Dispersion Pistol

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Dispersion Pistol is your most basic weapon. It does get amplified by Amplifier and has self-regenerating ammo. Each Weapon Power Up increases dealt damage, maximum ammo capacity, however it decreases fire rate. It can be first found at Vortex Rikers, at place where skaarj runs away. Now for the specs:

Weapon: Dispersion Pistol
Weapon Class: UnrealShare.DispersionPistol
Ammo: Self-recharging
Ammo class: UnrealShare.DefaultAmmo
Amplifier affection: Damage is multiplied
Max ammo: Different by power level
Damage: Different by power level
Fire rate: Different by power level
Alt damage: Different by charge
Alt fire rate: Different by charge
Weapon slot: 1
Self recharge characteristics
If you have less than 10 ammo 1 ammo every 1.1 seconds
If you have more than 10 ammo 1 ammo every (AmmoAmount / 9.1) seconds
Power Levels Ammo usage Max ammo Damage Fire rate
Power level 1 1 50 15 2.7
Power level 2 3 60 25 2.35
Power level 3 5 70 40 1.75
Power level 4 6 80 55 1.15
Power level 5 7 90 75 1.15