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Normal Topic Does this game really support surround audio? (Read 1488 times)
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Does this game really support surround audio?
Feb 14th, 2015 at 6:20pm
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I bought this game the week it came out, but I just played through stereo speakers back then.  Now I'm trying to get it working with positional 7.1 audio.  No luck with 3dSoundBack or the latest version of Alchemy on 8.1 64-bit.  I've tried all sorts of System.ini tweaks.  None of it makes a difference.  This game supposedly supports EAX, but the only specific review mentioning both surround audio and the means to produce it mentions A3D.  I don't know if the game was A3D-only or EAX.

Has anyone had this game working in the past 10 years with output from any channels besides stereo?  I even set my speaker configuration to stereo and enabled Pro Logic IIx on my AVR hoping perhaps the game uses a matrixed stereo signal to achieve real positional audio like Deus Ex.  It most certainly doesn't as the upmix was crude, like what would you expect with a plain stereo signal and not one designed with out of phase channels intended to be upmixed to 5.1.
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Re: Does this game really support surround audio?
Reply #1 - Feb 15th, 2015 at 6:36am
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The Galaxy audio subsystem supplied with Undying might be either old or it might unfortunately have the feature you want broken. You should try comparing the GalaxyDrv DLL files with other Unreal 1 engine games to see if there's binary differences.

I never was able to get the Surround feature to work properly on any Unreal game save for really old versions of Unreal 1 though... A3D on the other hand works, and EAX is superfluous as Galaxy already contains a per-room Reverb filter, which is what EAX is already but performed on the hardware level.

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