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Locked Topic Limited support for HyperCoop and game servers (Read 254 times)
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Limited support for HyperCoop and game servers
Aug 16th, 2016 at 12:33pm
My game servers have been in development and fine tuning for many years and in the last few years I reached some level of maturity with my servers. This means that the gameplay is largely maintained by the server itself. I rarely play myself anymore and when I'm on it is mostly to test and verify the software and settings. Unlike the early years, I no longer try all kinds of new mods. The mods I use have been tested and balanced quite well, and changing these sets me open to new problems.

I currently have no plans on ever ending my services. I'll keep them updated with the Unreal 227 updates and updates of mods I use for so far they are still being maintained by the developers. (Mostly Zombie for the JCoopZ/DZMapM) Ocasionally, new map packs may be added to my HyperCoop custom map server. I hope it will run Unreal Firestorm once.

Many mods I use are no longer been developed or supported by their makers. For example the Aura pack and some of Winged Unicorn's tools. This is not always a problem when they are just fine as they are but if issues arise they may not be fixed. Game features like inventory and score saving always have been 'hacks' as they never were part of the original game and they therefore can be a bit dodgy.

You may still make support requests, but please understand that I won't make big changes anymore. My focus now lies on maintaining what I have, as reliable as reasonably possible.
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