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Normal Topic Did anyone play Gauntlet Legends? (Read 499 times)
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Did anyone play Gauntlet Legends?
Jul 12th, 2016 at 4:15pm
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I had a lot of fun on that game. Not many games where I grinded to max level in.

My favorite class was the Jester who was only in arcade/dark legacy/dreamcast version:

As you can see his main attack is throwing bombs.

I also played a lot of Knight, too

The plot of the game is pretty simple, just like any old role playing game

You good, they bad, kill bad.

If you've played this a lot and loved it but never tried the arcade version, try to find it somewhere with a free to play option since your health ticks down just like the original NES games (also meant to eat your quarters...) Arcade version has completely different levels and bosses too so its kind of a nice surprise.

Wouldn't be surprised if an emulator could play any of these, particularly the PS2 version of the game, Dark Legacy.
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Jaden Darchon VII
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Re: Did anyone play Gauntlet Legends?
Reply #1 - Jul 12th, 2016 at 6:05pm
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Hell yeah. playsound( $COLOR $CLASS "has gained a level" ); // Smiley!!!!

My favorite class was probably the archer, though the wizard was entertaining too (rock shower + boss = gg). Also my favorite area (this is on the '64 version so it might be different) was town fields; the music was cool and the atmosphere was unique (a town ravaged by a plague). And yes, that jester sure is good at throwing bombs. He's the last person I'd invite to a party. >.>
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Re: Did anyone play Gauntlet Legends?
Reply #2 - Jul 12th, 2016 at 10:08pm
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I remember playing the absolute shit out of the demo I had for dreamcast back in the early 00's, realising that there was a PS2 release then subsequently smashing co-op mode with a friend a couple of years back at uni (pcsx2, R9 270x, AMD piledriver 8350 at the time, ran perfectly fine).

I've had fun playing Gauntlet on steam and grabbed it in the sale since all DLC was included due to the developers ceasing work on the game Sad
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