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Normal Topic Dedicated Server Commands (Read 427 times)
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Dedicated Server Commands
Apr 17th, 2020 at 8:37pm
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I feel dumb, I am googling and I cannot find a single list of dedicated server commands anywhere.

Im trying to host a dedicated server but I cannot even change the difficult setting. Every single thing I type says Unrecognized command.

I cannot find a list of commands anywhere. How do you use the "UnrealServer Console" ?

What little help I can find online is all wrong, it says things like "just type Map (mapname)" but when I do that, unrecognized command. Everything is an unrecognized command.

I am not talking about the in game tilde ~ menu, I'm talking about the dedicated server console.
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Re: Dedicated Server Commands
Reply #1 - Apr 18th, 2020 at 4:07am
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there's a bunch here:


there's also a 227 specific "UGetConnections", and a couple others I cant seem to remember or find
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Re: Dedicated Server Commands
Reply #2 - Apr 19th, 2020 at 7:50am
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UHelp lists a basic admin interface:

Code (C++)
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if( ParseCommand(&Cmd,TEXT("UHelp")) )
		// Print functions
			Ar.Logf( TEXT("uplayers: shows for all players the name, ID, IP-Address, IdentNr and Identity "));
			Ar.Logf( TEXT("ukickid: kicks a player with a given ID "));
			Ar.Logf( TEXT("ubanid: bans a player with the number X (see in uplayers for the ID)"));
			Ar.Logf( TEXT("uunban: unbans a player with the number X (see in banlist for the ban-number)"));
			Ar.Logf( TEXT("ubanlist: shows a list with all banned players"));
			Ar.Logf( TEXT("utempbanid: kicks and bans a player until server is restarted (see in uplayers for the ID)"));
			Ar.Logf( TEXT("utempunban: unbans a tempbanned player with the number X (see in tempbanlist for the ban-number)"));
			Ar.Logf( TEXT("utempbanlist: current list of temp-banned players"));
			Ar.Logf( TEXT("utempunbanall: unbans all tempbanned players"));
			Ar.Logf( TEXT("ugetplayerip: gets players IP by ID"));
			Ar.Logf( TEXT("ugetplayerident: gets players Ident by ID"));
			Ar.Logf( TEXT("ugetplayeridentity: gets players Identity by ID"));
			Ar.Logf( TEXT("uknownnames: shows known names of players on server"));
			Ar.Logf( TEXT("UBanInsert <Name> <IP address>: Manually bad a player by IP-address or range."));
			Ar.Logf( TEXT("FakeLag <Latency>: (DEBUG) To test server with manufactured lag."));
		return 1;


Most other commands are render or audio specific and of little use for a server.

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