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Here will be provided a set of tutorials about tricky points of map-creation with UnrealEd and how to use new features from 227 patch such as Emitters, Weather effects, Vegetation Generator etc. For general help, see the FAQ on the OldUnreal forums.

Unreal I Tutorials


227 feature(s):

Creatures and other Actors

227 feature(s):
  • JumpPad
  • Particle Emitter (note: there are two emitter systems: one is the Actor.XParticleEmitter detailed here, the other is a subclass Actor.UIFX. The XParticleEmitter is coded in C++ and is more powerfull and less demanding than the UIFX-based one, which is coded in UScript, slower and less powerful.)

Importing/Exporting and Converting

227 feature(s):

Tips and Tricks

Unreal II Tutorials

Unreal II has almost no documentation anywhere. It featured tools like GolemEd (Unreal2\System\GlmEd.exe) and a Dialog Editor (Unreal2\Dialog\DialogEditor.exe) which have no accompanying explaination or documentation. Here are all that can be found:

  • Hellkeeper's tutorials: tutorials for basic stuff: mesh scaling, dialog editing, terrain making. Tutorials originally created by Matthias Worch (Senior Level Designer at Legend at the time of Unreal II). These have been recovered and restored from with added French translation.
  • Always Black has some explanations on an abandoned project made with Unreal II.
  • GreatEmerald's video tutorials for Particle Salamanders, part 1 and part 2.
  • Particle Salamander tutorials by Scott Dalton (Senior Level Designer at Legend at the time of Unreal II), with a run down of particle templates by Aaron Leiby (Senior Programmer Legend at the same time). They constitute all the currently available documentation on the particle system of Unreal II.
  • Dialog Editor: Information about the Dialog Editor included in Unreal II to create conversations
  • Dialog Parameters: List of all parameters which can be used in a dialog and how to use them.
  • Golem Studio: How to use the mysterious and challenging Golem Studio tool from Unreal II and how to enslave the world with it.
  • Golem Agent Language: Documentation on the GAL scripting language used in Golem Studio.