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Normal Topic Chrek Army (Read 425 times)
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Chrek Army
Feb 23rd, 2019 at 8:02am
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The Chrek Army Hoard Mod

I had planned this with MrLoathsome, but due to his worsening heath it means an end to his modding days Sad
Now I need another volunteer as willing to convert the scuttling fiends into a useful monster pack.

Port the Chrek player model to a Pawn for use in a hoard.
The Chrek Army were recruited (enslaved) by the Lords of the Chaos dimension, to fight in their battles and gladiatorial arenas.
These spider  soldiers can run and climb on 4 rear legs while using the 4 (operate as 2) smaller limbs to carry items or use weapons.

Full Concept:
(Could be individual Pawns but we planned something similar to the TWT_Zombies mod)
Port the Chrek player to a Pawn with Spider_Phys
Link the original anims.
Use the default and extra skins to assign ranks or roles (plenty of variety and x4 if you include the team colours. more if the parts are mixed).

The base pack contains: (Old notes with potential roles)
Wireframe textures

4 Team colours plus Gibbed skin

6 Characters;
Angel (no idea)
Sentry (Maybe he strafes more as he is used to walking back and forth)
Oracle (looks blind so Mystic/Magic power)
Recycler (serious brown eye, maybe he lays exploding poo)
Velvet (Strange dark head. maybe possessed by dark powers. Could be poisoner or fire)
Berserk (looks damaged, jumpy and likely to go for melee. Maybe add knockback to his hit)

Gibbed skin can make a 7th undead Chrek, or one that has bad gravel-rash. Another possible poisoner.

Body uses 3 textures
Head (7 including Gibbed. Seems to be a duplicate)
Torso (6 inc. Gibbed)
Legs and arms (6 inc. Gibbed)

Depending on the role:
Breeder/egg layer
Leaders/officers can use weapons.
Most Chrek use projectiles suited to an arachnid race, such as bio-goo and the tentacle projectile.
Given the large number of skins (I forget how many are in the extra packs) different default attitudes to players could be chosen (override by the mod).

A version that runs in both Unreal and UT is most ideal and possible, but limits the potential in either direction.
In Unreal it could benefit from the 227 projectile effects and more, but in UT is could use certain Chaos components (making it require Chaos. However copying of code is allowed), such as the poison effect and grapple.

The idea is a set of various sized Chrek with various abilities, with the ability to climb walls and freak people out that have arachnophobia.
You think you squashed the last bug, but did you find all the eggs ?
Usable individually for mappers, or in easily configured hoards for mappers and server admin.

The floor is open.
Does anyone fancy brainstorming the details in discord or IRC and finally getting this old idea into shape ?
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