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The QuadShot is introduced by Unreal 227 and is a working fixed version of the original QuadShot which was part of the Unreal code since its release but was broken and could not used. It is not present in the game but can be included in maps specifically designed to be played in Unreal 227. The QuadShot is a shotgun with great dispersion. It can load up to four shells before firing all at once and causing huge damages in close quarte combat or be sure to hit something in a large area when firing at a more distant target.

Weapon: QuadShot
Weapon Class: UnrealI.QuadShot
Ammo: Shells
Ammo class: UnrealShare.Shells
Amplifier affection: Damage is not multiplied
Max ammo: 48
Damage: 12 per pellet
Alt damage: 12 per pellet, but four times as many pellets
Weapon slot: 2