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Normal Topic Server up for Christmas season (Read 370 times)

Hack coder

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Server up for Christmas season
Oct 3rd, 2018 at 1:18pm
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If you look on the coop tab you'll see my server back up for the season. I'm working out the redirect today so it should be ready by the weekend.

My server is a JGrass-based coop server with a big emphasis on exploration. Bob and I have coded a bunch of stuff to make it easy to move around the maps and see all the places you may have never visited before. There's also a bunch of Monsterhunt maps on there in case you just want to sling tarydium and lead then slosh through the (admittedly over the top) gore mod.

I have a bunch of Christmas stuff to add right after Halloween too. Anyway you know how it works. Oh, and if you like the server or anything on it let me know and I'll send you a copy of the entire server. I've already done this for a few people and they are welcome to put up an absolute clone if they want, IDC. Any new server is fine by me Cheesy

I'll update this post as soon as the redirect is active. I'm hoping to get it all uploaded by Friday morning. Happy twentieth to everyone!

Edit: Fast redirect is now active. Cheats are enabled for anyone (ghost, god, etc) and I might allow summoning if no one abuses it again. I do have to admit that hopping onto the server and seeing 300 titans scattered around Spire village was funny and likely took some time to do but can we not do that please? Wink
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