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Flak Cannon is the most powerful weapon (from my point of view --Ikuto) (You forgot that DP fully powered up w/ Amp is --KillerSkaarj). It was built out of spare hydraulic ship parts (hence the piston) and can either lob a flak filled shell or detonate the shell and just launch flak. You can find it first at HaroBed (SECRET!).

Weapon: Flak Cannon
Weapon Class: UnrealI.FlakCannon
Ammo: Flak Shells
Ammo class: UnrealI.FlakBox / FlakShellAmmo
Amplifier affection: Damage is not multiplied
Max ammo: 50
Damage: 16*6=96
Fire rate: About one shot / second
Alt damage: 70
Alt fire rate: About one shot / second
Weapon slot: 6