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About Me

tdc.raven at
Programming languages
  • PHP
  • Unreal Script
  • Delphi

Hi, I'm Raven and I mainly code in Unreal Script and PHP. Currently I'm coding for The Chosen One, Battle For NaPali (on hold) and Residual Decay.

Custom actors

  • MCloudZone - cloud zone for CTF (doesn't destroy flags)
  • Authorizer - key trigger
  • RJumpPad - jump pad for classic Unreal Tournament'99. By defining jump target, actor calculates jump velocity.


[UT] The Chosen One

link: The Chosen One

Basically, it is an FPS, RPG elements are included (with a major influence to the gameplay), but still it's FPS. Experience points are given mostly for completing quests (primary & secondary), their amount depends on the importance of the quest completed. Also, experience is increased for eliminating enemies. This also depends on the adversary's rank - the amount of experience points granted for the kills is very small in comparison to quest awards - it helps, when the player needs little experience to gain a level.

Another major feature is spell casting. Not the idea itself, which already made an appearance in Nali Chronicles, but the spells themselves and the effects caused by using them (e.g. close-up spell, replacing the sniper scope, works with other weapons also).

The story will be presented by numerous engine-powered cutscenes, and of course the immortal LOGs scattered all over the game world.


  • RPG elements that allow the player character to develop
  • Non-linear gameplay with lots of alternative paths, maps, quests and so on
  • Usable vehicles
  • Spell casting system that allows the player to learn magic from the Nali and use it in combat
  • New models - weapons, monsters, and lots of new decorations
  • Weather simulation system
  • Support for music formats such as .mp3 and .ogg
  • Realistic sound effects, such as footsteps and falling on various surfaces (sand, rock, wood etc.) and projectile/bullet hits
  • Extended moving abilities: climbing onto ropes, chains or ladders
  • S3 compressed textures for models and environment (resolutions supported: 512x512, 1024x1024 and 2048x2048)
  • Rich and twisted storyline with lots of subquests
  • Refreshed classic weapons from the original Unreal, completely new muzzle flashes, weapon upgrades can be added
  • Upgradeable character skills (the maximum skill level depends on the skill type)
  • Advanced particle system
  • New HUD with four variations (Tiny, Small, Medium, Big)
  • Usable computer panels

[UT] Point of View

link: Point of View demo

It's small mini-mod in which player is... a rabbit trying to escape from place where he'll finish as a dinner.

[UT] Battle for NaPali (on hold)

link: Battle For NaPali

Big singleplayer mod, intended to be true Unreal sequel. Currently on hold, so everyone can focus on Residual Decay. I'm responsible for particle emitter, projector, weather simulation, etc.

[UT] Residual Decay

link: Residual Decay

Large total conversion developed by Team Red Nemesis. I'm, responsible for small things and helping UA in his work on RD code.

Unreal 1 v. 227 (patch)

link: 227 Patch for Unreal 1

I wrote Particle Emitter, Beam Emitter, Weather Simulator, Projector (extended decals) and Key Trigger.


Most of this stuff I've coded is for Unreal Tournament but since I've included source code I think it's not problem to convert it to Unreal 1.

[UT/U1] RParticles

link: RParticles

Particle system for UT'99 and Unreal 1. It's newer version is integrated with Unreal 227 patch.

[UT] RvMp3Player (no longer supported)

link: RvMp3Player

Mp3 and ogg player for UT'99.

[UT] RMusicPlayer (beta)

link: RMusicPlayer

Music player for Unreal Tournament, with full source code included in zip file (it's new, completely rewritten, version of RvMp3Player).

[UT] RRender

link: RRender

New D3D, D3D8 and OGL drivers with Distance Fog support (based on Chris Dohnal drivers).

[UT] Winamp controller

link: Winamp controller

Simple Winamp front-end for UT. It allows you to control winamp function from UWindows. Supported functions:

  • play/pause/stop
  • next/previous track
  • volume up/down
  • forward/rewind
  • toggle repeat
  • toggle shuffle

Just open Winamp control from mod menu. Sources (UScript and C++) are included in zip file.

[UT] RSkeletalMeshEx (beta)

link: RSkeletalMeshEx

Extensions for Unreal Engine 1 skeletal system. It adds possibility to return bone position/rotation.

[UT/U1] Merge DXT

link: Merge DXT

Simple GUI to standard ucc mergedxt commandlet. Can remember chosen directories and delete merged files before executing ucc mergedxt. Written in Delphi 7.0.

[UT] UEngine Preprocessor Commandlet

link: UE1PreProcessorCommandlet

Preprocessor in form of ucc commandlet. Much more advanced then previous one. As always source code included in the archive.

[UT/U1] UnrealEngine 1 PreProcessor

link: UE1PreProcessor

Simple preprocessor for UnrealEngine 1 (based on UT3 PreProcessor).