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Sniper Rifle is the gun for headhunters. Pretty useful at long distances, but useless in toe-to-toe combat with skaarj. You can get this headhunting weapon at Gateway to Na Pali. Alt fire toggles zooming.

Weapon: Sniper Rifle
Weapon Class: UnrealI.Rifle
Ammo: Rifle rounds
Ammo class: UnrealI.RifleAmmo
Amplifier affection: Damage is not multiplied
Max ammo: 50
Damage: 45 (100*)
Fire rate: 1.7 shots / second
Alt damage: None
Alt fire rate: None
Weapon slot: 8

* In case of head shot

Behind the Scenes

Before the game was released, the Sniper Rifle had a three-round burst instead of being able to zoom in. However, the round fired in this way would be much less accurate than the primary fire, making only useful in close quarters. The Manual mentions that the three-round burst is the secondary fire mode.

An unused animation show a scope coming out of a side of the weapon when the player starts to zoom in. This animation was reactivated in the