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Drivers -> AudioDevice -> FMODAudioDrv.FMODAudioDevice and for detailed settings Audio -> FMODAudio Support:

Because of its development state this driver is currently not having that many features like OpenAL does, but it supports the original Unreal Reverb (echoes)- like it should be – good examples are Vortex2 and Nyleve. Maybe one day the successor of OpenAL for Unreal, its currently a good choice for low-end cards and 2 Speaker systems. Because fmod seems to be developed itself faster like OpenAL it will maybe replace OpenAL here in Unreal, because of its enhanced features.

Set in Advanced Options / Drivers / AudioDevice / FMODAudioDrv.FMODAudioDevice

Fmods runtime dlls are included in the package, the original and new versions can be found at – but if you use a newer version than the one within this package, it may does not work.

Be sure to have the latest drivers for your Soundcard installed.

Here are the details for the settings:

  • UseReverb – [True/False] :

- In conjunction with UseHardwareChannels=False this reproduces the original unreal echoes

- In conjunction with UseHardwareChannels=True this will play echoes like OpenAL (not yet implemented)

  • UseOriginalUnreal [True/False]:

- True : use use linear rolloff sound model, like unreal did

- False : use inverse distance rolloff model like current game do, (maybe not the best in this case)

  • UseHardwareChannels [True/False]:

- True : make use of hardware acceleration on the sound card (you can't have original echoes)

- False : use software buffers to process sound (perfect for stereo users)

  • Speakers [Dolbydigital/Headphones/Mono/Quad/Stereo/Surround]

- Your speaker setup

  • Channels – [64/...]

- 64 is recommended. Only most recent soundcards like Creative's Audigy support 64 hardwarechannels, so be carefull when chosing UseHardwareChannels. Depends on CPU-Power and Memory when using Software.

  • AmbientFactor - [0.7/...]

- Loudness of unreal ambient sounds, like background sounds (frogs and such), EAX Ambients are not affected by this.

  • OutputRate – [8000,11025,16000,22050,32000,44100,48000]

- Frequency of the output. Best to leave it at 44100Hz

  • Settings in UED (REVERB in ZoneInfo)

- bRayTraceReverb bool True – raytrace the reverb effects within this zone

- bReverbZone bool True – Within this zone reverb is applied to all sounds

- CutoffHz int Reverb effects are cut off of at this frequency

- Delay int [6] Time in milliseconds that each reverb stage is delayed

- Gain int [6] Volume for each of the reverb stages

- Master Gain int Gain for all reverb effect

- SpeedOfSound float Speed of sound within zone.

  • bSoundAttenuate [True/False]:

- Attenuate Soundsources which are behind walls etc.