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Nov 5th, 2014 at 9:15am
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To make a start, here are the public headers for this game, for advanced (native) modding. I have trouble with these with the CRT when using anything but VC6, but still, here they are Smiley


while RunePubSrc100 was released indeed later than 107, it was given out to the community in order to support the specific Rune 100 players.

As far as I know there have been no releases of headers for current 110 version which is sold @ steam and gog.

Details: http://www.oldunreal.com/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1251147830


ALAudio for Rune:

Rune 1.07 ALL Update

This program will update your version of Rune to 1.07.  This includes ALL versions of Rune,
English or Foreign.

This patch contains all the bug fixes from the English 1.06 patch and the updates from the latest HOV 1.07 patch (specifically a server crash bug).

You must have Rune fully installed on your system before running this upgrade.

To update to 1.07, simply run the Rune107All.exe file and follow the onscreen instructions.
Please note that the patch process may take a few moments to upgrade to 1.07.

This update contains the following bug fixes/changes:

- Occasional server crash bug fixed
- TrialPit slowdown bug
- Loki2 script bug in zombie transform pit
- Don't hurt teammates when you land on them
- DarkDwarf didn't attack players using spirit powerup
- Taunt only once bug
- Swapping magic shield bug
- Avalanche shouldn't kill teammates
- Shield meter doesn't update on clients
- Weapon swinging sounds not playing correctly
- Disallow breaking shields of people in neutralzones, by a non-neutral-zone player
- Don't hurt teammates shields in team DM
- Ice/Stone powerups in neutralzones
- Avalanche doesn't do any damage bug
- Empathy versus Empathy infinite loop bug
- Infinite spirit powerup cheat fixed
- Fixed some problems with severing limbs on certain models
- TownRagnar and ShipWreckRagnar now start with full health.  New models to use while playing!
- Draw weapons while going underwater bug
- Shields in neutralzones
- Stand-up telefrag bug
- Infinite bloodlust after suiciding fixed
- Timeout/connection problem messages when starting up the game
- Fixed bug with team game team selection
- Fixed ReadSCM problem in 98

- New player model:  Jun
- Shields block thrown weapons
- Attacking blocks thrown weapons
- ModMenu code (thanks to Rus 'Nurail' Clark for this)
- GameType list in Menu
- AllowCreatures defaults to on
- Added don't respawn flag on ActorGenerated objects
- Defend faster
- ZTarget disabled in multiplayer
- Transparency w/fog
- Proper SarkRagnar (non-cheat)
- New system for importing models (using SubstituteMesh)

www.oldunreal.com/Rune/patch/rhov108upd_full.exe (Windows)
www.oldunreal.com/Rune/patch/rhov108upd_linux.zip (Linux)

Zisu's Rune:Halls of Valhalla 1.08 Patch by The Zisu's WGW Projects Division Team (30mb) | 9/6/05

This community made patch will update your version of Halls of Valhalla from 1.06/1.07 to
1.08. This patch is fully compatible with previous patches. Please note this patch is for the Halls
of Valhalla expansion ONLY. You must have Rune: Halls of Valhalla installed on your system before running this upgrade. Human Head Studios Fully Authorized and Endorsed this patch!

- Compatibility:
Patch is 1.07 (HoV) backwards compatible, 1.06/7 clients can
join 1.08 servers and vice versa.

- Providing news
In-game "News" tab is redirected to RuneHordes.Info where active
admins (US and EU) frequently update the page. This page has good potential of becoming the main distribution channel for all
Rune-related information.

- Retro:

Serverside in-definable movement/behaviour, can be made fully 1.07 (default),
fully 1.00 or something in between

- Server crash fixes

- Bug abuse fixes

- Game crash fixes

- Hack fixes

- Extended mutator

- ServerOptions

- Movement fixes

- Interface changes

- Performance improvements

- Arena fixes

- ServerAdmin


- Capture the Torch with 4 new maps

- New Download ('waiting') map. Now you're having fun while waiting instead of seeing a purple sky

- New Intro

- Launcher

New Maps:

- AR-[EbonySonne] Author: Hicks

- AR-[ExtosMortis] Author: Hicks

- AR-[PegasusLegacy] Author: Hicks

- AR-[PegasusLegacy]-NS Author: Hicks

- AR-[Requiem] Author: Hicks

- AR-[VoltenKelpf] Author: Hicks

- AR-Telnian Author: Icey

- AR-Smiley Author: Icey

- AR-Natilus Author: Icey

- AR-Telith Author: Icey

- DM-Efeetic Author: Icey

- DM-Alcohol Author: Haltyr

- DM-NorthernLights Author: Haltyr

- CTT-[TinEclipse] Author: Hicks

- CTT-[TinEclipse]-[AfterWar] Author: Hicks

- CTT-Carix Author: Icey

- CTT-Shadic Author: Icey

German Version fixes:

- HallsOfValhalla.u Some German HoV players have reported these missing from CD.

- HallsOfValhalla.int Same as above.

- Players.ums Corrupted file in at least some German HoV CDs.

Other Maps:

- DM-TwistedDream Author: Punk

Info : 1st prize in Rune Mapping Contest

- DM-Fury Author: Hrothgar

Info : 2nd prize in Rune Mapping Contest

- DM-Damnation Author: Vanitas

Info : 3rd prize in Rune Mapping Contest

Additional Skins:

- HoodedStranger Author: Mercenary

Info : 1st prize in Rune Skinning Contest

- AlbasXL Author: Albas

Info : 2nd prize in Rune Skinning Contest

- foxyjunn Author: FoX

Info : 3rd prize in Rune Skinning Contest

Installation instructions:

- Automatic Install This is applicable only for Windows users. Use the installer

Although manual installation is possible and can be found through "Release Notes"

This small patch should correct some problems noted with the original 1.08 patch released in September 2005.
The issues are listed below, along with the offending filename(s)

* Custom scoreboards not displaying (SATools2, BMScoreboard, etc.) (RuneServerAdmin.u)
* Hang at "Connecting" when trying to join a 1.08 server (RuneServerAdmin.u)
* Other players using HOV and non-default skins are invisible in 1.08 servers (RuneServerAdmin.u)
* When trying to join another 1.08 server, you loopback to the server you were previously on (UWindow.u & UBrowser.u)
* Game crashes if testing maps in non-dedicated mode on your machine, then you decide to join another 1.08 server (UWindow.u & UBrowser.u)

Some of you may be asking "why did RuneServerAdmin cause the first three problems, isn't it used by servers only?"
To be honest, I don't know. I'm guessing it was just a bad compile. The problems mentioned only
manifest themselves if the client has installed RuneServerAdmin .5a, so the problem was actually
with that file, and not RuneServerAdmin.u included in the original 1.08 package.

If you still get "invisible" players after installing this patch, then it is most likely a German version problem.

More links will follow...
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Re: Rune
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Re: Rune
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Thank you.
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Re: Rune
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Hello, the links to the Rune linux patchs are dead, could you refresh them? I'm working on a Lutris script to install Rune linux version easily, I need them to finalize my script. Thanks.
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