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Normal Topic TorchFlameFix v1.0 [Released] (Read 2587 times)
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TorchFlameFix v1.0 [Released]
Mar 24th, 2011 at 6:59pm
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I'm sure you're all familiar with this bug yeah?

From the readme:

"This TorchFlameFix is for Unreal versions 220 and up/UT99, and made for maps that were created before the 220 patch using the TorchFlame actor.

History lesson time!

The old TorchFlame mesh was smaller and off center compared to the new TorchFlame mesh that was imported since patch 220.  So any old maps made before the 220 patch that used these TorchFlames, that are played on Unreal version 220 or higher, would have huge floating off centered TorchFlames.  A more popular example of this would be in RTNP's map, "glathriel2.unr", in the hidden nali cave.  Apparently there are plenty of old maps that use these TorchFlames that are still being played today, hence why the demand for something like this was great enough for me to make it."

So yeah, finally releasing this.  Took me a while to get all the dimensions just right to match how it it is pre-220 versions.  TorchFlames are now the exact correct size, rotated the same way as before, and moved accordingly on the x and y axis to match the exact location.  The method I used should also work for any TorchFlames that were pre-rotated, resized, and possibly sideways or something...however I haven't come across any maps like that yet =P  And mega thanx to UArchitect for fixing the crashing bug with the multiplayer mutator for this.

This includes 3 actors, a summonable actor for an "on the fly" fix, a single player mutator for mappacks that need the fix, and a mutliplayer mutator for servers, which includes an INI file for which you can specify which maps it effects, so you don't have to worry about the mutator effecting levels that don't need the fix, and can have this running 24/7 ^^

Special thanx to all that helped me, Matrix, UArchtect, and DeathPax =)

Seriously, read the readme... ><

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Re: TorchFlameFix v1.0 [Released]
Reply #1 - Mar 24th, 2011 at 10:48pm
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TFlameM has a mind of its own and need not be tormented like this.  Angry

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Re: TorchFlameFix v1.0 [Released]
Reply #2 - Mar 25th, 2011 at 4:37pm
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Sounds like what Illhaven saga needed badly. Thanks m8 Smiley

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