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Normal Topic [BETA] Hud Scaling Mod for Unreal/Unreal Gold. (Read 44 times)
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[BETA] Hud Scaling Mod for Unreal/Unreal Gold.
Feb 9th, 2020 at 7:45pm
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Heyo! FunSize here, a long time lurker here to announce something I believe the game has needed. HUD Scaling. This improves visibility on monitors that are higher resolution than when the game was initially released. Since the elements and text are tiny on modern screens, I have taken steps to rectify this. I'm posting an early beta of this mod here to gauge community response and gain feedback.

The Engine doesn't actually support text scaling, so a lot of the fonts have been changed to accommodate bigger screens. (Don't worry, they still feel like Unreal.). Here's a few screens of the mod in action:

-Scales the HUD of the original Unreal to readable sizes on modern displays
-Supports every default Unreal HUD Option (Changing the Hud mode in the settings changes the HUD mode in the mod)
-Quality of life improvements on the HUD (Saying a message is above the health bar for instance.)

Upcoming Features:
-User defined scaling amounts. (Currently the HUD is only available as a 3x scaling)
-Other options (will be off by default to maintain vanilla look/feel) such as crosshair that changes color based on health, independent crosshair scaling (in case you don't want something huge in the middle of your screen.)

How to use:
1. Extract the zip into your Unreal/System directory.
2. Add the "3X hud scaling" mutator to the game.
3. Play!

Known Issues/Bugs:
-Scaling can't be done on multiplayer servers as it is a mutator currently
-Text placement can be wonky on other hud modes (slightly cut off)
-Applying the mutator to a multiplayer server currently would scale EVERYONE's HUD (I will make user-set scaling in the future)
-Ammo counter numbers are still original size (working on a font for that)

Otherwise, the mod's in a working state that lets you play through the singleplayer or bot matches with a bigger HUD. I look forward to your guys' feedback on how I can improve this mod and fix it to be as vanilla as possible while being legible on modern screens.

And now finally, a download link:

That's all from me for now, have fun y'all!

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