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There are a number of ways to heal your battered self while endless waves of Skaarjs run to you to meet a quick death.

Bandages Health Pack Super Health Pack
  • An old pack of bandages that looks like toilet paper... And it looks like someone used it before. I guess it's better than bleeding to death...
  • Restores 5 Health Points, up to 100.
  • Class:UnrealShare.Bandages
  • A frist-aid kit with its heart-warming red cross. The most common type of health pack you will encounter.
  • Restores 20 Health Points, up to 100.
  • Class:UnrealShare.Health
  • A large container of blue healing goo. It is the only item that lets you go over the 100 health points limit: you may reach 200 points with one of these bad boys.
  • Restores 100 Health Points, up to 200.
  • Class:UnrealI.SuperHealth
Seeds Nali Fruit Woodruff
  • Some seeds for fast-growing NaPali flora. Easy to find, they can be planted on any soil and will take less than 30 seconds to grow to a full-size plant with deliciours healing fruits. You can carry several seeds at the time.
  • Does not directly restore Health Points
  • Class:UnrealI.Seeds
  • Found on the surface of NaPali, or the result of the mentioned seeds, it bears nice plumby orange fruits with a strong healing power. You will find only grown ones on NaPali, but let them grow for a moment if you plant their seeds yourself.
  • Restores from 1 to 29 Health Points, depending on how long it has grown.
  • Class:UnrealShare.NaliFruit
  • Introduced in version 227: a nice alternative to bloody bandages. The Woodruff is a tiny white flower with healing properties.
  • Restores 5 Health Points, up to 100.
  • Class:UnrealShare.Woodruff