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Normal Topic Shout from the past (Read 222 times)
LCpl. Furry
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Shout from the past
Aug 30th, 2019 at 9:07am
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Leaving this behind chiefly for the next guy who boots up the game to see if INF exists anymore, or tries to dig back through their childhood.

Can't quite rightly remember all of you guys anymore. I played the game as Orthrus, twin spawn of Cerberus, and ending the stint with [SA].

Have to say, all you wonderful goat lovers were a heavy part of my childhood, and I appreciate that and miss it. Often wish the thing was still around. Can't quite recall all of your names anymore, can't even find the only clan forums, and there's not a single INF server left to boot.
Feels like an entire part of my history has been wiped out.
So to all of you fellows from Clans Canada, SA, EC, II, and lord knows who else I'm missing, cheers to you if you see this. Smoked Ham and Pickle and Dark all still stick in my head.

Have to say, I remember just how damned good I got with using that unzoomed robar, and still boot up Unreal, load in that Robar, and play the main campaign through with it.
That's how special this community was to me.

Cheers to you if you're seeing this in 2019. Hope your life went easy after those good old days, and that you are well.
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