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Normal Topic [227i/Windows] Server auto-redirect mod (Read 1387 times)
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[227i/Windows] Server auto-redirect mod
Jun 12th, 2013 at 2:49pm
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This mod uploads compressed mod files automatically on servers' redirect using FTP connection.
You need to have some basic knowledge on how to setup a redirect site/server.
It essentially goes through all 'sandbox' packages of the map (meaning any packages one must download to enter the server), filtering out the standard Unreal packages. Then it looks if the package is already uploaded (by comparing file sizes, first by looking from AutoRedirects.ini then asking the FTP server), if not found it starts uploading the packages one by one.

Download from here: http://www.klankaos.com/downloads/AutoRedirect.rar
Source codes can be downloaded from here: http://www.klankaos.com/downloads/AutoRedirectSrc.rar

To install:
- Unzip all files on server System folder.
- Edit Unreal.ini and add line: ServerActors=AutoRedirect.AutoRedirect
- Edit AutoRedirect.ini to fit your server setup (see below).

In AutoRedirect.ini you can adjust following settings:
RedirectAddress=An IP-address or DNS address to the FTP server.
RedirectUser[0]=Nothing here, just leave it empty (used to prevent 'GET' command to be used to check these values).
RedirectUser[1]=FTP account username.
RedirectUser[2]=FTP account password.
RedirectURL=Folder within redirect server where redirect files are in (empty if you want to upload on root).
RedirectPort=FTP server port number, by default 21.
UsePort=The port Unreal should bind this network connection to (it varies randomly between UsePort+100).
UploadBytesPerTick=Number of bytes it should file transfer per frame on server (lower this if it lags server horribly while uploading).
bVerbose=Message all clients in server when it is uploading to FTP.
bDebugVerbose=If you have trouble on getting this mod running, you can enable this to have server log all responses from FTP server.
bDeleteLocalCompress=Normally when it compresses the files before uploading it compresses the file to Unreal/Compress/*.uz folder, with this option enabled it will delete that compressed file after upload is completed.
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Shivaxi wrote on Jul 25th, 2013 at 12:50pm:
...and now im stuck trying to fix everything you broke for the next 227 release xD Tongue

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