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Unreal Chimeric


TOPIC Description Author
Unrealscript Language Reference the essential unrealscript reference written by the creator himself, tim sweeney. check it out along with the other 'official' documents on the tech page. Tim Sweeney
Beginner's Guide to Unrealscript this is take by yours truly on giving a general introduction of how to get started in Unrealscript. ca
Working with *.uc's check this out if you are interested in using *.uc files to edit Unrealscript instead of UnrealED. ca
Config Files this is a quick overview of how to use config files to store persistent data for you classes. ca
Unreal Physics 101 pfhoenix explains the basics of how Unreal's physics work from the various available physics types to dealing with collision. pfhoenix
Replication De-Obfuscation Explanation of how replication works with the Unreal engine. A must read for any unrealscript coder. Unreal Wiki
Rotators here is a quick overview of rotators - what they are and how to work with them. check this out if you're just getting started with unrealscript. ca
Mechanics of Vectors & Rotators mr.self-destruct goes over in detail about both vectors and rotators, how to work with them and how they are used in Unreal/UT. mr.self-destruct
Sounds another quick overview, this time on sounds - how to import them and how to play them in-game. ca
Unreal Model Format this reference goes over in detail the model file format used by the Unreal engine. o
unDocumented unRealscript goes over a variety of features in Unrealscript that aren't documented anywhere but here... definitely an interesting read for any Unrealscript programmer. o
Unreal Function List goes over a variety of features in Unrealscript that aren't documented anywhere but here... definitely an interesting read for any Unrealscript programmer. Baron
exec Commands a list of all the #exec commands with explainations of their parameters mr.self-destruct
UnrealScript Operators explains in detail how you can define custom operators in UnrealScript. Yoda
Linked Lists (part 1) covers the use of linked lists and how/where they're used in the Unreal engine. UsAaR33


TOPIC Description Author
Pipebombs Parser has made a pipebomb and is letting the world see how he did it. Parser
Grappling Hook learn how to make your own grappling hook and code some new psuedo-physics for your own mod. mr.self-destruct
Grenade Launcher this is a good place to start if you're interesting in making new weapons. this tutorial runs through the creation of a grenade launcher from start to finish. ca
Penetrating Weapons mr.self-destruct demonstrates how to create weapons that will shoot through walls and other objects. mr.self-destruct
Airstrike this tutorial demonstrates how to create a new trigger that will cause a configurable airstrike within a level. ca
Locational Damage learn how to add checks for head shots, leg shots, and body shots to your weapon. ca
Melee Weapons mr.self-destruct explains how to create melee weapons (hand-to-hand/close combat). mr.self-destruct
Flamethrower c0mpi1e lends us his expertise with an early attempt at a flamethrower in Unreal. c0mpi1e
Bullet Holes Soul shows how to add bullet holes to your Unreal weapons, something which Epic later added to UT. Soul
Smoke Grenades zarniwoop explains the details of his smoke-generating grenades, fun stuff here. zarniwoop
Dispersion Pistol(ut) this tutorial covers Unreal's dispersion pistol from start to finish in a comprehensive manner. ca


TOPIC Description Author
SniperMod a comprehensive overview of a simple modification, from making a new game type to making a custom weapon, scoreboard, changing scoring, etc etc. ca
Security Cameras learn how to add security cameras to your modification, ala duke nukem 3d. ca
Scoring darkbyte changes the ctf scoring by making a new gametype, and even goes over some basic uwindow...a good read. darkbyte
King of the Hill a first step to making a real mod is making a new gametype. check out the process of making a king of the hill modification for ut. ca
CTF this tutorial explains in detail the making of a CTF gametype for Unreal. ca
Relics wondering how to make your own relic? hmm...maybe you should check this one out then. requires bonuspack to be installed. ca
Key Movers force players to have a certain item in order to activate a mover, such as doors and elevator lifts. ca
Mutator Class a run through of the Mutator class, with explainations of each function. pfhoenix


TOPIC Description Author
Floating ActorTips Floating labels on the HUD that track in-game objects (think Deus Ex or System Shock). Joachim Lous
Drawing Vertical HUD Bars This tutorial explains how to draw UT's health and armor as vertical bars on the HUD. Apeman
HUD Overview and Canvas Functions Eater traverses down the Canvas class and explains all the details of making and drawing your own custom HUD. An excellent resource for both the Canvas and HUD classes. Eater
Messaging learn how in-game messages are achieved as neural9 explains the process in detail. neural9
Improved Chat Messages this tutorial explains a new function that parses chat messages in-game and inserts useful information using escape-codes. ca
Portal HUD this tutorial demonstrates how to make a new HUD that uses portals to create multiple cameras on the player's screen at once. luke wenke
Scrolling Banners ob1-kenobi takes you through step-by-step on how to make a custom scrolling CTF banner using scripted textures. ob1-kenobi
Mod Menus bogwraiths explains how to make a simple mod menu for your modification using UWindows. bogwraith
Sideview c0mpi1e shows the way to make different camera views by altering a function in the PlayerPawn class. c0mpi1e


TOPIC Description Author
Particle Effects FishFace runs down the process of using Unreal's mesh particle system, from making the model to configuring the class to work in Unreal. FF
Rain c0mpi1e takes you through his rain generating code to create a cool effect. (note: this tutorial is incomplete/outdated, and is currently being updated) c0mpi1e
Trails a run through of creating trail effects. mr.self-destruct
Night Vision Goggles how to make your own night vision goggles. mr.self-destruct


TOPIC Description Author
Navigation Network if you plan to ever have any sort of AI that moves intelligently about the level then you'll need to use the navigation network, and that's where this tutorial comes in. pfhoenix


TOPIC Description Author
Weapons *How to make a weapon from start to finish
  • Mouse-controlled weapons (ala UT's redeemer)
Effects *How to create and work with custom effects
  • How to create/use a particle system in UT
Physics *How to create driveable/controllabe vehicles --
Interface *A comprehensive UWindows guide
  • How to enhance the console
Gameplay *How to create a mutator and have it work in-game
  • A guide to making a player-class modification