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Normal Topic [U227] LightMap Detail Levels (Read 1439 times)
Naruto 999
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[U227] LightMap Detail Levels
May 25th, 2014 at 2:28pm
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This is new to me, haven't never seen this new property under ZoneInfoLight before.

There are four fields, numbered from 0 to 3, they are:
- Surfaces with high shadow
- Surfaces with neither high nor low
- Surfaces with low shadow
- Surfaces with high and low shadow

0 = unusuable, creates black circles
1 = max quality
255 = worst quality

Seems to be like texture scale, where higher means more stretching and blurrier, while lower means sharper.

What happens if light in DM- Elsinore is rebuilt with all the above set to 1? Filesize went from 2,4MB to 7,88MB

Compatible with UT436? Seems that yes, UT loaded rebuilt Elsinore just fine.

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Re: [U227] LightMap Detail Levels
Reply #1 - May 25th, 2014 at 8:14pm
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It's a 227 new feature. The lower the value, the sharper the shadows. The minimum is not 1, it is actually 0. 0 works perfectly. I have used it. The black circles you see are very probably created by the way old Unreal maps (and many UT maps) are lit, with few lights with quite large radius.
Lights with large radius tend to create black circles on surfaces which are too close, when the lighting detail gets too high. You can build a large room with normal settings and use a very large light radius. You'll see these black circles crop up, in Unreal, UT, even in the Unreal Engine 2.

The size of the map explodes because the lightmaps are compiled to very high details, which means very large lightmaps. This also means it'll use that much more memory. However, it of course works perfectly in UT, because nothing internal is affected by using these: once the lightmap is built, Unreal just loads it, whatever it is. UT can open Unreal maps, so it just opens it, loads the lightmaps (wondering why there's so frigging huge this time) and works normally from there. It's just like loading a texture.

However, since UT cannot build these lightmaps itself (because you cannot set how sharp you want them), rebuilding the map in UT will revert to normal lightmaps.

EDIT: also, this makes building time painful, but the result is jawdropping.

You must construct additional pylons.
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Naruto 999
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Re: [U227] LightMap Detail Levels
Reply #2 - Jun 3rd, 2014 at 11:59am
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Can't use high resolution lightmaps with FireWaver, TourchWaver or WateryShimmer. Higher resolution screws the effect.

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