bots except if you cheat... BUT BRILLIANT IDEA!!!
y Dm-IUF-LaShadow 4-9 yea 85 "Like A Shadow" - Author: Fox leader, Date: 11.01.2001 - long live the IUF. Map could use a bit more ammo and maybe a second pair of jumpboots if armor and stuff are so bad to get to
in DM-JEMedievalClub *.zip (direct) 2-6 no! 70 "The Club (Medieval Style)" - by Thedarkone. Though a good map, the large textures needed seriously make this an annoyance. 22.8 MB total size of which the map is only 782 kb!! Throw out 80% of all the textures and it's 90%!
DM-Khulon DMKHULON.ZIP 2-6 bad 38 Just like my sleeping pills... but playable :)
DM-KillingTimeV2 4-10 bad 72 I have seen that map somewhere before slightly differently... hmm... dunno still not really good. Bots get stuck at portals...
i Dm-Letting 2-5 yes 76 Fusion Map Pack Better than DmMorbias but...
i DM-LlSaru (direct) 4-9 bad 78 (0F96C0C511D399D86085D4906885293C.uxx) - touch the Nalis from the front.
in DM-LongerYard 2-6 yes 50 looks like "Q3A - the longest yard"
i DM-LongerYardSE 2-6 ? 0 :/ why make countless remakes?
n DM-lostdeck1 ? ? 5 Can't this 'bushbeater' make any good maps!? Again no 225f support, for the fucking useless "level summary class blah" missing. The original filename had spaces in it, but that's crap, I guess any server admin running it would have renamed it anyway, so... *** FILE DELETED ***
iy Dm-Loxi 2-6 yes 91 Fusion Map Pack
DM-Luxone 2-4 yes 80 Clash Map Pack Very good 1:1 map - like all of the CLASH pack
n dm-lz ? ? ? I didn't test this map after reading "bushbeater" in the readme. This guy is making shit maps only anyway... *** FILE DELETED ***
y dm-max5 2-6 avg 87 Doom-II style map :)
y DM-Mercury 2-6 yes 90 FAST_FRAG
iy Dm-Mojo 3-6 yes 75 Fusion Map Pack
i DM-MUU_3 2-4 yes 50 Designed for 1:1 mainly. Nothing fancy... But bot support is quite clean, because they can get out of the fucking water again :)
DM-ORACLE ? ? 0 "Xtortion" package missing... pff, file deleted.
i DM-Phantasmagory dmphantasmagory 6-16 yes 93 Bizarr, awe inspiring... shocking....
iy Dm-Poseidon 2-6 yes 94 "Poseidon Unleashed"
iy DmRaskasar *.zip 4-8 yes 97 by Krull, again a masterpiece that doesn't just LOOK brilliant but also plays like it. Downsides are low FPS rates at some places but that's what you get for kick-ass graphics. Textures from Wheel Of Time.
y dm-recoil DMRECOIL.ZIP 2-7 yes 89 -= RECOIL =-
i DM-reliquary / GITAPACK.ZIP 3-8 yes 85 FAST_FRAG / GITAPACK
Dm-Sapien 2-5 yes 75 XGN Unreal Map Pack difficult map... but works on low end machines
i Dm-Sequoia 3-6 yes 92 A NERF map conversion from UnLeaded for }TCP{ and {KDS} exclusively. Botpaths are well done, only a few hitches (and you know what buggers bots can be). They even swim rather well here :)
i DM-Seraphim+.unr *.zip 2-6 no!! 75 UT2k4 conversion by DIK - a good conversion, and the map has already made its way to be a clanmatch map, but it's a typically ut2k4 map which doesn't have the real "Unreal" feeling... Also, missing bot support hurts badly!
DM-SerialK { Na-Pali} (NAPALI) 3-9 yes 75 "Serial Killing" - The filename is extremely BADLY chosen, but the map itself is ok.
i DM-Shalra DMSHALRA.ZIP 2-6 yes 89
n DM-SHAYNE-9 2-6 bad 16 "level summary" class bullshit required (so not under 225f). There are some nice and more stupid things in it. Overall it sucks, as all maps seen from that author up to now... *** FILE DELETED ***
i Dm-Shrapnel 4-6 yes 85 Fusion Map Pack
Dm-Siberia 2-8 yes 94 FRAGFACILITY / freshmeat
DM-SkyFort 2-5 yes 82
i DM-SnowLevel *.zip(direct) 5-10 no 70 A big map, a bit weird at some places, also there are some monsters in 2 buildings... (DM-SnowLevel.unr:480BD546463DB305E7B92DBD80EBD7CC.uxx)
iy DM-StrictlyDiesel 4-12 yes 95 FRAGFACILITY Excellent laarge ap...
n dm-subtractedcube 2??? yes 0 "My best map... blah blah..." - oh my god is that shit!!!! *** FILE DELETED ***
DM-Sunder 2-8 yes 85 FRAGFACILITY Nice design, but very dark in generel which makes it nice against humans, but very difficult against bots...
DM-Surcon 2!! yes 80 Clash Map Pack Very good 1:1 map - like all of the CLASH pack
iy DM-Technika *.zip 2-8 yes 94 Excellent map!
iy DM-TittyTwister 6-16 yes 97 WOW!! A biiig map... and even good... that's really rare!!
DM-Travincal DM-Travincal_v?.zip 6-14 yes 82 Taz enlarged Sinfonia quite a bit
DM-Tupiza 2-4 yes 85 Clash Map Pack Very good 1:1 map - like all of the CLASH pack
i DM-Turbine-Unreal (direct) 2-6 no 67 Another UT conversion (DM-Turbine-Unreal.unr:11A5D465437692BD949BB6A74F6405F5.uxx Turbine.utx:60B914E946FB6C7E546DA796156937CD.uxx) - UT original is more fun!
iy Dm-Twilight 7-12 yes 80 Fusion Map Pack RealCTF capability: YES! Though big map can be played VERY fast, better organise good defense. Flags are 1) On the lift in one corner (blocks lift at first, but lift works!) 2) sniper upper corner.
Dm-TwistedDream ? 2-3 no 70 Escher greets...
iy Dm-VanillaSex *.zip 2-6 yes 87 Very tough against bots!
y DM-VTower DMVTOWER.ZIP 4-8 yes 92 "Tower Of Sadness"
i DM-WastedCity 3-8 bad 89 Looks a bit like one of the single player maps... :) - Translators don't seem to respawn...
DM-Wifer 2-6 yes 95 "The Wifer"
i DM-Xenode DMXENODE.ZIP 2-8 yes 85 (0CE258A211D31BB45A9B449E16B968E8.uxx)
DM-XeroTolerance UnLeadedConversionMapPack1 /* 2-5 yes 86 UnLeaded Conversion Map Pack 1 Dark... but nice...
i dm-XPMB.unr *.zip (dm-XPMB.unr:129ECD364CFDB830D27E4FB2F291C202.uxx)
in DM-XqTown-City-1 (standard+Serpentine) 10 no 10 map identical, maybe newer version, to DMDarkCity :(
n DM-XqTown-Jumps ? ? 0 Pff...
n DM-XqTown-ruins n/a no 15 This is only a test-level, not designed for play. But yet this might just be better than this author's really released maps :(
DM-XqTown-Training-N-Day 4-8 bad 58 Worth a try, likely better in Serpentine, though. And not enough ammo...
DM-XqTown-Training-N-Night 4-8 bad 58 ... well, the above map in night...
n DM-XqTown-TrapHouse ? bad 5 Not good for standard, not good for serpentine, not good for anything - SUCKS!!!!!
in Dm-Zen DMZEN.ZIP 2-5 no! 48 One bot autospawned...
DM!Arcane 4-9 yes 90 FISSION MAP PACK "Arcane"
Dm!Base1.unr 4-7 yes 68 FISSION MAP PACK "Premature Expiration"
Dm!Burne.unr 2-5 yes 85 FISSION MAP PACK "Burne"
y Dm!Fission.unr 6-12 yes 89 FISSION MAP PACK "Fission" - 3 parted/4 parted cool large map - too many dead-end camping spots for bots. RealCTF capable: YES!!!! Very good challange, large teams - just add ammo!! Flags are 1) at the alien sub base 2) at the lava outpost - you better learn your way!! and help each other!! This one is a toughy!!!!
Dm!Menkara.unr 6-12 yes 42 FISSION MAP PACK "Menkara's Curse" - hmm
Dm!MII.unr 4-8 yes 68 FISSION MAP PACK "Return Of The Mekong" - more vertical vengeance
Dm!Museum.unr 4-6 yes 25 FISSION MAP PACK "The Museum" - not enough ammo/weapons for "6-10"!!! Map is rather boring
Dm!RazorHole.unr 2-7 yes 90 FISSION MAP PACK "The Blade Hole"
Dm!Theta.unr 2-4 yes 90 FISSION MAP PACK "0THETA0" - DMMorbias "deluxe"
Dm!Underground.unr 6-13 yes 92 FISSION MAP PACK "Underground"
EdenBay 4-10 yea 60 Brilliant looking, very large, size would support more players, but not with so little weapons. Originally a single player map converted to DM... The bad rating is a result of the missing ammo...
nn Hall1a ? no 30 Unreal Special Edition Bonus Mappack Showcase map for reverb effects - not really good for playing IMO... weirdo teleporters...i INF_Action (direct) 4 yea 25 (D21F7B4211D454371000AF9E9626434B.uxx) - a classic map, but it's just slaughter, no tactics, just shoot and dodge, and small map so defenders are (normally) in disadvantage with default time.
iy INF_ArcticLB4 6-12 bad 90 Great map, but only standoff.
n Inf_btlfld ?? bad 30 Standoff Only... sigh... this map should be at least 10 times as big and then the NBspecial things be spread much better :((( Too open anyway and BOTPLAY sucks like shit.
i INF_Ceetak 4-10 yea 55 Classic map...
i INF_CeetakDawn 4-8 yea 55 "INF Ceetak - The Hunt" - can't see any big difference to Ceetak !?
INF_CreepyLB (LOL) 6-12 yes 68 Standoff only. Nothing fancy, very dark... INF_CreepyLB, (The Haunted Cemetary) - Halloween map :)
i inf_dust2 (direct) 4-12 no! 70 A counter strike map conversion... (map: 984106A111D60E712000A599045BE078.uxx - King_Dust.utx: A64CBACC11D606132000A599045BE078.uxx)
i INF_DMDowntown ** missing **
y INF_DMHillBase 6-14 bad 70 Very good big "classic" map.
INF_DMSubBase 6-14 bad 40 Classic map, big too. Would be better if you found your way back, once you got the CD...
y INF_DStrike 4-10 ? 95 Very nice looking classic map, fast pace, that should be fun :))
iy InF_Ghetto 6-12 ? 90 Standoff map. A very kewl map, looks as ugly as life itself.
i Inf-GhettoTwo 6-8 yes 90 Standoff map. Doesn't look any different than the first one to me...
i INF_Gravitykills *.zip(direct) 4-10 hmm 80 (INF_Gravitykills.unr:839A578211D4C0B94544EE8800005453.uxx)
INF_Facility 4-10 yes 80 50calMAPpack1 Standoff only
INF_FCB 4-8 bad 78 Standoff only. Freeport City Bank (Sin Level 1 - but not so detailed :)
INF_Frozt 4-8 ? 75 "Frozen Arena", nice classic map, should be faast frag feast, too.
i inf_hallowseve *.zip (direct) 2-6 ? 68 "haLloWeen" - full of traps, standoff/dm (inf_hallowseve.unr:73129CE711D4AC394544EE8800005453.uxx halween2.umx:73129CE211D4AC394544EE8800005453.uxx)
y INF_Hootshak 2-6 yes! 95 Small fast classic map, nice too - perfect for small games.
INF_HouseAssault_Day 2-6 yes 34
INF_HouseAssault_Night 2-6 yes 34
iy INF_Infiltrate 4-12 bad 88 A real good standoff map. Storm the house / defend it :)
i INF_InsideMyMind *.zip (direct) 4-8 no 70 DM / Standoff (INF_InsideMyMind.unr:C1122EEB11D5F8894544EA8100005453.uxx)
i INF_LLArena1 (direct) 6-10 ? 50 "ILCR Arena 1" - Standoff Only (map: D1ECD1E111D5B68D4544E98100005453.uxx - LLAreana1.utx: A31F34C211D5B6834544E98100005453.uxx)
i Inf_MartialLaw 6-14 bad 65 Standoff Only.
i inf_marveltg (direct) 2-6 bad 40 inf_marveltg.unr: 3219066711D5B3644544E98100005453.uxx MarvelTrainingG.utx: 3219066511D5B3644544E98100005453.uxx - Standoff only
n INF_Newhouse2 4-10 avg 0 Hmm... strange map. Questionable weapon placement in some parts, has the INF Classic CD, but I didn't find the place where the attackers could put the CD to. In Standoff Mode, only basic weapon available. Sorry this map is just a lard bug :(
n INF_Newhouse2Fixed 4-10 avg 25 Pff... now ok in Standoff. But no more Classic support at all. I still think the map is a bug, if anything was fixed then it hasn't been fixed properly.
y INF_NightOp 6-14 ? 95 "Night Operation" - Classic and good StandOff. For a big map: Very good.
n INF_Odium 0 0 0 50calMAPpack1 Package "exitsign" missing... worst possible mistake a map maker can make!
n INF_PoolHouse 4-8 bad 40 Standoff only... hmm :( Bot support really stinks...
i INF_Prison3_V_C *.zip 4-10 yes 78 "Prison 3" (INF_Prison3_V_C.unr:D0E0045B48CB615D24C877A704D24E08.uxx)
n INF_Shade 5-14 bad 70 50calMAPpack1 Standoff only - people seem to spawn in same location always
INF_ShoothouseB *.zip 5-12 no 70 Standoff only...
n INF_Shrapnel 50calMAPpack1 2-6 bad 65 50calMAPpack1 Standoff only
y INF_SkyArena 6-12 ? 87
i INF_StorageLBFinal 6-10 yes 65 Standoff map... boring...
iy INF_Teclan 6-10 / 90 "Teclan Weapon Factory" - Classic AND Standoff map! And a good one I may say, even so the broken windows are a little bit of a bug...
iy INF_teeth2 4-8 ? 85 Standoff only map. Hehe most weapons down, good shooting positions up... LOL
i INF_TheSlums 2-5 ? 75 Also "DmTheSlums"?! - a very nice small map, Standoff only, spoiled only by bad player starts :(
i INF_TrainingGround2 6-12 yes 25 Standoff Only - boring map
y INF_Unforgiven 6-14 ? 92 "The Unforgiven" - a very well designed classic map, just didn't find my way :-)
i INF_Upper_Class *.zip 3-6 yes 88 (INF_Upper_Class.unr:C346C92611D491594544EE8800005453.uxx Weevstache.utx:C579C44511D48BFF4544EE8800005453.uxx WeevPiopm.utx:8B104E4611D48CC34544EE8800005453.uxx weevilthesooper.utx:C346C92111D491594544EE8800005453.uxx coke.utx:FC310C8311D4356CCDDFED8815B59C94.uxx Wewaheehao.utx:93CA1D4311D48D9F4544EE8800005453.uxx)
i INF_Urbansky (direct) 4-10 ? 88 7ECF1DE311D3563340006D8C941B5605.uxx - Classic map!
i Inf_Warfare ? 40 Standoff only
INF_WaterTemple 6-10 ? 79 "Water Temple Infiltration Version" - classic - hmm... 2 controllable missile launchers as defense...
nn Raver2Revrb ? no n/a Unreal Special Edition Bonus Mappack Showcase map for reverb effects - not for playing
y Real_AQ REAL_AQ.ZIP 4-10 no 90 Beam: mostly unneeded. A bit more ammo could be lying around. This map requires some learning!! Remember where the starting teleporters go in order to get back to action quickly. There are autocannons in the bases that can be destroyed!!! Do not shoot you own autocannons, or you will be punished. If you manage to get directly BELOW the storage room autocannon, you are safe from it (dead point). But be warned, those autocannons will rip you to pieces in NO time even with full health and armor!
Real_Base10 4-10 *1* 10 Beam: needed :( "Base 10" - a rather cramped place - you quickly run in circles not knowing where you are...
real_battlefort 6-12 no 60 Beam: UNNEEDED! except for some walkways. Looks like a cheap replication of one DM map I once saw with its layout just duplicated for the second base... PLEASE TURN THE TRACTOR BEAMS OFF IF YOU PLAY THIS!!!
n Real_BK2 6-12 bad 35 Beam: UNNEEDED! The good news, the two bases are not identical, indeed it's "one big" with one flag on top and one below. But the design alone is quite boring, well it looks like that one crappy DM map...
y Real_Castles_v100 12-24 no 85 Beam: UNNEEDED! MWUHAHAHA - finally a map that deserves the 'real' title. To play this map really well, you need a LOT of players even 6 per team would be a bit small. There are two tower outposts which 2 snipers of each team should take. If you want fairplay (no camping) you should change roles over time, but playing this map effectively totally without camping will likely not work! See it yourself!!
n Real_Caverns 6-16 *1* 15 Beam: UNNEEDED except for 2 sniping positions. "Lost Caverns" / "The Forgettable World" - another map you need to learn the hard way... Also, there is a zoning bug somewhere which will render properly placed people invulnerable even to projectiles!
y Real_Clop 6-10 *1* 89 Beam: needed :( This is "Facing Worlds" from UT just made a bit differnt for Unreal :) Beamer is needed for some good items on this map!
iy Real_Command (direct) 4-10 *1* 90 Beam: Unneeded except to counter a bug (read on). Map:4FF4B4E411D596685B9585B73D5D8BD1.uxx - UT map "The Last Command". Bug: At the blue base, there is a second exit just right behind it. Then you can drop down over the flak, unfortunately, there is a bug: the ceiling adornment is hanging too low and you cannot enter the shaft downwards except if you "beam" yourself in it, because the beam allows you to "swim" in the air, making you smaller... The AMP can only get accessed via rocket jump or beam, but we don't that anyway :)
y Real_Crazy8 4-10 ok 93 Beam: UNNEEDED! Small excellent CTF map, with portals and sniper places... Even bots don't do absolutely bad here...
Real_CTF 4-8 no! 38 Beam: needed :( - This map is based on the beam, you cannot get mose wepons without it :(((( However, the design is straight foreward and you will likely go to enjoy a fast carnage
Real_CTF-Face 4-10 no 75 Beam: UNNEEDED! Another recreation of UT's "Facing Worlds". but this one has unbalanced weaponry... Disable the Tractor beam for this map!
Real_DarkCarnival real_darkcarnival 6-12 nah 69 Beam: needed :( With the tractor, maneuver your guys to all the camp spots to control everything... bang its boring then... I don't know, there is just not much behind this map :(
y Real_DarkKeep 4-8 *1* 93 Beam: unneeded - for the 2 sniping posts, enter the 2 "exiting" teleporters from behind. "Dark Keep... A Tribute to Gloom Castle (Quake 1)" - a very fun and very fast map, especially if you know all the teleporters
real_deathfanb 4-10 *1* 67 Beam: needed :( This is a simple, but straight foreward CTF map, nothing fancy, but has some nice spots.
y Real_Esprit 6-14 *1* 95 Beam: UNNEEDED! "Esprit de Corps" - niiiiiiiice
i Real_EternalCave (direct) 4-8 nah 80 Beam: UNNEEDED! Map:96112A2111D59948B4F785B73DACC1FD.uxx - UT "Eternal Caves".
i Real_Face-NE (direct) 4-10 bad 86 Beam: UNNEEDED! Map:CBBFF52511D59A6F2BFC85B73D49DE7F.uxx - UT "Facing Worlds" totally dark.
iy Real_Face-SE (direct) 4-10 bad 86 Beam: UNNEEDED! Map:7F89982911D597BB1FD685B73D475097.uxx - UT "Facing Worlds special edition"
Real_Fortress 6-14 *1* 75 Beam: UNNEEDED! Creating REAL GOOD big CTF maps seems to be difficult...
y Real_Gateways 4-10 *1* 90 Beam: UNNEEDED! One of my favourite. It would have gotten a 100% rating if there were more entrances to the bases, since now the defenders can just camp. VERY GOOD THING: The map works perfectly without the beam.
iy Real_Gauntlet (direct) 4-10 *1* 92 Beam: UNNEEDED! Map: 7F89982411D597BB1FD685B73D475097.uxx - UT "The Iron Gauntlet"
iy Real_Holdout 8-20 ok 90 Beam: UNNEEDED! Remake of Classic 2Fort4 - a very good and big map!
Real_Keetor 4-12 bad 85 Beam: needed :( "K e e t o r " - by Sidney "Clawfist" Rauchberger - you _can_ play this map without beam, but then you miss many good items and weapons :(
y Real_Kool 2-8 *1* 77 Beam: UNNEEDED! This map does not look very nice, but is fast and straight foreward. Also, there is more ammo compared to usual ctf maps...
iy Real_LavaGiant (direct) 6-12 *1* 90 Beam: UNNEEDED! Map: 4AABBC8A11D59FBA2EC085B73D1C7F05.uxx - UT map. Navigation is a bit difficult without the beam, but in UT that's just the same :)
y Real_MayanTemple 6-14 *1* 98 Beam: UNNEEDED!
Real_McSwartzly 4-8 *1* 70 Beam: UNNEEDED! "McSwartzly Base - a recreation of McKinley Base"
y Real_Milk 4-8 *1* 92 Beam: UNNEEDED! "Pour the Milk - a recreation of Spill the Blood" - a very cool map!
Real_Morbias 6-10 *1* 75 Beam: needed :( Well, Morbias with a bit more stuf around.. Beamer needed to access higher levels.
y Real_NaliWonder 4-8 *1* 80 Beam: UNNEEDED, except for 2 good items in the middle top arean, but a skilled rocketjumper will also get them... "Nali Wonderland" - woohaa, faaast fun! Play highly recommended with 3 on 3 or 4 on 4
y Real_NiTrek 6-10 bad 82 Beam: UNNEEDED! "Nitrek Sewage Center" - The sewage is non-toxic, go for a swim :)
Real_NoMansLand2 6-12 *1* 79 Beam: UNNEEDED (use ASMD jump to get minigun then) - Storm the normandie -- in small...
n Real_NotSoForgotten 4-10 *1* 1 "Not So Forgotten Mines" - the basic idea is fine! But there are lots of doors that never open and a lot of things you cannot get. Also, it's "camper city" so to speak. Who camps at the most important points can really block gameflow - although, without all the stuff which you cant get you'll run out of ammo quickly... No, this map sucks!
iy Real_Orbital (direct) 8-18 *1* 99 Beam: UNNEEDED! Map: 1C5B434411D59A4D47CB85B73D7DCFC9.uxx - UT "Orbital Station 12" map.
Real_Pyramids 6-10 no! 20 Beam: needed :( - This map is based on the beam, you can even attach it to the sky :(((((( -- very open, best snipers win!
y Real_Resist 4-10 ok 85 Beam: UNNEEDED!
Real_RockHall03 2-6 ok 35 Beam: UNNEEDED! - "Unreal Gladiator Arena" - a very simple and small arena, but if you ever want to play CTF 1:1, then this is your map to do it!
iy Real_Rooke 8-14 ok 95 Beam: UNNEEDED!
Real_Sethe 8-16 no 60 Beam: needed :( a rather large map, with lots of nice camp spots, beware of the traps - too bad only you need the beam... and it seems to have some bugs
Real_shadaanou 6-10 no 25 Beam: needed :( -- an open space map, seems that it's been in the "test" stage only, it was packet with an old arj version, so I had to restore the full names.
Real_Shrines 4-10 *1* 90 Beam: needed for the sniper, else fine without! "Symbolic Shrines"
y Real_Sketch 6-12 *1* 99 Beam: UNNEEDED! "The Sketch Pad"
Real_Sstation1 6-12 *1* 91 Beam: UNNEEDED!
n Real_Standoff 4-8 *1* 2 WTF is wrong with those mapmakers!? They create doors that never open and program whole parts of maps which are never used!!! Whatsup??? Pissers!!
i Real_Stronghold 6-16 *1* 42 Beam: needed :( "Stronghold Opposition Revisited" - the map is nice, but weapon and item placement is highly questionable!
Real_Telurium 4-10 *1* 70 Beam: UNNEEDED! "Telurium" - a bit cramped, but a straightforward CTF map...
y Real_tn10 REALTN10.ZIP 8-14 no! 85 Beam: UNNEEDED! Very nice map!
y Real_TwotFlap 6-10 no! 100 Beam: UNNEEDED! The PERCECT small/mid CTF map. All spots can be reached without the beam (ASMD Jump/Flak Jump once maybe...)
Real_UnderDwellers 6-12 *1* 80 Beam: UNNEEDED! "After 10000 years of darkness..." - part of the map is not accessible :(
y Real_Violence_v200 6-16 no! 90 Beam: UNNEEDED! This level is simple and straightforeward CTF! However, you get all stuff right on start and teams MUST cooperate to CTF - solo players will have no chance here.
mahem ? no 20 This seems to be some very SPECIAL map. "FakeAssault" would seem to be a mod, just like "Assault" in UT, and this is a very small Assault-Map. But I am not quite sure about the intentions... THIS WILL BE HANDLED AS "TEAM" only map
in The_BCR_Lobby1 (direct) Lobby...... and skin/model selection map 226 / GOLD only - Infiltration 226 BCR Lobby level. Files: The_BCR_Lobby1.unr:210D468440B2019603A1E38167F01A9B.uxx visitorcenter.utx:FAFA9A8A11D317C5454490BA00005453.uxx Lobby.utx:C6EDBFC94A92C6DAEEC4F59D5517ACFA.uxx LobbySign.utx:5E2FCE064C805BB5F720E4BC100A2897.uxx LobbySign1.utx:4585D1714FF617FAD69658B2EA61E26E.uxx jtex.utx:F6294AE211D270F7F2AAAF8427166447.uxx Male1BCR.utx:F795FAA511D4152D9000A0A465188127.uxx + remaining BCR skins... entrance before actual DM server to select model/skin, then teleport into game.

Single Player (Coop) map packs (MAP NAME IS THE NAME OF THE STARTING MAP):
n Apoc\Apoc.unr APOC.ZIP 1-2 50 "Crescent Moon Squad II: Apocalypse Threat" - short story, good music. Not very fancy grafix. Good for beginning some "alternate storys"...
n Attacked_intro.unr 1-3 90 "A T T A C K E D" - requires Return To Napali / Gold :( - very good sp maps, though, too bad only 225f doesnt do the trick :(
n CMS\Crescent.unr CMSV12.ZIP 1 55 "Crescent Moon Squad: Shadows of Na Pali" - very short story, but nice for beginners, like above, no fancy grafiks, though some very interesting "alternate monsters"!
n Oneday\DAWN.UNR ONEDAY.ZIP 1 82 "One Day In The Life Of..." (A Cow) - some kinda joke I suppose? Well not really a true Unreal story, even though the first part might be. Very nice graphics and a good bunch of jokes, but no serious Unreal episode.
pml1.unr + 1-2 85 "2113: Peril on Mars: An Unreal Map Pack" - a bit short, but very nice!!!!!!!
n THEELDER\theElder THEELDER.ZIP 1 77 "The Nali Elder" - very nice, but very short story. Interesting: you only get guns at the beginning, and no ammo/guns during game (except some Skaarj drop Stingers...)
in ZM1Lost.unr Episode_1\* 1-3 40 "Z1 - Zora's episode 1" - some good thoughts in it, actually some BRILLIANT, but too much "search yourself to death" - buggy??
in ZM2Entry.unr Episode_2\* 1-3 30 "Z2 - Zora's episode 2" - same problem... genious but unplayable - end sequence starts episode 1 - buggy??
in ZM3Mobile.unr Episode_3\* "Z3 - Zora's episode 3"

I,i marked maps have been reported to be played in the internet and are
therefore highly recommended to posses... even if not all of those maps are
so good...

N,n marked maps are not good enough to be recommended to play (you can't
just make that out of the qualitiy percentage).
Y,y marked maps are especially recommended for internet play.

Map Name = Full QUALIFIED file name (without ".unr")

ZIP = The ZIP file in which the map can be found - usually named after the map
but some people seem to find it funny not to keep to common sense :(
Sometimes also a
(direct) behind the zip name indicates a direct download from a game
server, not from an archive. You will find the uxx code for the file(s)
in the comment section...

Size = player load (from-to) you can expect the "ideal" load near the upper

bots = bot support, "yes" means good/normal, "no" means there are no pathnodes
so bots will just camp! "bad" means there is navigation data but it is
not good enough for the bots to maneuver, e.g. they get stuck on lifts,
can't maneuver out of water, or start camping once they get in an odd
location (incomplete nav-data) - or WORSE: some maps cause crashes
once the bots start moving to a certain item...
"avg" mean "average", indicating some serious lacks in the navigation
data, allowing the bots only to get to a part of the level. AVG does
not mean "buggy" - just not fully worked out! A "!" means something
extraordinary. "yes!" means excellent botplay (bots jump out of,
windows, over ledges/edges and surprise you...) whereas "no!" would
mean you can expect botplay, but there isn't...

Quality = My personal rating for the map in percent (0-100)

Package = If the map belongs to a package, it'll be noted here (ZIP file
might also reveal it)

Comment = Well...

DK = DarkMatch
DM = DeathMatch (standard)
INF = Infiltration Map
Real = RealCTF Map
Serp = Serpentine Map
u4e = Unreal4Ever map
*1* = Bots in RealCTF suck! The AI is very primitive and not helpful except in Creeper and Normal TeamDeathmatch
NAPALI = "Return To Na Pali" mission pack map (Upak)