How to Make a Compound UGold From Unreal and RTNP

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227g and later allows you to play Return to NaPali with the new tools offered by OldUnreal. Prior to the g release, a 227 installation would break compatibility with Return to NaPali in UnrealGold and Unreal Anthology. If you don't own one of these packs, you have to install both the game and the expansion pack separately from their respective CDs. From there, you can either use the normal 227 on the Unreal installation and keep on using Legend's latest patch with Return to Napali, or make a compound installation and use the UnrealGold 227g or higher to have only one installation that allows you to play both games.

Great, how do I do that ?

First, install both games and patch each of them with their lastest patch: they are 226 for Unreal and 226b for Return to NaPali. Unreal versions older than 225 will be unable to use the 227 patch properly. You should have two folders with identical subfolders, as the two screenshots below:

A basic Unreal Installation.
A basic RTNP Installation.

Now, simply select all folders in the NaPali installation and put them inside the Unreal folder. A prompt should ask you to erase similar files or cancel the action. Choose to erase present files.

Drag and drop the entire content of Return to NaPali to your Unreal directory

If you are using Windows Vista or 7, this prompt should also appear: it allows you to combine two folders instead of replacing one by the other, which is exactly what you want.

The French text says "Do you want to combine these folders ? If files with the same names are present, you will be asked whether you want to replace them or not".

Your compound installation is now almost over. To check if everything went as it should simply open your compound Maps folder. it should contain both the Unreal maps and the Upak folder containing the NaPali maps:

The Unreal/Maps directory contains the UPak folder: everything went as planned.

Your installation is virtually the same as UnrealGold, but would not work that way: Launching the Unreal.exe located in your /system folder will in fact launch Unreal Return To Napali. Now, apply the UnrealGoldPatch227. You can now completely delete your /NaPali folder and keep only the compound /Unreal folder: for all intent and purpose, it is now a UGold installation. To make sure it worked properly, launch Unreal and start a new game: you should be given the choice between playing the Unreal SinglePlayer campaign or the RTNP one.