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Normal Topic InfPackOne - Addon for Infiltration 2.8 (Read 572 times)
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InfPackOne - Addon for Infiltration 2.8
Feb 24th, 2019 at 12:06pm
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I wanted to improve Infiltration Standoff even more. And make it as easy as possible to setup a server. I don't work on this mod anymore. Here is a changelog of my mod:
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// Changelog:
// Version 0.1
// Added functions "ServerLog / ChatLog / WarnLog / DebugLog"
// Added logging mod version and last update
// Added mutator to replace current gametype with this gametype
// Added warning to change admin password
// Added default properties for lazy server admins
// Added save all config files on first server start
// Version 0.2
// Added option to change items respawntime (can be disabled in chosen maps)
// Added option to show messages for spectating players
// Changed in function AddBot() to use my function NewPickBotTeam()
// 	All bots can join the same team now
// Version 0.3
// Bazooka uses weapon respawntime again, no reset every round anymore
// Changed suicide timelimit to 40 seconds
// Added teamkill message
// Removed points for killing monsters
// Added option to modify the damage monsters take
// Version 0.4
// Added option to punish teamkiller
// Server uses MinPlayers instead of Initialbots now
// Added killing spree messages
// Added first blood message and award(1 bonus point)
// Increased points for a kill to 2 (like in ICD)
// Version 0.5
// Implemented .:..:'s Admin AccessManager mod
// Added new features to AdminPlus mod:
//	GoToP <ID> = Teleport you behind the player
//	TeleP <ID> = Teleport the player in front of you
//	TeleAll = Teleport all players around you
//	FreezeP <ID> = Freeze the players movements
//	FreezeAll = Freeze all players movements
//	SetSizeP <ID> <Scale> = Change the size of the player
//	SetSizeAll <Scale> = Change the size of all players
//	KillP <ID> = The player will die
//	RenameP <ID> <NewName> = Change the name of a player
//	SetGravity <value> = Change the map gravity
//	ResetGravity = Reset to old map gravity
//	SetAirControl <value> = Change players AirControl
//	SetGroundFriction <value> = Change ground friction
//	Chat = Message for admins only
// Version 1.0
// Lowered MP5 damage to 17
// Added option to enable fun rounds
// Added fun rounds:
//	Earthquake round -> the ground shakes :D
//	Small players round -> Players will be small and can jump high
//	Speed round -> Players can run fast
//	GL round -> Players will start with a GL and 999 ammo
//	Robar round -> Players will start with a robar and 999 ammo
//	Low Gravity round -> ... Low gravity ...
// 	Fat player round -> Players are fat, walk slow , more health, less jump height
//	Random saber round -> Players spawn with a random light saber color
//	Grenade round -> Players will start with Grenades only !!! BOOOOOOOMMMMM !!!
// Added reset light around dead players (bug with lightsabers)
// Version 1.1
// Added reworked HUD for better messages handling (mostly copied from GxHUD)
// Added enhanced scoreboard
//	- show players ID
//	- show text for logged in admins and feigndeath players
//	- show # if player is typing something
//	- draw players name in teamcolor if player has no name color set
// Version 1.2
// Added option to save player stats
// Added Trophies for month best players
// Added month best players on scoreboard
// Added PSay function for sending private messages
// Added information on scoreboard
// Version 1.3
// Changed behindview camera to 3rd person view like in mass effect or dead space
// Added fun round:
// 	Dynamite round -> all players spawn with 99 dynamites and no weapon
//	Behindview round -> all players play in 3rd person view
// Version 1.4
// Added bomb defusal game
// Added icons for attacker and defender team
// Version 1.5
// Added fun round:
// 	Ghosts round -> all players are ghosts :D
// Added option to disable fun rounds in choosen maps
// Added option for random skin package

Keep in mind I'm quite bad at codeing and most of the code is copied from other mods. I wasn't even sure what I'm doing, replication and HUD stuff were a nightmare for me   Cheesy

.:..: for his AdminPlus mod
PCube for his great HUD (GxHud for better messages handling)
Cookies for his bomb defusal gametype
Shambler for his InfCheatDetector mod (ideas taken from ICD)
Bleeder for his shouldermate mod (behindview camera)
GeStats website for the scoreboard icons
Snakehunt3r for his NewInfSkins.utx file

Setup a server:
Move all the files to your unreal folder

Optional files: (Included in my download file)
saber.u, NewColSaber.u, dyna.u (need for fun rounds)
NewInfSkins.utx (Random skin selection at map start)

bDiscardAllWeapons=True -> Set it to false if you want it to be the same as in old inf servers

PlayerSpeed=0.600000 -> Some servers used 0.65 and bHardCoreMode=False
bHardCoreMode=True -> Set it to false to prevent jumping up in a few places in some maps

FriendlyFireScale=0.200000 -> If you don't like friendly fire set it to 0

bUseRealCrouching=True -> Not sure if this will change your hitbox but if you want your server to be like the old servers set it to false

bNewItemsRespawntime=True -> It's not setup for instant respawn but you can adjust the respawntimes if you want to

bFunRounds=True -> Fun rounds are new and were never in old servers. Set it to false if you don't like it
bRandom=False -> Random pick of funrounds or go in order
FunRoundPercentage=0.150000 -> 15% to start a fun round 1.0 is for every round is a fun round
FunRoundClass(x)="" -> remove or add fun rounds

RoundTimeLimit=3 -> 3 minutes. Set it to 0 if you don't like a round time limit.

MaxTeamkillsTempBan=8 -> The server will temp ban someone after 8 teamkills. After every map the temp ban will be removed again. Set it to 999 if you don't like it.

MinPlayers=4 -> If you don't have enough players in your server, bots will join the game
AllBotsJoinTeam=2 -> Bots are stupid and a lot of inf maps don't have bots support. All bots will join the same team in this case team 2. It sucks when you are dead and the bots just walk around in their starting area and the round never ends  Wink

bServerInfo=True -> Messages will only appear for dead or spectating players
InfoList= -> the message you want to show
InfoFrequency=15 -> every 15 seconds a new message appears

bToggleAim=True -> Set it to false if you want to hold your right mouse button
bCarryOneWeapon=False -> I like it set to true but it changes the gameplay to much in my opinion. Old servers set it to false aswell.
bUseOriginalBalancing=False -> don't change it because I modified it in my mutator anyway  Tongue

Server startup commandline:
game=Infiltration.INFIL_StandoffGame?mutator=InfPackOneS.INFIL_StandoffMut (Infiltration Standoff game)
game=Infiltration.INFIL_StandoffGame?mutator=InfPackOneS.INFIL_BombMut (Bomb defusal game)

In my source code folder there are some old and/or buggy mods aswell for example "team last man standing" or "commander game"
In commander game, your goal was to kill the enemy command. The commander starts with items and more health. The round ends when the commander is dead.

Anyway here are the downloads:
InfPackOne https://drive.google.com/open?id=1UGWKHkoexmQHmeDLcyXzX4XCXXrudZaX
InfPackOne source code https://drive.google.com/open?id=1G4iMj96hrxql9Et_18hwWS72OpFsUOiE
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