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Normal Topic need help with installation plz email me or on msn (Read 4305 times)
i live to frag any one  xP
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need help with installation plz email me or on msn
Sep 6th, 2002 at 3:36am
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i have had a prob plz tell me any one why i can not play the real ctf mod>
     i install it in the unreal sys directory but when i went to start the bot macth the option of ctf was not there so i went ot the advanced options and found that there were options to set but it said that it failed to load.
i downloaded the smallest ctf package could that be it if any one can help me out email me
this also works with msn messenger (person to person would be more peferable:)

bencollis glad to kill any one (on line that is)
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Re: need help with installation plz email me or on
Reply #1 - Sep 6th, 2002 at 9:15am
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to play u should download all 3 packages; unfortunately u didnt post the unreal version u are playin with; - aside this, a strange behavior of unreal is, that if u installed a lot of mods, that some gametypes are not displayed anymore; u could start the mod with a console command, or simply move some of the other mods outta ur system dir (simply move the .u files of it into f.e. the unreal dir, and move only the mod u wanna play back into ur system dir...)

Sometimes you have to lose a fight to win the war.
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Re: need help with installation plz email me or on
Reply #2 - Sep 9th, 2002 at 2:46am
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I assume you only downloaded the "code base" - 332k. You also need the "media" pack to get started at all, but it certainly makes sense to get the complete help and MapPack1 too, because with the help you will get all the infos you need how things work, new key settings, what the new symbols mean etc etc, and playing RealCTF without ANY RealCTF map actually does work (try Deck16), because the mod calculates 2 flag bases if none are on the map, but true RealCTF maps are always better.

Alternatively, forget all those files and grab the one big RealCTF_1_0_55_NOUMOD_full.zip (25 MB) because this comprises all of the 4 other archives. There is just no installer on that one, so you need to copy the files in the appropriate directories yourself after unzipping, this is meant for Unreal GOLD users especially or for users whose UMOD installer is either not working or if people just don't like it...

If the RealCTF modes still don't show up then, Smirftsch's tip above is quite witty, but moving the u files out the system directory will produce errors, rather move the "INT" files because these files tell Unreal which things to load up Smiley

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