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Some general rules we have about how to prepare your map for publishing, what is acceptable and what's not.

All files MUST be zipped up using the Zip-file format. (that’s .zip), No exceptions!! A list of programs you can use for this can be found here.

Any custom files with your map MUST be included. For instance. Did you use custom textures and create your own texture package? Without them your map is useless to us - and will be deleted. To see a list of all the standard files check out the Information page.

Include a '''readme''' file with your map. A '''readme''' file tells us, and people who download your map all the information about you and your maps general details. It also should include all the necessary copyright information as well.

So we acknowledge your map has been send to us, go to the Usermap Board and post a little about it. While there, feel free to review someone else's map and tell them what you think of it. In doing so keep it professional.

E-mail your maps to