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Sticky Topic UnrealInstaller script (Read 5795 times)
New Member

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Joined: Nov 23rd, 2002
UnrealInstaller script
Sep 9th, 2006 at 8:59am
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After writing the InstallHowto I spend some time to write an unrealinstaller script.
It tries to guide you through the procedure I described in the HOWTO.
Except It does not make any backups.
Thats your part.
Like in my HOWTO: You dont need to be root!!

The script makes use of following tools which should be installed:

wine >= 0.9.19   (compiled with --enable-opengl)

Since it uses Xdialog you will have to run it in xterm (or others like this)
and your eviroment variable TERM hast to be set to "xtern" or similar.
You can check it by
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env |grep TERM 

and set it by
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export TERM=xterm 

If it finds an unreal-folder in $HOME/.wine/drive_c, you will get asked to install over this existing
But I dont recommend it.
The script is published under the GPL and comes with NO WARRENTY.
If you have already an installed Unreal and you just want to try out the installer, please rename the folder.
The installation will be started with wine.
For programms runnig with Wine, filenames are not case sensitive.
So give it a really different name instead of just changing to capitals.

I would be happy if someone tries it out and gives me feedback in this thread.
Especially which Unreal version you have on CD, wich combination of patches you did and if it worked or not.
The more feedback I get, the more can the script be improved.
If there are enough infomation about it I can change the script to give you recommendations about
the right combination of patches.

for me following combinations worked :   
CD-Version Official Patch    OMP Comment
205 224v    224 Still my first choice
205 224v    224-V0.2
205 224v and 226f    226-V0.2
205 226f    226-V0.2
About my first choice:

Maybe its special to my config, but if I use OMP224-V0.2, I get visual errors in the game.
I fiddeled around and found the new nvidia drivers for my Ti4200 are a soulution, because you can activate


After playing a little I felt the response of unreal to my movements are a bit laggy.
Back to 224v and OMP224 brought me the visual errors again.
After moving  back to the nvidia-legacy drivers my unreal OMP224 runs like I am use to be.
Ok it looks not that nice like with the new OMP but, since I like it to play 1on1's  online, response is much more important for me.

here you can get the script:


Download it, unzip it where ever you want,
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wget www.coopmasters.de/unrealinstaller.bz2
bunzip2 unrealinstaller.bz2

and start it with
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bash unrealinstaller 


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New Member

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Joined: Nov 23rd, 2002
Re: UnrealInstaller script
Reply #1 - Feb 6th, 2011 at 7:58pm
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Today I uploaded a modified version of the script on    sourceforge.net.
I dropped the  GUI stuff.
Just start the script with
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bash unrealinstaller.sh -s /media/cdrom -t /where_to_install_Unreal -p path_of_patch.exe  

For more detailed explaination there is a README.TXT in the package.

What it does:

  1. Creates the target folder if it does not exist
  2. Copies neccessary and maybe some unnessesary (i.e. language files) files from mounted CD into target folder
  3. symlinks maps to Maps
  4. If path to the unpacked OpenGl-Patch *exe is given via option -p PATH,
    1. it creates a temporary wine folder
    2. links target folder to /tmp/tmpwine/drive_c/Unreal
    3. starts the OpenGlpatch
    4. deletes temp.winefolder
    5. makes all files nonexecutable except System/UnrealLinux.bin

I encourage you to test it.
Its beta! Use it at your own risk!
Never ever start the script as root!

Since everything is done in targetfolder and /tmp/wine_pid, you can test it with any targetfolder you choose and delete it afterwards if you want.

If you find bugs or have suggestions, please do it at sourceforge.net.
You will have to be registered on sourceforge to file a bug.

Or at least write me a message here.

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New Member

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Joined: Nov 23rd, 2002
SVN Browse
Reply #2 - Feb 6th, 2011 at 8:29pm
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Actually it should be possible to take a look at the source code on sourceforge.
Currently CSV/SVN Browse is down by purpose due to service.
But if you try Trac it works.
svn ckeckout works also.
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New Member

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Joined: Nov 23rd, 2002
UnrealInstaller script updated
Reply #3 - Feb 8th, 2011 at 11:00pm
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Change log
  • structured code with functions
  • more comments
  • install target is needed, not optional
  • added confirmation request, which can be disabled optionally
  • newer versions of wine use 'wineboot -i' instead of 'wineprefixcreate'
  • wineboot refuses to init a directory in /tmp, if user is not the owner
      -> now we use $HOME/tmp_wine_dir
  • prevent wineboot to download and install gecko into $HOME/tmp_wine_dir
  • give wineserver time to shut down
  • added long options for s,p,h

With this version (rev 3) its possible to patch an existing Installation with 227*.

It needs still testing. And I hope there are some out there who want to test to help improving the script.

  • if patch is packed, unpack it temporarely to work with it
  • take only the name of the patch and download it from mirror(s), use aria2c if avaiable
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New Member

Posts: 19
Joined: Nov 23rd, 2002
update: UnrealInstaller script
Reply #4 - Feb 14th, 2011 at 3:51pm
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Since it is not a release and SVN Browse works again, there are no more files in files section.

If you are interested in testing, please use svn checkout like shown on sourceforge.net/projects/unrealinstaller/develop.

If there are people who are willing to help/participate, you are welcome.

change log:
  • oppress most (unusefull) output
  • show user what is done and its exit status
  • added option -c,--checksums
  • added option -d, --download for patch
  • use aria2 or wget for downloading
  • if patchfile is packed, unpack it automatically
  • make ucclinux.bin also executable
  • added mirrors.txt

  • if script is stable, add a GUI which makes use of it

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