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Welcome to the User Maps section of the OldUnreal Wiki

All maps should be sent to usermaps@oldunreal.com

The Following describes the criteria that will be used to review your map:

  • Geometry
  • Lighting
  • Layout Of Inventory
  • Texturing
  • Bot Paths
  • Music and Sounds

We will never send negative comments out towards mappers who send their work in and publicly humiliate them. Our system is very different. We will give you Pro's and Con's for feedback purposes telling you what is great and what stands out in the map as well as what needs some work. In doing this we are trying to better your skills and understanding of the editor. Therefore we get many more excellent maps to play. So get busy mappers! Start sending in your work and show us what you've got! Be sure to check out the Guidelines page before you send your maps into us for the first time.

All the Unreal User Maps sent in you can find and download here: Maps.