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Normal Topic FeralNostalgiaPack (Read 554 times)

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Mar 23rd, 2018 at 1:38pm
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A topic EvilGrins started at ut99.org just reminded me that a long while I ago I managed to group most of the maps I ever made into a single pack and called it FeralNostalgiaPack, and posted it in the Epic forums, but I never managed to post it here.
This is a pack which comprises most of the maps I ever made, during almost 10 years, starting with my first maps and ending with some of my latest.

I am releasing this here too, because I think it serves as a good enough show that we all start in the same way, by doing absolutely terrible maps at first in every possible way, and then over the years slowly improving until they became reasonable at the very least. And I have very fond memories when I did each one of these maps, regardless of how awful most of them ended up being, especially when I look at them now.
They also serve as a good reminder to myself as from where I started, especially since I only started to meddle with code and modding after I did about half of these maps, and up until then I was just playing around with the existing actors such as triggers and other things without touching code at all.

You can download the pack here if you wish to take a peek:

All of the maps come with a ReadMe to at least say which packages they depend on, given that many of them (especially the first ones) have dependencies towards other mods, mostly weapon mods.
Most of them do not have bot support, some are unfinished, some are rather broken, and many of them are just so awful that I cannot believe they were once the best thing I could do.
Some of them require mutators such as Strangelove or Rocket-X (the ones with the redeemers). Therefore, most of these are NOT the sort of maps you want to have in a server, or to have any expectations to have a good experience with.

And so that you can at least see what you're getting yourself into in case you decide to take a look, here are some screenshots (sorted by when they were created, more or less):

There's also one other map, which isn't included in this pack, which was mostly an experiment into doing a merge between CTF and MH, and it can be downloaded separately here:
This one requires a fair number of dependencies, mostly concerning weapon mods, and while it's very far from what I envisioned, I still think it would be an interest concept to develop again someday.

And it looks like this:

And if you wish to watch the playthrough that I made several years ago (such as watching a nali "fishing" among other things), you can watch it here:

And again, these are all very old maps, from as far back 10-year old maps all the way up to 4 years ago, and some of them garbage-tier even, and most of them are not to be hosted or to play real matches on, but mostly meant as a demonstration of my own route over the years, and which you may very well relate to from your own first days as mappers up until now.  Grin

As for where I sit currently in terms of mapping skill, 10 years later, you can check my latest map thus far (the first map I made in almost 4 years of inactivity):
It ended up not being that great of a map, especially in terms of performance, but I had a lot of fun building it.
(that nogardilaref bastard is me, a temporary nick I used for a little while before I came back, in case you're wondering)

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