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Normal Topic Permissions question (Read 538 times)

Hack coder

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Permissions question
Dec 18th, 2017 at 5:18pm
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Most of you probably didn't see it but I did the coding side of an entry into the UT mapping contest at UT99. Our project was more of a proof of concept rather than a true entry. There was supposed to be a very restricted total map size for the contest and I had done a lot of work figuring out how to "cheat" the map size and generate as much of the map as possible via code at runtime.

The contest wasn't run very well and it changed into a map physical size restriction and I was left with a lot of unused research. We decided to just go with it and make a castle that continually changed as you played.

The end result didn't turn out well. It lacked coherence and flow and it badly needed a story and reason. Most people just didn't get it at all and ultimately the map was withdrawn from judging. Working out the swapping of the rooms and how to control them and have everything work online really pressed us for time and it showed.

Anyhow the other guy in the project (papercoffee, lead admin at UT99.org) and I would like to redo this "Mansion of Chaos" properly. I need a castle-on-the-hill to use and Nivlek's S-Castle would be a perfect base to extend into what we want to do.

Is this map considered public property and if not can someone PM me contact info so I can request usage? We will be making a coop map that will play in a DM server. My hope is to appeal to the UT deathmatch crowd and maybe get them interested in what Unreal coop play has to offer.

Thanks for any help you can give on the permissions side of this.

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