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List of standard Packages

These are the standard packages, included with Unreal on the CD. A map made using only these files will play after distributing the .unr file, which contains the map itself. If other packages are included, they come from a mod, a custom map or any other source, or have been made by the map-designer himself. The most commun type is an additional music or texture package, or some bits of code. If a map lacks a file, it will not load (in UnrealEd, it will load an empty map), and the game will display a message including the name of the missing package.

Texture Packages

Alfafx.utx GenEarth.utx Liquids.utx ShaneDay.utx
Ancient.utx GenFluid.utx Male1Skins.ut ShaneSky.utx
Belt_Fx.utx GenFX.utx Male2Skins.utx Skaarj.utx
BluffFX.utx GenIn.utx Male3Skins.utx SkTrooperSkins.utx
ChizraEFX.utx GenTerra.utx MenuGr.utx SkyBox.utx
Crypt.utx GenWarp.utx Mine.utx SkyCity.utx
Decayed.utx GreatFire.utx NaliCast.utx SpaceFX.utx
Detail.utx GreatFire2.utx NaliFX.utx StarShip.utx
DMEffects.utx HubEffects.utx Palettes.utx TCrystal.utx
Female1Skins.utx ISVFX.utx PlayrShp.utx Terranius.utx
Female2Skins.utx JWSky.utx Queen.utx UWindowFonts.utx
FireEngine.utx LavaFX.utx Render.utx XFX.utx

Sound Packages

Acivates.uax AmbOutside.uax DoorsMod.uax
AmbAncient.uax DMatch.uax Extro.uax
AmbModern.uax DoorsAnc.uax VRikers.uax

Music Packages

Chizra1.umx Fourth.umx NewmCa13.umx Spire.umx
Crater.umx Guardian.umx NewmCa16.umx Surface.umx
DigSh.umx Hub2.umx NewmCa7.umx Unreal4.umx
Dusk.umx Isotoxin.umx NewmCa9.umx UTemple.umx
EndEx.umx K-Vision.umx Opal.umx UTend.umx
EverSmoke.umx Kran2.umx QueenSong.umx Vortex.umx
Fifth.umx Kran32.umx Seti.umx WarGate.umx
Flyby.umx Nali.umx Skytown.umx WarLord.umx