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OpenGL for Linux native Rune
Jun 22nd, 2018 at 10:41am
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I managed to install and run Rune retail 1.07 (not Halls of Valhalla) on Linux natively. So far, I am impressed with the compatibility of the game with modern distros; unlike some other Loki ports like Soldier of Fortune and Kingpin which use id Tech 2, Rune doesn't even require the video driver to be pointed. Nice...

I wonder if the game suffers from speeding issues that Unreal Tournament (Linux native) and Deus Ex (Linux, WINE) have on modern hardware. I used to use UTGLR OpenGL renderers for UT and DE in order to benefit framerate limiting capabilities to avoid speeding problems.

- https://www.cwdohnal.com/utglr/
- http://www.letsplayut.com/

It is quite easy to detect speeding on UT by simply watching opening video and matching the speech with certain points if you are familiar with the game. But, as this is my first play through the game, I am unsure if current speed is fine or not.

Here are framerate comparison:

- Rune retail 1.07, native Linux: 300 FPS
- Rune Gold 1.07, WINE stock OpenGL: 220 FPS
- Rune Gold 1.07, WINE UTGLR OpenGL: 300 FPS
- Rune Gold 1.07, WINE stock Direct3D: 150 FPS

It looks like only UTGLR OpenGL support FPS cap for Rune. I capped the framerate of Windows version to 60 and watched the opening scene to compare it with Linux version, they look identical but I am still curious... Has UTGLR's OpenGL renderer for Rune ported to Linux just like Unreal Tournament? Or is it even possible to port it? Any ideas? Thanks!

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