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[Snippet] Dumping UnNames.h
Nov 6th, 2015 at 2:33pm
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Just a pretty special case, but when you are building headers for a game, getting the UnNames.h right is more important then it seems. However, the hardcoded names table can easily be dumped once you have a bit of code running.

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	void HanHan()
		debugf( TEXT("------------ Dumping Hardcoded Names ------------------") );
		for ( INT i=0; i<FName::GetMaxNames(); i++ )
			FNameEntry* Entry = FName::GetEntry(i);
			if ( Entry && (Entry->Flags & RF_Native) )
				if ( Entry->Flags & RF_HighlightedName )
					debugf( TEXT("REG_NAME_HIGH(%4i, %-17s)"), Entry->Index, Entry->Name );
					debugf( TEXT("REGISTER_NAME(%4i, %-17s)"), Entry->Index, Entry->Name );
		debugf( TEXT("------------ End of Hardcoded Names Dump ------------------") );

And just to be a bit more complete, although it does not matter much:
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#define NAME_PROBEMIN ((EName)300) // Thats always the same id as REGISTER_NAME( 300, Spawned ) has.
#define NAME_PROBEMAX ((EName)364) <- Thats allways the last name / REGISTER_NAME( 363, All ) + 1.

NAME_PROBEMAX is always NAME_PROBEMIN+64, as this reflects the bits in the QWORDs used for probe masking.
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