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Normal Topic I really wonder.. (Read 1496 times)
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I love YaBB 1G - SP1!

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I really wonder..
Dec 2nd, 2004 at 11:55pm
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That Unreal is still alive!
I played Unreal before I began in 2001 to play Unreal Tournament, but i just played Unreal as a newb and had, I guess, no idea^^
I changed to Ut, had fun there and yey, its kewl.
But now i found my unreal CD, installed it, patched it, and ~~~ played it.
I just crappity smacked off cause of this bad gfx, but then i nice guy told me what to do ~ its great, the gfx is just as good as in UT, bad the weapons are kewler i think, its just fun.

I guess i will stay in Unreal a bit, and its really kewl that you got now, after i guess 5 years, also a community...thats great

I want to know from you, how you play, with which choice of Gfx. driver?? Whats the best performance i can get ? are there special bindings? ( of course there are things like walking|jump, but are there more??? Smiley)
It would be nice of you if you would answer my questions, and hey by the way : are there more pages like this? or is this the more or less "official" unreal forum? Whats used more? are there any leagues? are there active clans? Smiley
my system is : 2ghZ AMD Athlon, 64 MB GForce4Mx440, 256 DDR Ram Smiley
what configuration can you prefer to me?
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It's Unreal.

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Re: I really wonder..
Reply #1 - Dec 3rd, 2004 at 8:38pm
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Try OldUnreal's OpenGl driver and try the settings mentioned in the instruction. You can also try to use the S3TC highres textures from UT CD2. These can be converted for use with Unreal, and give a boost to the image quality.
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Re: I really wonder..
Reply #2 - Dec 7th, 2004 at 6:22pm
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Some of your questions may also be answered in our Unreal Reference section (see links to the right). With some mods Unreal is just as powerful as UT, with some deficencies in the engine core but at times it's also more powerful.

What I liked a lot about UT is Domination, which is why I transferred it to Unreal One. Seems not too many people share my preference there though...

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