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Normal Topic Most memorable moments/experience of the game from first play through. (Read 26 times)
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Most memorable moments/experience of the game from first play through.
Mar 23rd, 2020 at 9:07am
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Its been 7 years since I last played this awesome game (2001-2013 it was literally my life, I consider myself retired now and don't have the time for any games). I joined this forum in 2018 for the 20th anniversary (been following in many years before though) but these days life is o busy I haven't made a contribution since last year. Now with the dreadful Covid-19 panic my office shutting down for an indefinite period I recall some of my most memorable moments from my very first play through in 2001. Ikr its a TlDr post, I don't expect people to read, just writing it while refreshing my memories in the middle of a lock down. I am not writing a walkthrough, I am just writing stuffs that I remember (like how I felt about each level on my first playthrough). This is the exact way I remember it (it will sound nooby as it was my first playthrough, in later times I beat the whole game in 1 day once, but this is the one about my very first playthrough), in fact I bought the game in April, almost 19 years ago now:

- I run the game for the first time ever, the default was the medium difficulty I chose the Hard difficulty (i would chose unreal difficulty on later playthroughs), I thought its a horror game flying by the huge castle on the main screen, I thought it will be a part of the game when I! get into the main thing, naturally it was, much later than I expected though

- The character I chose was Male 3, T-Blue, I gave him the name Warrior

- It begins and I see myself in a dark room, I get out and hear "prisoner 849" escaping

- After a lot of roaming and knowing about the crash I come to a locked door and I hear screams, once it opens I see a lizard like being run away, I chase while picking up the DP

- Nyleve's Fall: After jumping through the  the trap door, exiting the ship, I walk out and am greeted by the most beautiful virtual scene I ever witnessed up to that point in combination with an amazing music. Exploring, collecting stuffs, testing another new wep the automag, passing by a beautiful waterfall and a mountainous site, I see myself in a cave and that is when the tone change and I face my first challenge. Good think past gaming experiences taught me to save, because I kept getting blasted by the rockets a lot of times. After overcoming the creatures I learnt to be known as "lesser brutes" and other obstacles I find myself face to face with the gateway to the next level.

- Rajigar's Mine:  I preferred the open environment of the previous level to the congested one I was in. Still it felt mysterious and a good adventure. The most memorable point by far on Rajrgars was when all the lights turned out, I was locked and then the sudden red lights  and the scary music (what I thought of it as a 12 year old) and the deadliest enemy to that point that kept beheading me with its claws. It was like horror show. But finally I managed to kill my first Skaarj victims and once I collected the Stinger they became much easier. Dodging the lava was another important thing. It was a long level and I took long intervals between playing it. I had no idea when it will finally end, but one day I just got through a gate and I was in the next level _______its extension...

- Depth of Rajigar: The level was way easier than the previous, I didn't know about the underground ASDM on my first play through (found it on my second), so Automag and Stinger were my guards. (the dp was still weak, I didn't collect the first powerup on my first playthrough). I faced what seemed to be bigger than the lesser brutes, an actual Brute, damn sure was healthy and more brutish. I also encountered the original version of the skaarj I witnessed back at the first level, the skaarj warrior, they were much cooler than the ugly scouts.

- Passage: FINALLY out of Rajigar, another beautiful open scenery level. Another skaarj warrior battle, it took me  a while to actually find the secret passage, enjoyed the swim. It was at that point I decided it is the best game ever (and so it remains one of the best I ever played). Well the level didn't have much challenge of its own, it was the start of riddle time, to bath it the scarce water to get to the temple and all, anyway I passed through the gateway to the next big challenge.

- Chizara: In my first playthrough I stayed stuck in Chizara longer than any other levels. It was filled with riddles. The skaarj were tough, so were the Sliths for beginners. And as a kid I found the sliths to be scary... I finally did collect the ASDM and learnt that I had to collect some "stick with 6 fires" to get to the next. The level was amazing, mystic and the music fitted the suspense and everything. Despite the tediousness,  I didn't mind it like Rajigar, compared to Rajigar Chizara had an aura of peace and left a desire for exploration. I would come back after several days of gaps to find out the way to progress. After a long time I finally bathed in some holy water then a thunderous sound and face to face with the might sky daemon (another skaarj warrior), awesome entrance I must say. I thrived. Later I got the 8 balls rocket launcher (stick of 6 fires),  used the teleportation thing to get to the gate way to the next level that after staying blocked for so long was now finally open. I was greeted by a final skaarj before my final farewell to this mighty level. It turned victim to my first attack ever with the most powerful weapon of the game. 4 combo shots with the 8 balls he was blasted to pieces. Jumped out to the next level.

-The ceremonial chamber was far less complex than the main section of the the Chizara temple. The enemies were exact same as the last, and by this point I was strategic enough to take down skaarjs and sliths with ease. The most memorable thing here was perhaps shooting the arrow and surprisingly climbing it with ease, and then the boat ride to the exit of the place.

-Dark Arena:  Been 7 years since I last played, I actually forgot how you get out of the building you are trapped on when the level begins.... Anyway after getting out another beautiful scenery greeted me. I saw a huge castle, not the original into castle yet but it looked way better to me. I saw crucified nalis, faced a skaarj . I chose the cellers route, the one where you blast the wall and get in. I hit the trigger that opens all cellar doors and read the story of the now deceased captive humans. I would fight skaarj now and then. Finally I got inside the Colosseum arena and the sound of things getting shut and it appeared.... The mighty Titan. Numerous times of being stoned to pieces, failing and failing against the toughest creature presented to the point dodging behind the pillar and the thin walls of the prison, I found a way to defeat him. He shook the ground, I jumped on top of the pillar. I had 200 ammo Stinger ready and just kept firing, his stones could not get me there. And finally I defeated him in the greatest gaming battle I had till that point. I felt like a victorious gladiator as I walked through the way to the next level.

- Haerobed Village: It was a village. The overly sweet ringing music was rather annoying. I did collect the Flack Cannon at the church. A skaarj was my first test subject, just as destructive as the 8 balls. But the low projectile range of the secondary fire was a bit disappointing. Anyway not so eventful, before getting inside the next level I saw a body of my coming enemy the mercenary...

- Terrinux Underground: Hated this level. The disgusting slime, the robotic music was also rather annoying. The mercenaries here weren't so tough. To start the next level I had to press a switch that cleared most of the slime....

- Terriniux: The mercenaries here are ultra tough (in later levels like the next and the Darkening their iq and health are significantly diluted, Terriniux mercenaries are just special) healthy and far more intelligent. There aren't enough ammos. Hide, dodge, shoot was the way to keep going. One of the lift didn't work for the broken pipe, the other I had to press the switches to get moving. Anyway I came across a powerup (my first since I didn't collect the Rajigar's one) and the DP suddenly got useful. The ASDM was most useful in blocking mercenary rockets. I collected the GES bio rifle, I was surprised 8 has been collected before 7. I wondered did I miss something important?   The slits turned to be immune to the ges and the mercenaries were too good to dodge its slow fire (it was most useful for slow moving brutes and setting traps for swarms of pupae). Anyway eventually I was at the gateway to the next level.

- Norks Elbow: Finally out of my least favorite place in the whole game, I felt like shedding tears of joys. There were few mercenaries here but they were diluted in power compared to the ones I overcame at the Terriniux. I swam in the water to clean the goo I was filled with back there and collected stuffs before going in the next great level.

- Temple of Vandora: This level was a perfection of beauty. The music here is by far my most favorite in the game. perfect pacing and everything. While the easy skaarj scout I took down while being locked with it was nothing special, I finally came face to face with my most favorite enemy in the game, the Skaarj Berserker, merciless, healthy and never backing down from fights, my Flack Cannon had its perfect foe. It was amazing to face the Brutes and their lesser kinds again. The trooper class skaarj got introduced here. I dreaded the Infantry of them all, the stinger was far more effective and deadly in their hands than mine. Gunners and Officers (which came later level) might be healthier, but Gunner rockets are easy to block with asdm and officers are just as bad with razors as me. Gasbags introduced too. Collected another dp power up, the weapon is finally ready to kickass. Anyway the temple was a beautiful level to explore, and another badass Titan fight gave it a fitting ending. Its my second most favorite level of the whole game.

- The Trench: Well I just used automag to take down the gas bags before diving in. No point wasting ammos on two Titans. I just dodge everything they throw at me and make my way up the ISV Kran fallen space ship. What I remember first time passing was being hit by the Titan, health reduced to 32 still made it up.

-ISV Kran era:

. Deck 4: Pretty cool place. I used the anti toxic suit to jump on the acid, it felt cool to swim on it unlike the disgusting slime back at Terriniux, I also collected the missing weapon 7, a disappointment. I was introduced to yet another skaarj type the Assassin.

. Deck 3 and 2: Bigger than 4, I found the place really cool, stuffs like electric field, robotic suits, etc. Swarms of skaarjs too. Very entertaining level. A lot went here, my brain just can't recall, but this was my 3rd favorite level in the game.

. Deck 1: Unlike the previous two amazing levels this was congested and the sudden shaking of the ship was also frightening. Most memorable thing was letting the blobs loose and them engulfing me... Anyway I got through.

- Spire Village: Out to the open again, on night time Na Pali. The music however was rather horrible, and the level would be more amazing had the the 2nd music of the sunspire started here. A bunch of Titans, but they were significantly diluted  compared to the previous ones |I faced. Also had invisibility. Something about the music just made the level less enjoyable. After a long walk and taking down enemies I got to the gateway to the next big level.

- The Sunspire: The level initially begins with  the dreadful music of the previous, but then starts one of the most beautiful music in the game. I walked the narrow passage above mighty lava and blasted through trooper class to the main temple and I recall seeing some falling nali. As I got in a glass breaking noise a skaarj jumps down but i easily defeat him and make my way. Many lifts taking me many floors up, I collected weapon 10, a huge disappointment tbh (still better than 7), using the exact ammos as 2, firing like but being less effective and less powerful than 3. And I cane across the nastiest creatures in the game, the pupae. Dreadful when I get killed and see them eating me.... Anyway pretty cool ending where I get on board the flying chariot (or whatever you call it) that carry me to the next level.

- Gateway to Napali: Sky cave. Really beautiful, also the amazing water way, I just love swimming on it, space water. Oh and we are introduced to the Kralls, they made me think of chickens (resemblance+the way the jump). Easy foes to kill but their green beam can be effective when you hit. Anyway as disappointed I was with weapon 10, 9 was amazing. Arguably the best in the game. Its fires are amazing powerful + great range, no secondary fire instead its an ability to zoom, the primary is effective enough. The rifle is just the best weapon in the game, a headshot to a krall was its first task. The skaarj officers were sora tough but they are just as bad with the useless razor jack as me and I easily overwhelmed them, fought of some skaarj warrior and went to the next level.

- Na Pali Haven: Sky Town. My most favorite level in the game. I wrote about it on a previous post, will copy paste that "the most beautiful and peaceful level in the game. the music is kinda romantic, I feel in love with the game. This place is just a beauty to explore and cool fights with kralls and skaarjs. The ending is a cool twist, where you have to swim the beautiful lake to the next level, I wish i could swim in space water for real, I can't describe my love for this map with words 💖". Out of all messages on the universal translator, I will mention a specif one I came across here "I've seen strange flying beasts vanishing into the depths of the mountain at night. The roar as they fly overhead is deafening.Never before have I heard its like. I feel that a geat evil must dwell within the mountain." We will meet "the devil" sometimes later I thought. Indeed I would.... but thats for later. Getting trapped with a skaarj warrior at one point and having to kill him to get out was a cool spot, the rifle did the trick with easy headshot. Learnt lot about nali life style their farms, farm animals, bars, etc. Sad how skaarj and kralls enslaved them. Like I mentioned the water passage was a cool way to end the level.

- Outpost 3J: Two parts sky base and sky temple. Both parts are enjoyable, still this  level didn't have the aura of beauty the previous two did. I saw some mysterious jets hovering which I would see in action in a  much later level.But my favorite skaarj berserkers were back and loved testing weapon 9 on them and the exit via teleportation was a great way to end the outer space trilogy.

- Velora Pass: Back to the surface of the planet. As I collected the powerup making the dp stronger yet again, I learn that when there is something big, chances are theres something bigger. Behold the might Stone Titan. I call him the King of Na Pali. He was sleeping on his thrown till I disrupted his nap. Now he is pissed. I have come to realize no use wasting too much ammos. But fortunately the DP is ready now and it recharges ammo, it finally came in handy. A few use of weapons 5, 6 and 9 and the DP took care of the rest. Also plenty of place to dodge. I was able to beat the mighty king of the planet with less difficulty than the first two regular Titans simply because they had less places to dodge in Dark Arnea and Vandora fights. In later play through  of Velora Pass I found a way to beat the Stone Titan without wasting ammo at all. Just make him follow you to the bridge above the lava, once he stands on the bridge push the leaver and the bridge sinks with him into the lava and he burns to death. I didn't know that on my very first playthrough though, but never the less I had become skillful enough to beat him with my weps. This was by far the greatest encounter of the whole game for me. Again like a gladiator I exited this great level victorious.

- Bluff Eversmoking: At first the size of the level scared me. But by this point I was extremely skillful and also with my stock of powerful weapons the enemies became a piece of cake. It had riddles far less complex than back in Chizara. I was by now used to whatever I was thrown at. The nali ghosts were cool entries, as was the cemetary, space graves. However the devil fishes here were significantly healthier and powerful than previous level so swimming was to be done in caution and I once again encountered my favorite Brutes. Collected the final dp power up. I watched the whole map while being carried by the tray connected to the metal rod and exited the level.

- Dasa Pass: Well nothing much but crossing the bridge below which is the pit of doom (of course that comes after some intense fights with a swarm of dp wielding skaarj gunners, but i avoided them on my first play through with invisibility and saved tons of ammos). Fighting through brutes, kralls and skaarjs got to the other side of the wall, entered the fort and made my way to the gate of the next big level.

- Cellars at Dasa pass: This level had Skaarjs, swarms of Kralls, another mighty Stone Titan, tricks and riddles, Brutes and last but not the least mighty Behmoths, the evolution form of Brutes. What I remember was not having much difficulty with the Stone Titan, he was too busy of killing infinitely spawning  kralls, he seemed to hate kralls more than he hated me. I didn't even need to kill him, and I didn't either.... Skaarj Lord is introduced but Skaarj Berseker remains the most badass skaarj. Anyway the worst parts were being locked in rooms with swarms of near endless kralls. Near the end it was quite a show down with the two Behmoths. A close range fight with them is deadly, they are tough, healthy and deadly rockets. But they are less mobile than Brutes, so easy to take them down with the rifle at long range, be a sniper, dodge and fire. And I exited the level. Imagine if the Behmoths moved as  fast as lesser brutes did, they would be unstoppable! They are cool creatures never the less, these two are the only in the main game, in the expansion pack there are a lot more but since this is abot my first pla through and I didnt play return to na pali until 2005 when I got the full unreal gold (in 2001 I got the original 1998 game alone), I won't cover that.... This level was easy just because of the huge stock of weapons.

- Serpent Canyon: Easiest level in the game. A long boat ride, beautiful scenery, great music, and two easy skaarj, one inside the windmill, the other guarding the gate to the next level. This is the perfect rest level.

- Nali Castle: Finally the castle in the game's intro. Gasbags are more prominently featured than ever. A lot of kralls and just the usual skaarj and some more Brutes. I expected lots of riddles like back in Chizara, but I was rather disappointed that tasks were easy to get done here. Saving nalis is more rewarding than ever. There was the over hyped Giant Gasbag. It could spawn other gasbags and fire bigger red beams. But its a piece of cake (literally). In my first through I remember destroying it with a few shots from my Flack without losing a single health, I distinctly heard the mortal kombat 4 voice say "flawless victory". The real tough things were the skaarj but not saying much given the high stock of weapons. (Actually nothing in the game was challenging since taking down the stone titan back at Velora pass, 5 straight easy levels mainy thanks to the stock of 10 powerful weapons to chose from, the early levels were hard mainly because of the lack of weapons, like Rajigar when you had only 3 despite having weak enemies like lesser brutes and skaarj scouts it was challenging just because of weak weapon stock). A very memorable thing on this level was seein a Nali getting shot down by a jet I saw back at outpost 3sj. Biggest Mystery of the whole game:  wheather it was enterable jet/ (or was it a drone), WHO was piloting it? As I walked across the final gate in the Nali Castle I saw tied above lava the poor suffering nali. I their supposed messiah was leaving but their sufferings didn't end.

- Demonlord's Lair: By far the most difficult level in the entire game (as I felt in 2002, yes it took until the 2002 for me to beat the game on my first play through ever, I took long gaps between levels, like I said in later  play throughs I could finish the whole game in a single day). Anyway it wasn't just in my first through, for many years this was by far the toughest level in the whole game for me. The Warlord was the toughest creature ever and fighting him in the congested cave filled with lava at the risk of falling was sure very challenging. Now there was a thing called the amplifier, but I didn't have the brains to use it so far in my very first playthrough and so I didn't use it here. I just kept getting blasted by the Warlod's rocket and every time I tried the same dodge and fire strategy which was effective with Titans, I ended up falling in the lava. The Stoe Titan may ahve been the King of Napali, but the Warlord really was the lord of all deamons (all creatures I encountered so far). I mentioned a specific message on the translator back in skytown about the devil behind the mountains, it was  doubtlessly referring to the  warlord. The warlord is the best dodger, dodging my fires with those somersault, his ability to fly was the most dangerous thing about him aside from those deadly rockets he fired and his huge health. Since Velora Pass it was 5 straight easy levels, the difficulty of this one made up for all that. Anyway after countless failures I barely defeated him with multiple combo shots from DP, 8 balls, Flack and Rifle. He didn't die after all that, just teleported. A bridge opeaned up and I walked to the next level. In later playthrough this level became easier (especially with the energy amplifier), but in my first playthrought the hardest level in the whole game for me was "Demonlord's Lair".

- Demon Crater: After the hellacious past level I deserved another resting level, but instead i was stuck in another tough dark contested level with swarms of skaarj and pupae. It was the nastiest level in the game (even so than Terriniux). Still after beating the warlord it is possible to get through anything the game throws at you. The level itself was challenging, turning on the lights. The creatures are not tough, but the only problem is they use the congested environment of this level to their advantage. While progressing I come across a window, I see the giant spaceship that would be my next destination. Three final skaarj trooper guards beating them I enter  the mothership's basement.

- Motehrship Basement: Finally another resting level. This ones a piece of cake. A few easy skaarj. The only challenge is cross those shiny pink force fields or whatever that can slice you to get the super health pack and other cool stuffs before taking the force field lift to the next level.

- Mothership Lab: I love it the music, is awesome, gives the perfect atmosphere of being in an alien space craft. This level is my 4th most fav in the game. At first when I was there I remember wondering why non of the skaarjs were attacking me. They didn't detect the intruder yet and didn't see me as a threat. Anyway as I take a lift to the next floor I see prisons with force fields for walls, skaarj, mercenares, blobs, they were being subjected for "experiments". The most unique was the blue Skaarj Berskerker (later I found they are called ice skaarj but that was actually a skaarj berserker with texture of ice skaarj). He hates me on sight and tried to attack me through the force field. Anyway while I did not have to deal with him just yet.... I dealt with a might gold shielded skaarj bersekrekr. One of the coolest creature in the game. Easy to take him down from afar with the Rifle tough. I enjoyed fighting all the skaarjs in this level, it was "the perfect level". Theres a lot more about it I just can't remember at the moment, anyway I get to the intersection from which I cross to the next level.

-Mothership Core: This level was confusing. It took me sometimes to figure out what to do. Some of the skaarjs are unique, like there is this one blue skaarj trooper with the flack cannon, maybe these are "mutated skaarj". i see cool stuffs behind force fields again, they won't be opened just yet.Anyway after killing a bunch of skaarjs the gate opens, I progress. Many skaarjs scattered here and there, I did all the tasks and all (once again memories of the level are sorta blank now). There was that lift that carried me to the very top floor, the ultimate gate from which to go to the source but it can't be opened now. The last Brute of the game appears (once I realized after killing him that he was the final one, I felt kinda sad). I make my way to the generator.

- Skaarj Generator: I remember dodging and firing like crazy, the DP was more useful than ever before, and there were those portal things you teleport on, sawrm of skaarj assassins and lords taken care of and then he returns...... The Warlord. Its a better place to combat him  now that you don't have to worry about falling on the lava, huge place to dodge (the generator's pillars also come in handy) and those portal things to teleport you. For some reason i find him easier to fight here than back on demonlord's layer (maybe he was diluted like the titans were back in spirevillage). Anyway i beat him and on later playthroughs just use energy amplifier and he stands no chance. I destroy those things in the generator and it all goes dark.

- Illumination: I remember the very first time ever I was in this level. I see every thing is dark and I am just standing near derbies of the fallen generator suddenly I hear a sound and then I am engulfed by blue electric aurora. Good I saved the moment I had slayed the warlord, restarted , destroyed the generator again and as the level started I walked far away and saw the blue lighting aurora engulf the remains of the destroyed generator and wipe it ll away. I then walk through the door and start the next level.

- The Darkening: This is the mothership lab and core combined with everything gone dark. The test experiments back in the lab are out. There are green and blue shielded skaarjs everywhere. Three mercenaries are lose too. Swarms of pupae. Good thing the searchlight is available, it doesnt run out like the useless flashlight. Anyway you don't have to fight everything in the map, just make it to the big lift from the core portion and it carried me to the door to the source antechamber. But guarding it is the Blue Ice Skaarj Textured Skaarj Berserker. And he is the toughest of all skaarjs. Six mighty blasts from the flack cannon can't kill him (in later times when i learnt about the summon cheat I once summoned three skaarj lords to him, he slayed them all! (btw i never needed cheats to beat the game ever, i just used summon for experiments)). This is a compulsory fight, without killing him you can't access the door. Still the skaarj attacks no different than a regular skaarj (if he could flu and somersault like the warlord taht would be different) , and after being beheaded a few times, a 7th flack cannon shot did the trick and he was defeated, behind the gate there is another gate accessing which I get to the next level.

- The Source Antechamber: The Skaarj lord here is the final skaarj of the entire game. After killing him I went into a hole and was flown to the Source.

- The Source: Cool stuffs ammos everywhere. I collected everything I could. I saw the giant structure infested with pupae and having a circular gate I knew I must enter. It opened I entered as it closed I had genuine chills the sound of it closing. I didn't know yet that whether its the final battle or just another map in this already huge game. But I had the feeling something big was coming. I went a bit further in and entered the Queen that immediately with its multi legs hacked me to death. Luckily I had saved once the level begun and came back again this time putting a figh but this time she telported into me destroying me. There were also menacing pupae everywhere. Soon I learnt a trick. I used the super jump boot to jump on the huge pillar and she didnt teleport inside me anymore and I just kept firing wherever she appeared dodging the beams she shot at me and ultimately she was dead (I would rank her third after Warlord and Stone Titan, those two were tougher, the worst thing about Queen was her ability to teleport inside you, still thats saying a lot, she was insanely tough). Anyway she was dead and the gateway to the escape pod opened and I marched in.

- Ending Sequence: I see the escape pod launched multiple gates and portals opening letting it out of the source, out of the planet's atmosphere and into space. The music of victory. A message says it has depleted out of fuel and is drifting aimlessly in space. But I felt triumph, I beat Unreal, it was indeed an unreal feeling.

Thats how my first play through went. I loved the game, one of the best game I ever played indeed, my most favorite game ever. My most favorite part even was the encounter with the Stone Titan at Velora pass. (In my third play through I used the bridge trick). Unreal was one of the best game ever made and one of my most enjoyable game ever (I enjoyed it more than UT which is just about fighting and winning). Today I am retired, but I wish everyone who plays Unreal all the best and hope Unreal still has new players joining in. Stay safe from the Covid pandemic. Bye now !!!
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Re: Most memorable moments/experience of the game from first play through.
Reply #1 - Mar 25th, 2020 at 9:52pm
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As a miscellaneous I will rank my best friends in the game (aka the weapons) according to how well they served me:

1. Eight Balls Rocket Launcher (the most powerful weapon to come to me at an early stage and has remained useful throughout the rest of the game in my fights against the toughest Titans, Stone Titans, Warlord and Queen, powerful combo shots, and everything, this weapon is perfect).

2. Rifle (powerful, long range, zooming, great accuracy, and by far most useful weapon against my toughest opponent ever the Warlord, sad it appears way too late in the game).

3. Dispersion Pistol (initially useful taking down weak creatures like tentacles due to its auto recharging ammo, by the time its connected to the final power up the design is amazing, its a ultimate Stone Titan slayer).

4. Flack Cannon (while as powerful as 8 Balls, the secondary fire low projectile range has always been a turn off and the primary fire scatter shots disperse too much not that amazing at long range against smaller opponents, but is effective against bigger guys).

5. Stinger (the most underrated weapon in the game, amazing long range, secondary fire is slow but powerful, I can easily slaughter Titans and even Stone Titans from long range, and skaarj infantry wielding it are for me personally the deadliest of the trooper kind, they are fast and deadly with it)

6. ASDM: (Amazing weapon, can block rockets from Brutes and Skaarj Gunners, great range for both primary and secondary, is effective against warlord and queen.)

7. GES Bio Rifle (good for setting up traps against annoying pupae and short range attacks on all slow creatures from Brutes to Titans).

8. Automag (useful for Brutes and lower skaarj, eats less bullets than minigun which uses the same ammo, if only two could be picked up like enforcer in UT, also slow)

9. Minigun (faster than automag, but less efficient and wastes bullets and Stinger is 10 times more effective than this, never found useful other than taking down some gasbags).

10. Razor Jack: (The worst weapon in the game, the primary shots are inaccurate enough, the secondary is just pathetic uncontrollable, its more likely to kill you than cause a single harm to the enemy, I hate it with passion).

Thats all. Btw in my original version dispersion pistol (with all four power ups) + energy amplifier = 1 shot kill be it Stone Titan, Warlord or Queen. Anyway this is my final post now, thanks!
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Re: Most memorable moments/experience of the game from first play through.
Reply #2 - Mar 26th, 2020 at 12:36pm
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I'll be honest, I read though half the post but then I just took a cursory glance, it's a bit on the long side.

I'm fairly sure one of the most memorable part of Unreal for everyone is walking out on NaPali Haven with the celestial music of that level. That's the pure Unreal experience for me.

You must construct additional pylons.
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Re: Most memorable moments/experience of the game from first play through.
Reply #3 - Mar 26th, 2020 at 1:40pm
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Getting outdoors for the first time in NyLeve. Seeing the multi-layered sky and animated translucent water. These things were cutting-edge for the late 1990s.
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