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Official Clan Name: The RoninUnrealFX International Clan Federation for Unreal & Unreal Tournament
Casual Clan Name: RoninUnrealFX
Clan Initials: RUFX
Clan Motto: 75% clan, 25% federation, but 100% clan attitude!
Clan Slogan: Canada's # 1 International Unreal & Unreal Tournament Clan
Clan User Tag: [~]RUFX[~]<Username>, [RUFX]<Username>, RUFX|<Username> & RUFX<Username>
Clan Leaders: [~]RUFX[~]RoninMastaFX & [~]RUFX[~]RaianTheFallen
Clan Headquarters: London, Ontario, Canada
Clan Availability: International-wide (everyone is welcome!)
Current Status: Average-sized...looking for active, dedicated clan members
Type of Clan: Just For Fun & No Cheating
Supported Unreal Games: Unreal, Unreal: RTNP, Unreal II, Unreal II: XMP, Unreal Tournament, UT2003, UT2004 & UT3
Supported Gametypes & Mods: Everything! Instagib included!
Supported Languages: English (although the forum and CMS comes with a variety of language packs to help the non-native English speakers out)
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GameTracker Clan Page:
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