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Unreal Standard Weapons

There are 10 standard weapons you can find and use in Unreal to slaugther your way out of NaPali. Click on any weapon name for more information:

# Weapon Name Firing type
1 Dispersion Pistol Projectile
2 Automag Insta-hit
3 Stinger Projectile
4 ASMD, a.k.a "Shock Rifle" Insta-hit (1st firing mode) & projectile (2nd firing mode)
5 Eightball Projectile
6 Flak Cannon Projectile
7 Razorjack Projectile
8 GES Bio Rifle Projectile
9 Sniper Rifle Insta-hit
10 Minigun Insta-hit

Unreal 227 new weapons

OldUnreal includes a couple of new weapons:

# Weapon Name Firing type
1 QuadShot Insta-hit
2 UTranslocator N/A

Firing modes

A projectile weapon is a weapon which, when fired, created a projectile (rocket, bullet, blob of goo), which travels from the weapon to the target in a given period of time. Most weapons in Unreal use this type of firing mode. An Insta-hit weapon causes damage immediately when pressing the fire key, at the point where the player's reticle is. The Sniper Rifle, Automag, Minigun and normal firing of the ASMD are Insta-hit firing modes : no projectile is created, hitting the target is immediate.